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Killjoys Never Die

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Cyndi is the cousin of Party Poison and Kobra Kid and Huxley is her daughter. They’ve heard nothing from the Killjoy’s for months and now they’re wondering. Is Danger Days over? Implied Frerard

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Killjoy’s Never Die

Cyndi is the cousin of Party Poison and Kobra Kid and Huxley is her daughter. They’ve heard nothing from the Killjoy’s for months and now they’re wondering. Is Danger Days over?

Huxley sat on the edge of the sofa, crying her little eyes out. It was the 14th of January and Uncle Gerard said he’d be back for her birthday with Uncle Mikey, Frankie and Ray. She knew the world needed them but god did she miss her family.

Cyndi stood in the kitchen, trying to hold herself together. All she wanted was her brother’s back but the last time she’d heard the radio, Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid had be ghosted on route Guano. She ran her ghostly white fingers along the paper; a trait she had inherited from her oldest brother Gerard and warm, salty tears started falling down her tear-stained cheeks. She had re-read the note a hundred times but it never made any sense. It was always Gerard who had a way with words, never Mikey.

Cyndi walked into the living room, remembering what her brother’s boyfriend had said to her, not
Long ago.

Killjoy’s Never Die

She took a deep breath and sat down next to Huxley, who was now sobbing quietly in the corner of the sofa.

Killjoy’s Never Die

She placed a cold hand on Huxley’s warm back and Huxley turned around to look at her mother.

“No.” was all she could say, before turning away from her mother once more.

“Honey, this scares me too.” Cyndi said, keeping her hand on Huxley’s back and soothingly rubbing it.

Huxley turned around to face her mother, there was so much pain in her tear stained eyes. “Is Danger Days dead, Mummy?”

Cyndi had no answer and Huxley gingerly moved over to her mother and placed her head lightly on her shoulder.

“No, baby. Mama won’t let it. Mikey and Gerard are writing a Danger Days comic, it’s not dead, love. Neither are they.”

Huxley snuggled up against her mother and carefully took the letter from her shaking hands, still white as a ghost. She read the letter and Cyndi saw a glint of hope in her daughter’s eyes. Frank and Gerard were getting along fine, Grace was safe, and BL/IND was defeated but only for now as Huxley knew the Killjoys were always fighting for what they believe in.
Fighting for Grace.
Fighting for each other.
Fighting for her.

“Will it live? Will they be okay? Was Uncle Frankie right?” Huxley spoke; ever so silently that it was barely a whisper. Cyndi cuddled closer with Huxley and kissed her cold, pale forehead.

“Yes baby, Killjoys never die”

Huxley knew that her mother was right. Cyndi knew so much about her brothers and friends but yet still knew so little. Huxley closed her eyes and the tears were decreasing. She began to fall asleep when she muttered the three words that would give her peace.

“Killjoys never die.”

Cyndi cuddled with Huxley and pulled a blanket over them, running her fingers through Huxley’s silky black hair, a trait she got from Gerard.

“That’s right baby, Killjoys never die”

Cyndi fell asleep and as she drifted off, she heard those three little words again but it wasn’t her imagination. Cyndi opened her eyes and heard the door unlock. She held Huxley closer, fearing it was an imposter and she looked at the door. There stood two figures. Two very shocking figures.

“Yes Cyndi, Killjoys never die” the most familiar voice in the world said.

Cyndi’s eyes began to water, her tear stained eyes still red and stinging. She couldn’t bring herself to say his name. She shook Huxley awake, still looking at the figures. “Huxley, baby.” Huxley turned to the door and a grin spread wide onto her tear stained cheeks. She ran up to the figures and swung her arms around the taller man. “Frankie was right” she said, crying with so much more than happiness. She let go and put her arms around the smaller figure, not much taller than her.
Gerard and Frankie embraced the girls and Frankie spoke the words that the girls had lived by for a year.

“Killjoys… Never die.”
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