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Roller Coaster

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Gerard's anger with Holly grows.

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The next few days passed without incident. Holly’s nerves were shot and she was grateful she hadn’t seen or heard from Gerard. She did, however, hear from Adam. He called Sunday morning and insisted she meet with him before he left town. Holly knew that Mikey and Alicia were curious when she left Sunday morning saying she had some errands to run but they agreed to watch Molly.

Now it was Tuesday morning and Holly was preparing to take two more wind chimes to the gallery.

“Want me to go with?” Alicia asked as Holly prepared to take the boxes out to her car.

“Sure.” Holly smiled. “If you want.”

Once they were on the road Alicia sprang something on Holly that was upsetting. “Uh, can we swing by Lindsey’s house after the gallery?”

Holly glanced over at her, “Why?”

“Mese sees B?” Molly asked happily from the backseat.

Holly ignored her waiting for Alicia to answer.

“She called earlier and asked if we could.”

“Why didn’t you say that before we left?” Holly asked.

Alicia shrugged. “I dunno.”

Holly’s eyes narrowed. “Okay, what’s up?”

“She just wanted us to come over.”

The only reason Holly finally agreed was that she knew that Gerard and the other band members were doing a taping today. The last thing Holly wanted was to run into Gerard.


“These are beautiful.” Arthur said as he stood back looking at the wind chimes that had just been hung. “Now I’ve set up the showing for Friday night.”

Holly was surprised, “This Friday night?”

He nodded, “Yes, I told you there’s nothing to worry about. Mostly the people who will be attending are clients who have already seen your work. I simply called them and said that several more of your pieces were on the market but I expected them to sell quickly.” He smiled, “That was all I needed to say.”

“Is this like invitation only?” Alicia asked.

He shook his head, “No invitation required.”

“Well good because me and Mikey are defiantly gonna be here.” Alicia said.

Holly laughed, “Why? You already have one.”

“Do you seriously think I’d miss a showing of my friends works?”

“Invite all your friends.” Arthur said clasping his hands together. “Now Holly, I want to talk to you about the pricing. I know you’re somewhat uncomfortable with my thoughts about prices but truly this is a supply and demand situation.” He nodded to her wind chimes. “These are in demand and the price needs to reflect that fact.”

Holly sighed, “I will leave it up to you.”

“Good girl." He patted her lightly on the back. “Believe me after Friday night you will not have to worry about money for quite sometime.”


Gerard tried to hide his impatience but it wasn’t easy. Everything that could possibly go wrong during a taping kept happening. Now he was watching as the stage crew tried to fix the backdrop that had fallen in the middle of the song.

“Chill." Mikey said softy.

“I’m tried of this shit." Gerard said keeping his voice lowered.

“Shit happens.” Mikey shrugged.

“Yeah and it just keeps happening.” Gerard muttered.

Mikey decided to try to distract his brother by telling him about the phone call he’s received earlier from Alicia.

“Guess what?” He smiled.

Gerard was in no mood for guessing games. “What?” He growled.

“The Hughes Gallery is having a showing of Holly’s work Friday night.”

That got Gerard’s attention. “Really? How come I’m just hearing about it now?”

“Cause Holly and Alicia just heard about it a little while ago when they took Holly’s wind chimes to the gallery. The owner said there is so much interest in Holly’s stuff that he decided to have it while she’s still in town.”

His anger at Holly was still strong. “Yeah, so has she said when she’s leaving?”

Mikey was shocked by Gerard’s tone and the question. “She’s staying through the holiday’s you know that.”

Gerard shrugged, “Thought she might have changed her mind.”

“No.” Mikey said slowly, “And we don’t want her to.” He said meaning himself and Alicia.

“Speak for yourself.” Gerard shot back. “I don’t give a shit if she stays or goes.”

Mikey stared at him. “What?”

“You heard me.” Gerard said angrily.

“Gee, does this have something to do with the other night when you were drunk and called her?”

“No.” He lied “And it would be nice if you just forgot about that call. I was drunk and it was stupid of me to call her.”

“Why did you?” Mikey asked.

“Because I thought I’d get to talk to the old Holly, the one who was my friend.” He had no plans to tell anyone else that Lindsey’s comment that night was hanging over his head.

“Gee, Holly is still your friend. She’s still everyone’s friend.”

“Yeah, right.” Gerard sneered. “She ain’t nothing like she used to be.”

Mikey was becoming upset by this brother’s behavior. “You’re crazy. She tried her hardest to be there for everyone even though she’s been through so much.”

Gerard’s anger blinded him to the truth. “She’s ain’t done shit for me.”

“Gee what the hell is going on?” Mikey asked, “I don’t understand. Why are you so angry at Holly?”

“Don’t matter.” Gerard answered shortly. “But you’re wrong about Holly. If she’d been such a good friend she never would have taken off like she did. Have you ever stopped to wonder just what the fuck she’s been doing all this time? And by the way I ain’t buying that story about her knowing Adam because she met him before our concert. Did you see them together, they obviously knew each other pretty fuckin’ well.”

Mikey shook his head, “I don’t get it. It’s like you want to believe something bad about her. Well, I don’t. What she’s gone through, losing her daughter, was brutal. As for Adam what different could it possibly make if she knows him?”

“Cause I think she’s lying." Gerard said narrowing his eyes.

“Lying? About what?”

“Don’t know for sure.” Gerard answered. “But you’re fuckin’ stupid if you think she don’t lie. Everybody lies, Mikey.”

Mikey took a step back, hurt by his brother’s words. “I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, Gee. I don’t know what’s going on in your head but I don’t think I know you anymore.” He walked away feeling hurt and angry.


“Hey, come in.” Lindsey greeted them warmly. “I just made some fresh tea.”

As soon as they entered the house Molly made a beeline for Bandit who was watching a Disney movie. Soon both little girls were stretched out on the rug in front to the TV.

The women sat down with glasses of tea so they could talk while still keeping an eye on the girls.

“So this Friday night Holly has an art showing at the Hughes Gallery.” Alicia couldn’t wait to share the news.

Holly laughed, “An art showing? Okay let’s not have illusions of grandeur here.”

Lindsey smiled, “Holly that’s wonderful. And your work is art. I’ll be sure to be there. Is it invitation only?”

“Nope.” Holly answered.

Alicia spoke up. “Mr Ravenell said to invite all our friends.”

“Great. I have several friends I know will be interested.” Lindsey said. She looked over at Holly. “After Friday night I’m sure you’ll be busy. Lots of people are going to want one of your pieces.”

Holly shook her head, “I’m not so sure about that. Arthur is setting the prices.”

“Holly thinks the prices are too much.” Alicia explained.

Lindsey’s expertise on this subject appeared. “Holly as a gallery owner he knows what people are willing to pay.”

“Just because they are willing to pay it doesn’t mean my stuff is worth it.” Holly said softly. “It just seems so..” she tried to find a word to explain how she felt.

Lindsey understood. “You have to remember out here you are dealing with people who have a lot of money and they like to spend it.”

“So why don’t they spend it helping others?’ Holly asked. “I mean there are so many people who could use the help, especially right now.”

“Unfortunately that’s true.” Lindsey smiled sadly, “But you can’t change the world.”

Holly sighed, “But I want to.”

“And you do try to.” Alicia reminded her. “Shit, you make me feel like such a bad person sometimes.”

Holly gave her a surprised look.

“Crap Holly, you and Christa working down at the shelter?”

“To me it’s the least I can do.” Holly answered. “I just wish I could do more but that’s just me. You’re not a bad person Alicia and I sorry you think that.”

“I know.” Lindsey said suddenly. “Holly why don’t you talk to Mr Ravenell and see if there is any way one of your wind chimes could be auctioned off that night for charity?”

“That’s a wonderful idea.” Holly smiled. “I could make one more before then just for that.”

“And then when it goes for a ridiculously high price you can feel good knowing that money will go to something important to your heart." Alicia added.

They talked a few minutes more about the idea when Lindsey suddenly looked over at Alicia. She knew it was time to talk to Holly about why they were really together.


“Just got the news.” Ray said walking over to Frank and Gerard. He paused and looked around. “Where’s Mikey?”

He hadn’t returned since he and Gerard had argued.

“Around here somewhere.” Gerard answered, “So what news?”

“We’re going to play in Times Square New Years Eve.”

Gerard was surprised by the news. “Really?”

“Yep, it’s all set.” Ray answered. “I’m gonna give Christa a call and tell her while we have time.”

“Yeah, we got time." Gerard muttered. He just wanted this taping to be over.

“Man, that will be great.” Frank said to Gerard as Ray walked away. “We haven’t played Times Square since 2006. Think I’ll call Jamia.”

Gerard sat down and sighed. Suddenly memories of that New Years Eve filled his mind.

Dec 31st 2006

“Lord it’s cold out there.” Holly laughed as they walked into the hotel suite.

Alicia put her arm around Holly and hugged her. “When we go back out I’ll keep you warm.” She teased.

“Hey I could do that." Bob laughed. He pushed Alicia’s arm away and placed his own around Holly’s shoulders.

“Thanks for the offer Birthday Boy.” Holly grinned, “But I think you’ll be a little busy with the drums.”

“Oh yeah, I gotta work on my birthday." He said loudly so the others could hear.

“Shut up about that Bob.” Gerard laughed.

Holly looked over and saw his arm was around Eliza who was smiling into his eyes. Before she could look away Eliza turned and saw Holly watching them.

“So Holly ever been in a suite this nice before?”

Gerard tensed at the question he considered rude.

Holly shook her head, “Nope. This is pretty sweet. I’m glad I got invited to tag along.” She could tell by Eliza’s look she wasn’t pleased by that fact at all.

“Well of course we’d invite you.” Mikey said smiling at Holly. “Gotta keep our friends close.”

“Thanks Mikey Boy." Holly answered. “This is much more fun then sitting at home watching on TV.”

“That what you usually do on New Year’s eve?” Eliza asked trying to make her question sound innocent.

Holly knew what she was implying but chose to ignore the meaning. “Yep. Except back in Wyoming this happens hours before New Years. Sonja and I always watch the ball drop then would wait for our actual New Year.”

“So where is your daughter tonight?” Eliza asked then added quickly, “Oh but I’m sure a girl her age is out partying tonight.”

Gerard dropped his arm from her shoulder. He was growing angry at her attitude towards Holly.

“She’s out with friends." Holly answered then turned to find Bob. She was tried of dealing with Eliza.

“Hey Bob.” She said but when she saw what he was doing she started laughing.

“Look.” Bob laughed.

Holly moved over to the window. “Nice.” She laughed. He had taken a roll of toilet paper and was releasing it out the window.

“Look how far it’s going." He grinned. “Hey it’s my birthday I’m celebrating.” The others around him were laughing at his antics.

“Well Birthday Boy, here.” Holly handed him a small wrapped package. “You can open it when you get done decorating the city.”

Bob’s roll of toilet paper was almost empty. He tore off the last bit of paper then watched as it sailed through the night sky. After closing the window he quickly unwrapped the gift. “Oh Holly, thanks." He smiled looking at the scarf. “This is just what I need tonight to keep me warm.”

“Did you make that?” Eliza asked giving the scarf a quick glance.

“Yep.’ Holly nodded.

“How nice." Eliza’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “You’re a regular Suzy Homemaker.”

Bob placed the knit scarf around his neck. “Nice and warm.” He hugged Holly tightly. “I love it.”

Gerard saw that Holly had been embarrassed by Eliza’s remark. He tugged on her hand and pulled her away to a quiet spot. “Would you stop picking at her?"

Eliza fringed innocence. “What?”

“Holly. Just leave her alone.”

The last thing Eliza wanted to do was upset him. “I didn’t mean to pick on her. Did it really sound like that’s what I was doing?”

“Yeah, so lay off." He said, “Okay?”

Eliza put her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Sorry, Baby.’ She made sure to press her body seductively against his. “Don’t be mad at me. As soon as you guys perform we’ll check into our suite and I’ll make it up to you.” She whispered in his ear what she had planned.

Gerard smiled, “Yeah, okay.” He kissed her passionately then pulled her into his arms for a tight hug. Over her head he saw Holly had been watching them but she quickly looked away. “Just be nice to Holly, okay.”

“I promise." Eliza nodded.

When it was time for the band to take the stage they all walked out together through the crowds. Alicia was enjoying filming the event. Eliza purposely walked next to Holly chatting with her and making sure Gerard was watching.

After the performance as the ball began its descent Gerard found himself looking for Holly. He knew how excited she was to be here and he wanted to share the experience with her. She was standing with Mikey and Alicia and the look on her face was so beautiful. Her huge eyes were trained on the ball and her smile was dazzling.

The crowd began to chant..10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Happy New Year!

Mikey and Alicia kissed then they hugged Holly.

Eliza whispered in his ear at the same moment. “Happy New Year Baby.” She kissed him.

When they parted he took her hand and they moved through the crowed hugging their friends. He hugged his brother tightly then turned to Holly. Impulsively he pulled her into his arms and hugged her. “Happy New Year." He whispered in her ear.

“Happy New Year, Gee." She whispered back. “I hope 2007 brings all of us happiness.”


Gerard swallowed a lump of emotion. 2007 had turned out to be a roller coaster for him. He’d almost married a woman he didn’t love. Holly had become his lover but had broken his heart and he’d met the woman he’d married.

He suddenly frowned at his own thoughts. Yes, he’d met the woman he’d married but he should have thought the woman I’d waited for my whole life. He closed his eyes just wanting to go home.
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