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Set the World on Fire

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Like children crying when all they knew was dying and we will raise our flags up its time for them to pay.

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1 month later

Sams P.O.V

Well,it's been a month since the worst and best day of my life.
The worst because of the whole 'world trade centre attack' thing and the best because I finally kissed Gerard!

I haven't seen him alot this month because he's been really busy because he's got the band back together!
Well apart from Bob...
He said he was really busy with other things so Gee got Matt Pelissier from his grade to be the drummer.
They've been practicing for 2 weeks now and their first gig is on halloween at Frank's birthday.
It's at an abandoned manor on the outskirts of town near the branch brook park where everyone usually throws parties.
Nearly everything is ready for the party and I frankly can't wait it's going to awesome!

Everyone from school is coming and there is going to be booze and food and awesome music!
And to make things even more awesome i'm the DJ!

Shortest chapter ever lol xD but it's before something BIG happens!
It might be really long though or knowing me it probably won't XD
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