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I Never told You What I Do For A Living

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~ONESHOT~ I told them it was a mistake putting me here but they didnt listen did they? So what I'm going to do will be all on their hands. I warned them.

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Hello. A little one-shot I felt really evil and messed up writing. But ya know? It felt good... I'm really starting to worry about my sanity :/
Frerard is implied... kinda. I haven't proof-read and don't intend to because I am a lazy fuck so excuse any mistakes (:

Frank opened the heavy oak front door with a spring in his step. He felt happy and light. he flung his olive green parka on the wooden floor of his comfortable house and took a big breath.

"HONEY I'M HOME!" he hollered joyfully into the hallway. Faint giggling could be heard from upstairs. He grinned and the sweet sound of Jamia's laugh. A booming bark echoed off the walls. Moments later, a huge brown dog came lolloping into the room and slid uncontrollably across the polished wooden floor and crashed into Frank's legs. He laughed loudly as his dog tackled him to the floor and slobbered lovingly all over his crumpled body.

Light footsteps padded across the upper floor and grew slowly louder as they drew nearer to the stairs. after a moment or tow, Jamia's jean clad legs were visible at the top of the cream carpeted stairs. Frank pushed his dog off and sat up smiling happily. Jamia descended slowly and carefully, holding a hand to her flat stomach. She smiled calmly at Frank as realisation crashed down on him. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped into a gap of wonder and concern.

She walked over to her fiancee and put out her hand.Frank took her soft hand in his and pushed himself to his feet. He put his hands on Jamia's shoulders and looked into her clear chocolate brown eyes for a dash of hurt, betrayal or regret. All he saw was peace and love as her beautiful eyes welled up with joyous tears.

"I'm pregnant, Frank," she whispered happily wrapping her slender arms around his strong waist.
Frank nodded speechlessly and drew her body closer to his. He pressed his lips to hers softly and cradled his love in his arms. Her hair fell down her back, the ends ticking Frank's fingers as they held the small of her back protectively. After a slow moment, he pulled away and placed both of his warm hands gently over her stomach. He smiled warmly and raised his head.

"I swear I am going to do everything in my power to keep it safe. I will be here for you and for him or her every single step of the way. I know we go touring, but I care about you more than any of the guys in Pencey Prep put together and they're gonna have to wait for me if they care at all," he paused then smiled ruefully with a twinkle in his eye. "But if, for one second you think I'm gonna suddenly grow up and get all mature, you've got another think coming my love," he grinned. She laughed happily, tears streaming down her face. He reached up and wiped her tears from her face, kissing her lips briefly for a short moment. Nothing could have brought him down.




Frank whistled to himself as he wandered through the house. He absent-mindedly picked up the daily paper from the granite kitchen counter as her walked over to the stove to check on the steaming vegetables. He scanned the headlines. Nope, nothing interesting. He began to flick through the pages, flimsy paper rustling feebly with every slight movement he made.

A considerable number of pages in, he caught sight of a name he recognised. Gerard Way. His eyes were automatically magnetised to the article about his former best friend, worry creeping into his hindsight. The article read that he was released from prison yesterday after his ten year sentence of manslaughter. Only Frank knew the full story. The tripe murder of Gerard's family had caused, not manslaughter as his crime was discussed, but in fact a cold blooded murder in turn. He had been so worried about him. Frank alone knew how he could have helped his friend but no-one would listen. 'Bloody law and constitution comes first' and all that crap. A frown dented his forehead as he read on. The house Gerard was staying in had been found empty when the cops called for a check up the next day. No-one had seen him. Frank shot out of his seat in panic.

Unexplainable guilt marred his thoughts. He could have prevented all of this.

He raced through the house muttering under his breath. He ran into the hallway and grabbed his parka. He yanked on his boot before leaping lightly up the stairs two at a time and striding lightly to his room. he poked his head into his room. It was dark inside and the deep, even breathing of his wife signaled that she was asleep. He ran back downstairs and ripped a clean sheet of paper off the writing pad by the phone. He scrawled a note to Jamia before grabbing his keys and phone. He paused by the doorway where today's unopened post lay on the top lay a grey-white envelope with his name scrawled on the front. No address. In Gerard's familiar writing. He has been here.
Frank stopped and reached down. He ripped open the envelope and pulled out the crumpled sheet of paper inside. the more he read, the more he felt tortured and responsible.


Hey buddy, remember me? Yes, I know it has been a long time, but I'm coming out tomorrow.
Ten years is a long time. Good they thought it was manslaughter because otherwise I would
have been here so, so much longer.

They fear me. My inmates have heard what I have done and they quake with fear in my
presence. Nevertheless, I have learnt so much from them. I feel invincible. Their fear
gives me a strange satisfaction. I believe that the years in the barred room have made me
thrive on their fear.

It’s strange what this place does to your mind. It was meant to help me. You said so
yourself. Like a vacation almost. This place isn’t good for me; it has changed something
inside me. Something that was undoubtedly growing from the day my parents and brother were
killed. But I could have stopped. We could have stopped it together. But then I was sent
here. I told them it was a mistake putting me here, but they didn’t listen, did they? So
what I'm going to do will be all on their hands. I warned them.

I have a feeling that you have become an amazing person over the past ten years. I'm
sorry I wasn’t there with you on your journey. I don’t know what you do for a living,
but I have a feeling that you’re big. You know that brotherly kind of feeling you have in
your gut? Yeah, well it is telling me that you are a successful man. And I'm proud of you
for that. I wish I could have been with you, I really do.

‘What has this place taught me?’ I hear you ask. Well, it has taught me many things my
dear Frankie. Things that the law doesn’t like. People speak, share successes and give you
ideas. Well I have plenty of plans now and I can’t stick around for too long. Downtown in
all the big cities suits me just fine. I'm sure I can rustle up some cash on their dark
streets. I’ll keep writing. I will drop by at yours. If you don’t want to see me, leave
a note under the doormat. Good luck for the future. I'm right behind you.

Best wishes,

Gee xo

Frank fell down onto his knees, clutching onto the paper and breathing heavily. Hot tears fell painfully down his contorted face. Broken gasps escaped his shocked lips. The man he had so loved was broken and destroyed and it was all his fault. He curled up on the floor and began whimpering quietly. After a few minutes, a soft whining came from behind a closed wooden door leading to the living room. Franks whimpers grew steadily louder and more pained. His dog whined and scratched at the door. Frank began screaming, crying, shouting, knowing that he had let Gerard fall into ruin. He clutched at the paper that held the venomous words dripping with black motives and evil. Hurried footsteps approached him and Jamia fell to he knees over Frank's agonised form. the dog began howling mournfully, a haunting, broken harmony to his master's tortured wailing. Jamia's soothing words were drowned by Frank's painful cries.


These cries echoed far into the night, reaching the ears of a lurking dark figure. Gerard turned to the direction of the noise. His heart lurched with sorrow as he recognised the cries as Frank's. His face twisted into a mask of agony and darkness. He wanted to pull Frank into his arms and tell him it wasn't his fault. Truthfully, it was Gerard's. And he knew it.
A wave of blackness washed over him and he grinned, channeling his senses to the fear in Frank's yells. He chuckled darkly at the adrenalin rush that fear gave him. He grinned blackly once more before stealing of in the night, fingering the cool handle of his knife in his heavy leather belt...
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