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Forever Young

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this is a story about how gerard and frankie fell in love =) hope you like it

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I'm going to tell you a story of how gerard and frankie fell in love ...It was a winters day and frankie was inside watching TV and drinking hot coco, Suddenly he heard the doorbell ring , frankie jumped from the couch and open the door, It was gerard he was covered in snow , " come in out of the cold" said frankie taking gerard's coat, " why thank you" said gerard trying not to laugh. They went and sat on the couch , there was silence for a bit, then gerard decided to give frankie a hug, smiled and grabbed gerard's arm and pulled him back gently to watch TV , then gerard asked "would you like to go see a movie tomorrow? "sure what did you have in mind? asked frankie "romper stomper ? asked gerard " sure" said frankie "cool anyway is it okay if i stay over tonight ? asked gerard "sure you can slept in my room " said frankie "cool said gerard , that night gerard and frankie went to Frankie's room to set up gerard's bed, "there you go " frankie said pointing to the fold out bed , " thanks " said gerard jumping on the bed, frankie turned out the light and they both went to slept , later it started to storm , and gerard started tossing and turning waking up frankie . frankie ran over to gerard and woke him up , " you okay gerard" frankie asked looking worried " oh yeah im fine i just had a nightmare " said gerard looking up at frankie then gerard slowly pulled frankie down and kissed him , after a while frankie pulled away and smiled at gerard ..and after the two teenagers kissed they know that they were in love with each other and it was the start of something magical and that my friends is the story of how the two teenagers fell in love
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