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Opening My Eyes.

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If you've read my other "poetry" You know what to expect... Again, take it for what you want. Personal meaning ♥

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In a way were all the same.
The mistakes made are like lessons that are never quite learned,
and the creations made are like beautiful monsters eating away at the soul.
There you are.
The creationist,
The teacher.
Your eyes like swirling illusions ready to capture the unlucky one's mind.
The lessons you try to teach are filled with pain and agony,
But yet they are fascinatingly pure.
A rebellion against you is what I am trying to propose.
I see your face is not beauty.
Its stained with hatred, and hurt.
I see your intentions are not good.
They're meant for nothing but evil.
Because of you, there is hate in my heart.
Because of you, there is anger in my soul.
My mind is poisoned with these torturous thoughts.
But in a way I want to thank you.
You opened my eyes.
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