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poor mikey :(

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"Im a creep and i know it " cried mikey as he burst thought the door with marks all over his arm
"no your not " said gerard going to hug him "yes i am just ask all the people at school" cried mikey who was now hugging gerard , " dont listen to them " said frankie who walked though the door and then came and sat next to mikey , "yeah what frankie said " said gerard that was wiping the tears from mikey's eyes " okay whatever im going to my room" said mikey who was now heading for his room , once mikey had left gerard looked at frankie and sighed " whats wrong " asked frankie " i dont know what to do with mikey he always comes home crying with marks all over his body i-im worried about him im afraid that his going to do something drastic " said gerard looking worried " dont worry im sure he will be fine" said frankie patting gerard's back "yeah your right " said gerard as he got up to check on mikey " mikey can i came in " gerard asked knocking on the door , there was no answer so he just open the door and saw mikey on the floor with a razer in his hand and he was surrounded by blood "oh shit" said gerard as he ran down stairs to get frankie "frankie call the ambulance now" said gerard as he ran up stairs to check on his brother "it will be okay just hang on in there" gerard said as he held mikey in his arms and started to cry , when the ambulance came they took mikey and put him in the van "i want to go with him" said gerard "you cant came said the man as he got into the divers chair , gerard tryed to ran after the van but frankie stopped him and held him tight as he began to cry . the next day gerard's phone rang it was the doctor "how is he" gerard asked looking worried "hi-his gone im sorry , gerard dropped the the phone and fell to the fell and cried "why him lord why not me" frankie ran down the stairs and picked him up and hugged him tightly "im sorry gerard" said frankie.later that day frankie and gerard visited his gave , gerard layed five black roses on the gave and whispered "rest in peace little brother i will be there soon" his eyes watered up and they left as it began to ran , later that night frankie ran down stairs and saw gerard died he had shoot himself but there was a note frankie picked up the note and it said "dear frankie i am sorry and i promised mikey i would see him soon " frankie called the police the next day frankie visited both the graves and layed roses down

As you may see most of my stories are about sadness and what have you but dont get me rong i love mcr but i hoped you liked it =)
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