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I knew it.

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Gerard hated the fact Frank had a girlfriend, but was this just a cover-up on who Frank really is?

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Me and Frank always got on like a house on fire, and i liked him, probably more than I should, but the strange and stupid thing was, I really thought he liked me back, heh, I was wrong.

I hate the way Frank walks around with Jamia, like he loves her, but something about the way he gets all uncomfortable when she touchs him, and the way he only gives her half smiles, i know that he doesnt actualy like her, maybe he likes a diffrent girl, or maybe, just maybe, he doesnt like girls. I know im just wishing here, but you'd never know.

I havent properly talked to Frank since he hooked up with Jamia, i don't know why, he made an effort, but i guess i don't like the pain i get in my chest when we talk, and he brings up Jamia, i feel tears welling in my eyes and i just have to turn away, this part of me, he will possibly never understand, but i so wish he did.

'Gerard' a voice hisses, breaking me out of my trance. 'Dude you have to stop falling asleep in class' Ray says, in his husky voice. I know he was right, but since Frank and Jamia i havent been able to concentrate on anything anymore. But thankfully this was our last week of school, then im out of this shithole. I don't have to see Frank all over Jamia, well actualy, Jamia all over Frank, as i still have a weird feeling he's just not that into her.

The bell finally rings and i get up as fast as i can, nearly knocking over my chair, and i head straight for the front door, but as i reach for the handle a hand pulls on my school bag, and i spin around. Frank.
'Umm Hey' He says
'Hi' I reply, bluntly.
'Doing anything this weekend' He asked, looking around.
i think about this before anwsering, why would he even care. 'I don't know, why?' i say, kind of feeling bad for my blunt anwsers.
'Well, My parents are away for the weekend, and i was thinking about having a house party'
'Oh' i say 'il see what im doing' i smile sarcasticaly, before continuing out the front door of the school.

Frank, wanted me at his party? I havent been at his house for months now, thats a bit strange if im being honest, but hey, it might be alright i guess. I have so much love for Frank, but i act like i have so much hate for him. I miss the days where we used to spend hours just lying in the back yard, drinking coke and talking about everything and anything, i miss the way we stayed up all night watching horror movies, the way he always made me feel better when i was down, but i just cant act the same around him knowing he will never love me the way i love him. He acted like he loved me, and then Jamia threw herself at him, and they have been together since. Not that he wants to, i think. I just know Frank to well to not notice how he acts diffrent around her, and its not even in a good way.

Next Day

'Frank' i say, walking over to him, 'I can go on the weekend'
'Great!' He smiles 'Saturday, 7pm my place?'
'Awesome' i say.
I love the way he smiles, i forgot how beautiful he was, and now im really looking foward to saturday, just breathing in the comforting smell of his home, the way its so neat but not too neat and, i sigh, i just can't wait.

School dragged, as usual, but two days till' Franks party. i hope its not to crowded, and i hope Frank doesnt spend ALL His time with Jamia.. I guess i will just have to wait and see...
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