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"I can see your ass in that skirt."

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Amber’s cheer practice is at two thirty. I used to watch before. I don’t see why I’d stop now. Taking a seat on the bleachers I start on my home work as the preppy girls pile onto the football field. Amber is easy to spot. She’s the only girl with red hair on the field.

Her slender legs stick out from under the short, blue skirt, a bit of her flat stomach showing as she stretches. As she spots me Amber scowls. I hold up my notebook as if that justifies why I’m here. The red head rolls her eyes as Amanda barks commands.

As the skinny girl climbs to the top of the human made pyramid my heart speeds up. It’s crazy I know but I do care about her. The music slows down as Amber reaches the top. Suddenly, the beat starts again and Amber flips off the top, landing in a human made basket. She flashes me her adorable smile before flipping backwards and landing on her feet as the song ends.

A few jocks watching on the other end of the bleachers whoop and clap and wolf whistle. Most of the girls wave or blow kisses. Amber just continues to stretch her limbs. She’s never liked that kind of attention.

The squad runs through their routine two more times before saying their goodbyes. Amber marches over to me, arms crossed over her chest.

“Were you watching me?” she demands.

“Someone’s paranoid,” I answer as I gather up my things.

“Frank I’m not an idiot.”

“Never said you were,” I say as we head towards the parking lot.

Amber sighs as she reaches her car, “Well don’t lie to me.”

I just laugh at her, “Hey Amber?”


“I can see your ass in that skirt.” and with that I get in my car and drive away.

My parents aren’t home when I get there. They must have gotten the late shift. This means I’ve got the house to myself until at least twelve. Instead of doing the rest of my home work I play Xbox and practice guitar, when that gets boring I watch TV.

Around six I order pizz. The guy arrives twenty minutes later. I finish off a whole cheese pizza by myself. After that I trudge upstairs and do my school work. An hour later my ass is back on the couch, eyes glued to the concert playing on TV. I end up falling asleep in the living room.

“Well I don’t know who took it but I’ve got to go to work.”

My mother’s voice and the slamming of the front door wake me up. Groaning, I flip off of the couch and drag myself upstairs. I get ready for school in a haze. When my car doesn’t start I decide just to walk. So what if I’m late?

About ten minutes in a black Lexus pulls up beside me. The driver rolls down the window. I know who it is…only one family in all of Belleville could afford to get their kid a car like that.

“Need a ride?”

I smirk, “It’s dangerous to take in hitchhikers.”

“Even if you know them,” Amber asks with a smile.

“Especially if you know them,” I answer before getting in the car.

Amber doesn’t even wait for me to get buckled. She just speeds off, humming along to the song blaring through her car. I just sit quietly, keeping my focus out the window. Normally Amber isn’t this nice.

“So what happened to your car?” Amber questions as we stop at a red light.

“Damn thing wouldn’t start this morning,” I answer, fiddling with a string on my pants.

“I can come by and look at it,” Amber offers, shocking me.

I just stare at her. How the hell does she know how to fix cars? This is Amber Riley…she’s a cheerleader, “How?”

The red head sighs, clearly able to read my facial expression, “My older brother is an auto mechanic. He taught me a few things.”

I just nod as the both of us head towards the school building. Due to Amber’s crazy driving we arrive at the school on time. Also we’ve managed to have a pretty normal conversation and I might have actually enjoyed it.

Enjoy :)
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