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Chapter 3

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Gerard gets ready for Frank's party!

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Sorry this is a short chapter!..

I woke up at 7am, typical, the one time i wanted to sleep long so i didn't have to wait so long for Frank's party, i wake up early, sigh. I get up and go straight into the shower, the hot water against my half-asleep body felt great, so i spent ages in the shower, untill Mikey came banging on the door.
'geeeeard get out, i need to piss' he shouts.
i get out quickly, and walk out in my towel and go across the landing to my bedroom. I think we need to construct Mikey's bedroom into another Bathroom.

By the time i get downstairs and make myself a coffee its 10am... 9hours till' his party, whow is it me or am i becoming paranoide by the thought of being in Frank's house again? Well whatever it is, i just can't wait, but theirs still a bit of nervousness in me.

Time passed SLOWLY but it was already 5pm, so I decided to get ready early. I went upstairs and opened my wardrobe door, and stared. Gosh Gerard, You're such a girl!..I finally decided on my black skinnys, Iron Maiden shirt, leather jacket and by blue converse. I looked at myself in the mirror.
There used to be a time where me and frank hung out in our PJ's, now im makindg dam sure i look my best.., i think spending time away from Frank has only drawn me closer to him, emotionaly. Spending time away from his face, made me realise how beautiful he actualy was.

6:30pm...i put some guyliner on my eyes, not to much, and i make my way downstairs.
'Mom i'm leaving now' i shout.
She comes out of the kitchen 'Honey, Frank only lives across the road, you have another 30minutes'
'Well ya-know i want to be, eh, fashionably early?' i muttered
'Don't be silly' she smirked 'come have coffee while you wait'..

6:55pm...okay now im going to leave, i say goodbye to mom and mikey and walk out of the house, closing the door behind me and taking a deep breath and headed over to Franks house...
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