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Love story

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It was a autumns night and the band had just finish there show in London, they walked back to the bus , it was around 2:00am in the morning and everyone was very tired except for frankie and gerard so everyone went to bed while frankie and gerard watched TV, frankie was cold so he cuddled up to gerard just smiled put his arm around frankie and went back to watching the TV until the power went out , ' well this sucks " said frankie as he got up to find the candles "yeah said gerard as he got up to help look for the candles "found them " said gerard pulling one out of the box and lighting it , " well at least we can see now " said frankie sitting on the couch again" " so what do you want to do now" said gerard sitting next to frankie , " we could play a bored game or something" said frankie " nah what about a walk ? asked gerard yeah sure " said frankie , so the two got up and started walking to the beach , once they were at the beach they ran around for a bit then frankie stopped and so did gerard , frankie looked at gerard as the moonlight shone on his pale face , then frankie pulled gerard close and kissed him as the water sparkled under the moonlight then frankie pulled away "i love you never leave me " frankie said as he hugged gerard " i never will" said gerard as he held frankie tight and smiled

im sorry my stories are so short
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