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Heaven Help Us

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When Party Poison regains consciousness, he finds his party almost lifeless on the desert floor, and hurries to Fun Ghoul before anything.

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Bloodstained sand glittered in the cloudy sky as the wind played around the atmosphere, pushing the scent of defeat and chemicals throughout the air. The sun would peer out of the large grey clouds for seconds before another ball of fluff made it's way into the ball of fire's way. Tumbleweeds made their path past the four men that lay motionless and unconscious on the ground.
The Fabulous Killjoys were all defeated and stained in their own red blood after battling against the BL/ind and Draculoids. They kidnapped the youngest member of their band, they called her "Girl." They were after her for some reason, and none of them could understand why. Not even Dr. Deathdefy.
As the sun beamed around the desert behind the clouds, the leader, Party Poison, begins to show vital signs. His shot open, taking in his surroundings quickly before the instant injection of agonizing pain flooded his nerves. Groaning, there's no response but a muffled voice behind him. Poison was taken off guard, and tried to get up slowly. He twisted his body before getting on all fours and noticing that Fun Ghoul was breathing and awake.
He smiled and rushed over as fast as he could in his condition. As he got closer, he noticed that Ghoul was covered in his own blood and was groaning Poison's name as the leader approached. Poison's heart sank once he noticed Ghoul's bloody body.
Poison reached Ghoul and ripped off his own mask. He placed his hand on Ghoul's cheek and turned the man's head to face him. "Ghoul..."
"Poison..." Fun Ghoul responded breathlessly. He had trouble moving his hand on Party Poison's. "Where's... Girl?"
The red haired man scoped the area out anxiously and sighed. "She's gone," he said, redirecting his eyes to Ghoul's. "they took her."
Ghoul shook his head gently. "Are you okay?"
"I'm beat up but I can cope with it."
"I never passed out, Poison."
Party's eyes widened for just a second before he leaned in closer to Ghoul. "How long has it been?"
"8 hours, it seems. I managed to contact Dr. Deathdefy just minutes ago. They've dispatched a helicopter coming our way."
Poison nodded and a tear was brought to his eye. It was bad enough that they were defeated and Girl was kidnapped, but seeing his squirming in the puddle of blood below him was too much to bare. It broke his heart as if it was just a skinny twig.
Ghoul's hand reached up and wiped the tear away. "Don't get sensitive on me now. It's not the time for that." he chuckled, smirking. After wiping the tear, he grabbed Poison's shirt and pulled him down for a kiss.
Party Poison reacted immediately and kissed Fun Ghoul passionately, again and again, over and over again. With such passion, it only took seconds to realize Ghoul was finally giving up on staying awake. He was losing consciousness, and was starting to pass out. His hand slipped from Poison's chest and fell.
Poison, whose lips were still on Ghoul's, panicked. "Fun Ghoul...? Ghoul?" he looked at Ghoul, slapping his cheek once before determining he knocked out finally. Poison clutched onto Ghoul's shirt with another tear escaping his eye as erotic memories from the past with Ghoul entered his mind. All the fun times they've woken up in the same bed, all the times they've been through, fun and bad.
Poison, as tears escaped his eyes, pulled Ghoul's body towards his for one last kiss-- which was like kissing a corpse; no response. As Party Poison kissed Ghoul long and gently, the sound of a helicopter in the distance startled Party Poison.
"Dr!" he shouted, putting Ghoul down softly. He got up and staggered around flailing his arms around like a rag doll. "Down here!"
It was just seconds before the airborne vehicle stopped overhead and let down a rope ladder.
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