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Frerard! Frank and Gerard have been friends for a long time. But can Gerard's cynicism and general distrust of the world keep them from finding someting deeper? Alternating POV'S; written collabora...

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                Gerard Way.

                I have no clue what it is about him. I mean, we’re friends and all, and we’ve always been friends, but every once in awhile I’ll get these weird inclinations to just put my hands all over him and, I don’t know, nibble a little bit. Maybe it’s his face. He really has such a nice face. Striking, wide set green eyes, pale skin that really isn’t as pale as people say it is, this cute upturned nose, and lips that so often harbor a sort of malicious half-smile, like the one he’s wearing right now.

                I guess part of it could be the hair. The flaming red hair that’s so carelessly disheveled and smells like tropical paradise—the hair he’s weaving his fingers through and tugging at in ways made to make fan-girls scream.

                Or maybe it’s—


                The dissatisfied shouts of the glasses, beanie, and witty t-shirt wearing creature that is Mikey Way emanates down the hall as he simultaneously face-palms at the sight he’s just walked in on. Me, standing power-stance in the middle of the living room, strumming away at my guitar. Innocent enough, right? It’s Gerard who’s standing with one of my legs between his, pressing his pelvis and torso against my side, head popping out from behind my shoulder as his hand fingers down my waist to settle, of all places, directly on my ass. I can see in my peripheral vision the stare-down that's started between the two Way brothers... Practically feel his malicious grin.

                “RAY!” Mikey calls. “Gerard’s raping Frank again!”

                “See, that’s where you’re wrong, Mikes.” Gerard says as I creep closer and closer the bridge of the song I'm currently playing. “It only counts as rape if Frank doesn’t want me to do it. And so far, he hasn’t objected."

                I stifle a laugh behind a screen of dark hair. There have been many times I have been thankful for having hair long enough to hide behind, but this opportunity is just too good to pass up. Horrifying Mikey has come to be one of Gerard’s and my favorite pastimes. I flip my hair back from falling in my face so he can see my expression. Eyes squinted, mouth slightly open and drawn up at the corner, trying to fight the smile I know is coming.

                “I like it.” I say. And there it is, grin on full display. Gerard giggles, the noise then filling the space with the kind of playful, occasionally troublesome energy we’ve come to crave. I lean over and bite his ear, and he cringes and squeezes my ass in return. Mikey’s eyes have become noticeably wider than what is considered normal at this point, but, I mean, come on. You’d think he’d have gotten used to this by now! If he weren’t affected, Gerard and I might not even bother to put on this big of a show for him. Granted, there would still be a show, but it would probably not escalate to be this grandeur. Seems the poor kid never learns.

                “Come on Frank,” Gee whispers deliciously in my ear. “Let’s moan together.”

                "Fuck, Gee--" I moan. "AAH AH AH AHH uh UHH—”

                “AHHH!! AAHHH UNGGG!!!”

                “Uhhhh uhh uhhh!”

                “DESTROYA! DESTROYA!”

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