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Look how messy my old room was

by ShadowSouls 8 reviews

I miss my old hobo room :( + I has question for ya guys

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xD and actually looking back at this photo, it reminds me of how funny my hair used to fucking look. I shaved off the sides and I have a mohawk now. When I first did that my confidence went straight out of the window, but to be honest, now I fucking love my hair and and fuck anyone who doesn't.

this is a picture of my hair now, I took it last week. It is a gif, and before you open it, please be warned that it was for a tumblr picture thing and in that photo, I am topless inside a bathtub, I tried covering my titties though, it was a failed attempt. whatever.

oh, and my question!

Yesterday, someone took a picture of my hair while it was down. It doesn't look that bad, actually....

should I keep it? yes or no?
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