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Call Me,Mister Benzedrine But Don't Let The Doctor In

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Peterick,somewhat Sandrine also

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Drama - Published: 2012-01-16 - Updated: 2012-01-16 - 502 words

Patrick wakes with a start,bursting from the mound of blankets he had burrowed himself into only a few hours ago.He gasps as he tries to get air into his burning lungs,images of the dream flash through his mind as he tries to collect himself.Evil (mocking) laughter,a Cheshire grin pulled back with too many blindingly white teeth,a canary suit passing by in a blur,mouth full of dangerously sharp teeth pulled back into a snarl,lightning everywhere,a (intoxicatingly) green canal,a laboratory filled with multiple different colored test tubes and syringes,and screaming,so much screaming. Patrick turns over and flicks on the lamp sitting on the nightstand,the digital clock reading blurrily 4:08am.He groans and grabs his glasses as he sits up and walks to the bathroom only a few feet away,Pete sleeps on next to the spot Patrick just vacated.Patrick turns the light on and curses under his breath at how bright the light is,he looks at his reflection in the mirror and notices cuts on his front and backside and crescent shaped marks on his palms."Shit,not again." he starts as he hears Pete's voice unexpectedly filter out from under the covers.Pete gets up and comes to inspect the damage,he hums under his breath as he grabs alcohol antiseptic and bandages from under the sink."Up,come on you know the drill." Pete says as he pats the cool marble countertop,Patrick obliges and hops up."Have you been taking those pills again that cause you to have these nightmares?" He asks me as he dabs at the cuts,I hiss at the burn of it seeping into my skin,still not used to that feeling after so many times."Yes,and I'm sorry Pete." I look at him in the mirror working on my back,he looks up at me with confusion in his eyes."Why? You have nothing to be sorry for,if anything I'm sorry for not being able to stop this." I turn around and cup his face and kiss him,thumb rubbing circles onto his cheek.He sighs as we part,his eyes gleaming with (maybe) tears and awe,but that soon turns into horror and worry as my vision gets blurry until there's nothing left but his voice ecoing my name until that burns out too.

I awake in a world that seems to be made out of nothing but clouds,am I dead? I ask myself as I walk around some until I come to a large,scratch that huge,gate.At the top it says 'AMERICA'S SUITEHEART'S' but that was painted over with in red with 'Death is sweet,until you come face to face with him,then you run back over the hills you came,enter at your own risk and have a nice day!'."What the hell.." I walk up to the gate and push on it,it opens and then I'm falling into darkness.
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