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Chapter 5

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The morning after the night before.

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Okay, im actualy obsessed, i mean i couln't sleep for hours last night, thinking about Frank, i had to pinch myself a couple of times to make sure i hadnt dreamth it all, cause to be honest the way i feel right now, is too good to be true. Even only after a few hours sleep..

I get up and have a shower, taking my time, untill Mikey interups as usual.. but i don't care, not even Mikey could ruin my mood. I get out and do the usual, make coffee, talk to mom, watch tv, read, draw. so at 5pm i decide to take the dogs for a walk (my mom was shocked i wanted to leave the house..) but i put Bubbles on her lead and went to walk her around the estate, around the park in the middle, around Jakes house...right by frank's house.. ohh Frank. I'm honestly just hoping i'm going to meet Frank, but i don't. I oddly feel bad i didn't, i mean why would i? Frank is just like me, he prefers being inside, so anti-social of us, i know.

So after my ordeal, Mikey asks me to watch a movie with him, i have nothing better to do so what the heck. The doorbell, i'm not getting up for that.
'Mom, the door' i shout, before settling into the movie again. But my heart pounds hard against my chest when i hear a familar husky voice in my hallway. Frank. I feel myself going red and flustered again, and i get up and walk into the hall.
'Hey Gee....Gerard' He smirks
'Frank' i say, acting cool, as mom walks back into the kitchen.
'I hope you don't mind me coming over, i kinda got lonely home alone, yano?' He smiles
'Noo no its fine, really!' i reply
'I was hoping, maybe we could hang out, like the old days? well not like it was that long ago its just i ---' He goes on like he always does, when hes trying to explain something.
'I want that too, i really really do'
He smiles and nods 'Good..'

I bring him up to my room just so we can hang out and stuff...
But time flys when your having fun, and it was time for him to go, we stand up and hug like last night, and he kisses my cheek again, but me (being stupid, bleh..) put my hand on his cheek and pushed his face so it was directling infront of mine, and i kissed him, gently at first, then i just couldnt help myself...

'Yano' he says.. 'Maybe i can stay longer' he smirks and pushes me on my bed..

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