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Chapter Six - Gerard

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How can a tall, thin girl do something like all of this? Or any of this, for that matter?

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Stupid! God, I'm so fucking stupid! Why the hell hadn't I gone after her? Fuck, why'd she run off in the first place?

I pressed my face into the pillow and rolled onto my stomach. After she'd left, I'd gone back to the room I was in and fell on the bed.

“Get up!!” she shouted in my ear. I jumped and turned to look at her. And looked into nothing but the darkened room. So I got up.

I smelled vanilla, cinnamon and strawberries. Once I got further up the stairs, I could smell the coffee, cocoa and oranges.

“Morning Gerard.” Hawkeye murmured, standing in front of the stove. She flipped a pancake and turned to smile at me. “There's coffee, fresh orange juice and peppermint cocoa. Any of 'em will wire ya. So pick your poison and sit the hell down.”

I poured some coffee and looked at her closely. She seemed fine. “Look, about earlier-”

“Don't worry about it. It didn't even happen.” she cut me off, slipping the pancake onto a plate stacked high. I would have argued, but Mikey stepped out of the bathroom.

“Hey Gee!” he beamed. “Ame, need any help?” did he just call my girl Ame?!

“Sure thing, Mikes. Can you scoop the batter into the tray? This is the last pancake.” God, lets hope so! She'd stacked about three dozen.

Mikey nodded and got to work. The way they moved around each other, barely brushing each other, made me so mad. I would never be able to do that.

After she popped the tin into the oven and set the timer, she ran upstairs, yelling. “Cross! Wake 'em up, boy!!” Cross, the monster dog barked.

I looked at Mikey, who was staring at the ceiling in awe. Did he like her too?! I shook the thought from my head as there was a huge thud above our heads.

Hawkeye let out a screaming laugh and ran down the stairs. Her sister, Maggie, was right behind her when she bolted through the kitchen and slammed to a stop in front of me.

“You ratchity ass hoe!” Maggie had stopped by the door to the sitting room. Hawkeye placed her hands on her hips and leaned forward.

“One, a ratchity ass hoe wouldn't have made breakfast, they would have left along with your wallet. And two, it's not my fault you and you cum monkey self stayed up till midnight.” My mouth popped open and I quickly slapped my hand over it.

Maggie glared for a minute then smiled and hugged Hawkeye. “Love ya, Amecrow.” she murmured, letting go of her.

“Implied, Magpie, implied. Pancakes are ready!” she yelled, tipping her head back.

I tapped Mikey's shoulder. “Five bucks says Frankie's down before Ray.” he smirked and crossed his arms.

“You're so on, Gee.” We stood tensely, waiting for someone to come around the corner. When our dear elf came first, I threw my arms up and yelled. “YES!” while Mikey groaned.

Frankie froze and looked at us in confusion. “They made a wager upon which of their comrades would be invading this most vital region first.” Hawkeye said in a freakishly perfect Russian accent.

Ray, Chris and James came down and we all sat at he huge table. I noticed that though she was sitting with us, Hawkeye didn't eat much. She had a pancake, coffee and some cut strawberries, and that was it.

I tried to watched her without looking like I was. She was eating, just not much. Suddenly, she stood, put her plate in the sink and headed down stairs.

Her sister was the only one to not really notice it. I too my plate to the sink and went down the stairs. “I'm gonna get dressed.”

At the bottom of the stairs, I saw smoke and light coming around the bookshelf. I furrowed my brows and touched a book. Biting my lip, I pulled it.

The door creaked and I grinned. I opened it a bit more and peeked in. A hand flashed out and pushed it open further, grasping the front of my shirt.

She pulled me in, the door swinging shut with a thud. “Who do you think I am, a human? I felt the seal break the second you touched the book. If you wanted to see what I was doing so badly, all you had to do was knock.” My cheeks burnt wildly.

I bit my lip. “Uh......sorry.” She smiled and let go of my shirt. “So.....what are you doing?” I asked, looking at the table where the stone Isis sat.

There was a picture of a huge wild cat. She smiled wider. “Facial transformations. Workin on a cougar at the moment. The teeth are the hardest part.” she finished with a grimace.

As she spoke, her eyes flared and changed. The pupils turned into slits, reflecting the dull candle light back. She smiled, her teeth getting longer and sharper.

I looked closer at her, noticing her ears pointing and her nails turning into claws. A small snarl came from her mouth as she clawed up her hands. Then she shook her head and blinked a few times.

Her eyes shifted back to a human color and shape, her hands relaxing. She gave me a sorry look and closed the picture into the big book. “Sorry. Animal urges are hard to resist. And I could just smell the fear rolling off of you. Why are you scared?” I met her eyes for a moment, pondering her words.

“Can I ask you something? Well, a few things?” she nodded slowly. “Kay. One, can I call you Amethyst now?” she nodded again. “Two, what's it like ? Being like......” I waved my hand around the large room.

“It's nice. I mean, some people were raised Catholic and others were raised Jewish. I was just one of the lucky ones and raised pagan and taught how to do all of this.” she indicated to the huge leather bound book with strange symbols on it. “Is that all?”

I shook my head. “Two more. What are these?” I pointed to the front of the book. She grinned and picked it up with one hand. So when she handed it to me, I wasn't ready to support the weight. It had to be at least sixty pounds!

“These are just witch letters. Like ABC. But symbols. And, when you think about it, thats all the human alphabet is. A bunch of symbols.” she grinned at me and took the book back into her hand. It seemed like nothing to her.

“Right. Now this is the hard one....... Can I ask how you got all your scars?” She let the book fall from her hand onto the old wooden table. I held my breath until she turned to face me again.

Her eyes were blank as she spoke. “Well, when I was younger, I wasn't this thin. I was beaten, insulted, mocked and so on. Most of these have been given to me. Very few I've done to myself.”

I felt tears stinging in my eyes. It sounded exactly like what had happened to me. Next thing I knew, I was pulling her against me.

She stood stiffly for a moment then relaxed, wrapping her arms around me. I ran my hands up and down her back softly. Her heart was pounding against her ribs so hard it was shaking her thin frame.

A small sigh escaped her mouth as she rested her head on my shoulder. I pulled her closer against me and tilted her face up with my hand. Our eyes locked for a second before I leaned forward and touched my lips to hers.

It was different from when she would touch my skin, though. That was more of a tingling followed by a numb feeling. This was an amazing explosion of sparks and colors flashing behind my eyes.

I wondered if she could feel this as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Cause everywhere she touched burned and flared with heat. Then a huge wash of coolness rushed over me, making me shiver.

She gasped and pushed me away from her. For a second, I thought I'd done something. But the look of pure fear on her face made me worry.

“I-I gotta get ready for school and tonight.” she stuttered and shoved past me. I nodded though I was sure she couldn't see it. My body was still surging with energy, my lips numb from her kiss.

“Oh, Gerard? You'll like the concert tonight. Just stick with Maggie and you'll survive my school.” I heard the smile in her voice.

Goddess, sorry it took so long, you guys! Just a hole lot going on here and I have a research paper coming up soon and I have like 8 different stories running at the moment! This, at the moment, has just entered it's 34th chapter and now has it's own binder. So if you can, stick with me! You'll love where I take this and you'll all probably cry in the later chapters!

Hugs and Jars,
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