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An interesting version of the marriage of Lindsey and Gerard Way, and the events that occured afterwards. Oneshot.(may continue)

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The air was cool and the night was young. Lindsey ran her fingers through her mid –length black hair, and took a deep breath in. Tonight was her wedding night; the most important night of her life, and she wanted it to go perfectly. It was only a little ceremony, a few friends and close family. Lindsey’s mind turned to Gerard, the love of her life, and wondered what he was thinking at that particular moment. Her and Gerard had met backstage at a gig long ago, but it hadn’t always been plain sailing. Their relationship was rocky, and fragile, but Lindsey loved him with all her heart, as she was sure he did, her. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Black hair was plaited, and curled, and pinned up with beautiful white ribbons and slides. Her dark eyes were framed with long, mascara coated lashes, and her eyebrows were plucked to perfection. Her lips were a deep red colour, glossy and kissable. Her dress was a simple yet elegant design, slim, floor-length and white, but with diamonds embroided on the upper half, making Lindsey sparkle and shimmer whenever she moved. She held a bouquet of red roses in her hand, each thorn readily removed in case she might scratch her porcelain skin. The thin, shimmery veil that covered her face was also white, and decorated with small white daisies. It had been her mothers. Lindsey took a step forward in her white ribbon heels and took another deep breath in. It was time.

The large wooden doors in front of her opened, and she was greeted with the familiar wedding tune that we all know so well. The hundred or so people that were there turned their heads to look at the blushing bride, and Lindsey instantly recognised her mother, who was crying heavily into a tissue. Lindsey looked up, and it was then that she locked eyes with her husband-to-be. He was smiling widely, his eyes a little red from crying, and he stood nervously, biting his nails occasionally. He looked pained, and he coughed a few times, as if to get something off his chest. Behind him stood none other than Mikey Way, also looking nervous, and biting his nails. Lindsey’s father appeared at her side, and he took her arm as they walked the agonisingly slow walk to the end of the aisle. Behind her danced little Carmen and little Jessica, Lindsey’s nieces, acting as bridesmaids; both dressed in violet and white dresses. Lindsey had spent months and months trying to find these dresses for the girls, and had scoured shop after shop in LA, eventually finding them in a small local wedding shop in San Francisco. Lindsey inwardly laughed at the memory. Her father eventually let go of her arm; and it was then that she knew the time had come. She turned to face Gerard and smiled as he took her hands in his. The Vicar droned on in the background, but Lindsey didn’t care; the only thing she was concentrated on right now was the man in front of her, and the adoring look in his eyes.

When it came to the time for the couple to recite their own vows, Gerard took a deep breath in. “Lindsey...I love you, you’re my entire world and I don’t know what I’d do without you...ever since we met, my life has been so much better. I never realised what happiness truly meant, until I met you.”

Lindsey wiped fresh tears from her cheeks and choked out. “’re my everything. You warm me when I’m cold, you comfort me when I am frightened, you lead the way when I’ve lost all hope. Without you I am lost, without you I am hopeless.” She squeezed his hands tightly, and he squeezed back.

The Vicar smiled, a hint of boredom on his face, as he continued. “Do you, Gerard Arthur Way, take Lindsey Ann Ballato to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

A single tear slid down Gerard’s cheek. “I do.”

“And do you, Lindsey Ann Ballato, take Gerard Arthur Way to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” The Vicar continued.

Lindsey blinked tears away from her eyes. “I d-do...”

The vicar turned to Gerard. “Then you may now kiss the bride.”

Gerard wrapped his arms around Lindsey’s small waist and kissed her lips passionately. She closed her eyes kissed back, smiling widely. Gerard’s lips tasted of salty tears and something else she couldn’t quite place. Alcohol?

Gerard reluctantly pulled away, and as he did Lindsey noticed a smudge of red lipstick adorning his lips. She laughed and wiped it off with her thumb, while he smiled at her goofily. The room erupted with claps and cheers, and people got up from their seats to congratulate the newlyweds. Lindsey smiled widely. This was definitely the happiest day of her life.

The next half an hour passed in a blur. Lindsey shook hands, hugged, kissed and wept with nearly everyone in the room, and then had taken a separate limo to Gerard, to the hotel where the after-party would be taking place. It was a grand hotel, nearly 100 years old, with beautiful rose bushes in the 30 acre garden. It was perfect. The entire party had arrived at the hotel’s main hall, and the DJ was ready to begin. Lindsey was still wearing her wedding dress, but had touched up her makeup in the hotel bathrooms. Lindsey re-entered the hall, and was met with hundreds of claps and cheers, from her family and friends. The room was dark, the only source of light coming from candle which decorated the room, giving it a romantic, quiet feeling. Gerard was waiting in the middle of the hall, on his own. Waiting for her. The crowd watched and took pictures as she made her way to him, and touched his shoulder gently.

“Hey you.” She smiled.

Gerard beamed back, and the DJ announced that the couple’s first dance would be taking place. Mayonaise by Smashing Pumpkins blared from the speakers, and Gerard took Lindsey’s hands, leading her into their first dance. As the song progressed, they moved closer together, and Lindsey could hear Gerard singing along to the words under his breath. They swayed in unison, every person in the room captivated by the couple.

Then, Gerard coughed. It was only one cough, although it was rather loud. He apologised to Lindsey immediately, and they continued their captivating dance. Gerard them let out a small whimper, but it was enough for Lindsey to recognise instantly.

“Are you okay, honey?” She whispered to him, both of them still dancing in the limelight. He nodded, his face looking pained. Lindsey could hear his abnormally heavy breathing in her ear. It was then that Gerard froze up completely. His arms became stiff and his eyes looked frightened.

“J-Just slight chest discomfort...” He murmured, attempting to continue the dance, but finding it difficult due to the tight feeling in his chest. Lindsey bit her lip, but went along with it. Gerard had been known to act strangely in the past. She was caught off guard, when Gerard stumbled. It was not a small stumble, but a large, noticeable one, and the crowd gasped as he did so. Gerard found himself lying on the floor, but try as he might, he couldn’t get up. It was just too painful. Mikey rushed to his side as Lindsey stood worrying at his feet.

“Gerard, are you fucking okay?” Mikey shook him.

Gerard shook his head and let out another small whimper.

Mikey looked frightened. “Tell me exactly what’s wrong!”

But Gerard could not. The tightness had spread to his jaw and and he found it nearly impossible to speak.

“ being” Gerard struggled. He paused for a moment, his body completely still. As did the crowd. Then he let out a piercing scream filled with agony and anguish.

“CALL 9-1-1!” Mikey shouted, immediately.

Gerard had begun to sweat rather rapidly at this point, his tuxedo was dripping and his hair was soaked. Lindsey was absolutely terrified. She rushed to his side, stroking his hair and telling him it would be okay. Her heart felt it would burst at any moment, this was supposed to be the best night of her life. But as the ambulance arrived and drove Gerard away, leaving Lindsey alone and scared, she feared it would be her worst.


Lindsey glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Her black hair was loose, unbrushed, and tangled everywhere. Her dark eyes were framed with tear-soaked lashes, and her face was more pale than usual. Her lips were a natural pink, but glossed. Her dress was simple and black, reaching just below her knees, with a single red rose pinned to the front. She held a bouquet of red roses in her hand, thorns still in place, and scratching her skin painfully. Lindsey took in a deep breath. It was time. The large wooden doors opened in front of her, and she was greeted by hundreds of familiar, sorrow-filled faces. She walked down the aisle quickly, the sense of nostalgia suffocating her. When she reached the end, she placed the bouquet on top of the closed coffin and took one step back. Memories of her wedding night flooded her mind, and she took a moment to weep for her loss. Quietly, a song she knew all too well began, and she was pulled away by her mother. Pulled to a seat near the front, where she continued to weep, but this time, among others.

A/N-I highly recommend listening to the song mentioned. I may continue this as a story, or leave it as a one-shot. Not quite sure.
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