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Chapter 5- Brendon

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Brendon's POV

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The dream was a little fuzzy. All the images blurred together, but it felt so real that it didn't seem to matter. I just let myself stay there, breathing in a scent that was unfamiliar and yet made me feel at home. A voice was whispering to me. It felt amazing. I hummed into my pillow, starting to drift back into reality but trying desperately to stay in the dream. I'm pretty sure the dream was about Kurt, because as I gained complete consciousness my mind automatically jumped to him. Today is Kurt's first day at Dalton, and his first Warbler's meeting. My eyes flutter open, catching glimpses of the pinkish light peering through my blinds. Pinkish light; it's probably 5:30 in the morning. My internal alarm clock never fails me. I roll out of bed, almost falling to the ground in a heap, and force myself into my closet. I peel off my pajama's, throw them into the hamper, and find a new pair of boxers. I slide them on, and walk back into my room.

The image in the mirror grabs my attention. On the side of my neck is a red smear that I didn't notice last night before falling asleep. I rub at it with two fingers, but it's crusted to my skin. I must have accidentally touched my neck after bandaging Ryan up last night.

As quietly as possible, I run down to the bathroom, and scrub at the blood until it's gone and my skin is raw. Blood has never grossed me out, but this morning I don't want anything to do with it. I run back upstairs and throw on my uniform. My cell phone buzzes with a text message, and I read the note from Blaine,

"Getting to school early to help Kurt get settled in. Wanna come?"

"Yeah sure, leaving soon." I reply, pushing the phone back into my pocket, and grabbing my school bag. I squeeze some gel into my hands, and run them through my hair half heartedly. It may look like shit, but I don't give myself time to notice. I'm out the door without a word to my parents and on my way to school.

"What did you just run a marathon, Bren?" Jon asks, spotting me in the corridors before class. My eyes are peeled for Kurt and Blaine, but I can't find them anywhere.

"No, I'm looking for Kurt. It's his first day, have you seen him?"

"Uh, I didn't even know he was coming here. When did that happen?" Jon raises an eyebrow.

"Yesterday, I think. Have you seen him?" I repeat, growing impatient.

"No. If I had seen him, I probably would have known that he was going here now," Jon shakes his head. He's pretty good at reading me, so my guess is that he knows I'm anxious for a reason.

"Oh, hey, there's Blaine!" Jon nods in the direction behind me. I turn around quickly to see Blaine walking through the hall doors. Kurt's not with him.

"Hey!" I smile, walking down the hall towards him. Blaine smiles in return.

"Hey, glad you're here. Kurt will be here soon. I told him we'd give him a little tour," Blaine shrugs.

"Yeah, sure. Sounds good," I agree, just as the hall doors swing open. Kurt strides inside, a nervous grin on his face. He sees me and Blaine, and instantly smiles wider.

"Hi, sorry I'm a little late," He apologizes. I shake my head.

"Don't worry about it, come on," Blaine leads, Kurt following close behind. I scratch the back of my head, and fall into step with them.

The tour goes well, and Kurt is feeling more comfortable by the time we leave him to go to first period. Blaine and I part ways, and I spend the entirety of the school day thinking about Kurt. Is he adjusting well? Are people being nice to him? When did I become so fucking pathetic that I can't think about anyone but Kurt and his cute little face?

"Earth to Brendon?" Jon calls at lunch, waving a hand in front of my face.

"Yeah, yeah. What do you want?" I snap back to reality. Jon raises an eyebrow, glancing over at Nick and Jeff for a second, and then looking back at me.

"You're acting weird… and not hyper. And not making awkward gay sexual references to everything that comes out of my mouth-"

"Comes out of your mouth… heh." I laugh.

"Oh! He's back!" Nick laughs along with me, and punches my arm.

"No, seriously though. What's distracting you?"

"Nothing." I shake my head and take a bite of the pizza I bought for lunch.

"Liar." Jeff says under his breath.

"What? Nothing! Oh my god." I roll my eyes.

"You… You're thinking about someone." Jon's eyes narrow.

"Shut up." I stare back at Jon, unwilling to back down.

"You're thinking about sassy pants, sexy hair new kid aren't you?" Jon continues.

"Jesus, Jon. Shut the fuck up!" I take a swipe at him from across the table, but he moves out of the way.

"Fucking called it man. Fucking called it."

"His name is Kurt, dick head. And yeah, I'm crushing on him. So what?" I dare him to say something with my eyes. He meets me with a sly smile, and a shrug.

"I mean… you can't look at him and say he's not cute-" Nick pats my back.

"Unless you're a wanker." Jon laughs.

I quickly flick him off, and grab my tray. I'm so done with this lunch period. I walk over to the garbage can and throw out the remains of my meal.

When Kurt enters his first Warbler's meeting, he looks scared, and excited all at once. It suits him, that look. He has this kind of half smile, and bright eyes, and my fucking heart can't take it.

Talk about a pathetic puppy crush. I'm not ashamed. Blaine is sitting across from me, a white bird cage on the table in-between us. I have no idea what words are exchanged in the meeting before Wes gestures to the cage and says,

"Now here's our oldest tradition for our newest warbler, an actual warbler."

"Kurt, meet Pavaroti." Blaine smiles warmly. Kurt returns the smile, and looks at the cage.

"He's a member of an unbroken line of canaries that have been at Dalton since 1891. It's your job to take care of him, so he can carry on the warbler legacy. Protect him, that bird is your voice." Wes explains further, sounding like some old school socialite with a stick up his ass. I never got a fucking bird. What is this bullshit? I shake my head, like I would even take care of a bird.

"Hey, I'll take him to work with me. On the weekends I volunteer at a stray cat rescue, it's at the bottom of a coal mine."

I snort out a laugh. I'm the only one. Kurt and I make quick eye contact, before he glances around at the empty stares he's receiving from everyone else in the room. I clear my throat awkwardly, and crack a smile.

"No, I don't… I don't work at a coal mine…" Kurt tries to correct himself.

Wes whacks the gavel a few times, "Council, come to order, today we discuss the setlist for sectionals."

"Council?" Kurt looks over at Blaine and I with a confused expression.

"We don't have a director, every year we elect three upper class men to lead the group. Don't worry, we all get a say." Blaine explains.

"Fantastic!" Kurt smiles, turning back to the head table, "I have a lot of ideas. Warblers, if I may, now I can't deny that the Warbler's vocals are absolutely dreamy, but I believe that our setlist this year should have a little more show biz panache. I think we should open with Rio by Duran Duran." Kurt's grin is dazzling, but I bite my lip as I wait for the council's reaction.

Someone who's talented, with amazing idea's? That will certainly bother their ego's.

"The council is responsible for song selection…" David clears his throat. Kurt's face falls a little.

"We appreciate your enthusiasm, Kurt. It'll come in handy one day when you're sitting behind this desk," Wes smiles, "Now, I propose we do our entire set at sectional in eight part harmony."

Kurt turns around and takes a seat next to me for the rest of the meeting. I lightly place a hand on his knee and squeeze.

I'm sitting in the library when Kurt runs in from the doors, "Brendon!" he stage whipsers towards me. I smile, and look up at him.

"Hey, kid."

"Guess what Blaine just told me!" Kurt sits down on the table in front of me, a bright smile on his face. I bite my lip and shrug. I haven't seen Blaine since the meeting, and Kurt ran off before I could ask him if he was alright. By the looks of his buzzing nerves, and wide smile, he's doing just fine.

"Uhm… he told you that he thinks these uniforms are just as atrocious as you do?" I guess jokingly.

"No, but I'm sure he'd agree if I asked," Kurt shrugs, "The Warbler's are letting me audition for a solo!" He breaks the news like it's the best thing he's ever heard.

"Wow! Congrats!" I stand from my seat, and open my arms for a hug. Kurt slides off the table, and wraps his arms around my neck. He's a little bit taller than me, so it's a perfect fit.

A perfect fucking fit, of course it is.

"I don't know what I'm going to sing, but I don't even care. I'm so excited!" Kurt breathes in my ear, not breaking our hug.

"You're going to be amazing no matter what, I'm sure of it!"

Kurt leans back a little but keeps his hands around the back of my neck, and my hands rest on his hips.

"Will you be there? At the audition?"

"Of course, we're all there." I smile.

"Right… Oh god, okay that's actually terrifying. Um… If I start to royally mess up, will you save me?" Kurt looks into my eyes, and bites his bottom lip, and the question suddenly feels like it's asking a thousand more things than it actually is. I feel my breath get caught in my throat.

"I'll sure try." I respond, tightening my grip on his waist a little before he backs off.

The question is right on the tip of my tongue. Just ask him to go out sometime. It can't be that fucking hard, but for some reason it IS that fucking hard and I can't handle it. I just stare into him a little longer, as he completely pulls away from me and adjusts his jacket.

"Thank you," Kurt nods.

"Uh… Maybe after your audition… we could go out to celebrate?" I ask, with the most nervous, unsmooth, totally idiotic tone to my voice. God, why I am I so fucking bad at this?

"I might not even get the solo…" Kurt laughs a little, but I just shrug.

"We can celebrate anyway." And I try to put on my best "you know you are into me" smirk.

"Y-yeah. Sure." Kurt agrees with a stutter. I scratch the back of my head, and smile back at him genuinely.


"Well, I'm going to go to McKinley before the audition… to get some advice from old friends and… yeah," Kurt excuses himself, fumbling for his book bag and jacket.

"Great. Well, have fun. And tell Ryan I say 'hi'." I slip back into my seat at the library table.

"Sure, I will. I'll see you later, then."

"Yep." I nod.

"Yep." Kurt backs away, but doesn't turn to leave. I watch him move away slowly, before I raise an eyebrow and laugh under my breath.

"Oh my god, I'm being so creepy," Kurt covers his face in his hands and turns to walk out the door.

"It's fine!" I laugh after him, as he reaches the door. He turns back to face me quickly.

"I'll see you later."

"Yes, Kurt. Later. After the audition… which you need to prepare for." I smirk.

"Okay, right. Bye!" Kurt calls and finally walks out the library door.

Well, that didn't go as badly as I thought.

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