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The Phrase That Pays

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Ryan has no idea what he just got himself into.

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Now my life is one big make it, or break it.

The streets were silent, except for the sound of his feet hitting the sidewalk as he ran, and the small clinking noises the key chains on his bag made. His heart beat faster the further he left the small area where his house was. The further he left, the faster his heart would beat with anxiousness.

In his mind, he didn’t plan on going anywhere specific. He ran and ran to wherever his feet were taking him. Once he felt in the pit of his stomach that he had a ran a good distance away from his “home”, he walked the rest of the way until he reached a small corner shop. The kind of shop that was open 24/7. The small store that had racks of snacks and fridges full of drinks, and hygiene products, and long-distance cards. The small traveling stores, no bigger than a parking lot.

He pulled his bag onto his lap, holding it close to himself as much as possible. He was desperate for any kind of warmness he could get at the moment. Midnights in Vegas, and the temperate dropped to around 20 degrees. The buzzing lights of the small store flicked on and off slightly, illuminating Ryan Ross’ pale face, causing him to wince slightly and stare down at his bag.


Pete was making his nightly rounds as he drove his car around the streets, searching in every corner and every secluded area for a runaway. It wasn’t that common to just find a random kid, but here in Las Vegas, Pete could easily find two or three kids per week. He never picked on the ones that seemed homesick though. The ones that ran away and didn’t want to go back, were the easy ones to pick up and take. The youngest Pete could pick up were always at least sixteen. The younger ones were so much more innocent and sensitive about every little thing. At least the older ones knew what was coming to them, and could handle it…well at least, most of them.

Nightly rounds were always Pete’s favorite thing to do. And maybe the easiest. Sometimes Pete sent some other guys to do rounds, mostly during the day. That was pretty difficult though, but they were always careful to make sure that it wasn’t too noticeable.

After awhile of driving around, Pete finally found his prey as he parked his car next to a small store. He stayed seated in his car for a bit as he examined the young boy sitting on the curb from his window. Pete wasn’t sure the age of the young boy, he couldn’t see his face since it was buried inside of the bag he held on his lap.

Deciding to go know more about the boy, Pete opened his car door and stepped out into the fresh Las Vegas air, making his way swiftly over to the boy. Almost immediately, the boy’s head shot up from the sound of feet walking towards him, and stared up at Pete with a nervous look on his face.

“Hey there,” Pete said, standing two feet away from the boy, looking down at him.

“H-hi,” the boy said, shivering slightly as he looked away at the older guy. He figured maybe if he just ignored the male then he would just go away.

“What are you doing here late at night?”

The boy sighed softly, and shrugged.

“Hm…you ran away?”

The boy’s head shot up, looking at the older male as that was said. “U-um..” the boy stuttered, trying to find the correct words to say to this. His voice stopped as the older male petted his head, gently running his hand through the boy’s dark brown hair.

“Tell me your name.”

He shyly turned his head to the side, away from the other male. “Ryan,” he said quietly. Pete smirked slightly, gently tightening his grip on Ryan’s hair to make him look at him. “I’m Pete. Do you have anywhere to go tonight?”

Ryan bit his lip, shaking his head enough so that he shook Pete’s hand away from him. “I-I’m not a..” Ryan said, not knowing how to finish the sentence. He thought that Pete seemed to think that he was a prostitute or something.

Pete laughed. “No, I know you’re not,” he said, knowing what the younger boy meant. “I’m just being friendly here.”

Ryan looked at Pete, with a nervous look. He wasn’t sure if he could trust this man. But he weighed his options in his head. He was being offered a place to stay at for the night, but a strange man. He could sit out here in the cold. Ryan looked up at Pete and nodded.

“Ok, I’ll go.”


Yay, it's uploaded. ^_^ I hope you guys enjoy. The reason this took so long is because, if you're an author, the most difficult part about writing a story is writing the beginning. It took me two weeks for this. o_e

I have a request. I need more male characters and descriptions please!
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