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Salazar Slytherin feeding his pet. You know which pet. Note, if you don't know the definition of synesthesia, you might want to look it up before reading this. The title is very, very central t...

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Cold dark wet. Always cold dark wet when he isn't here. Brings cool light wet and warm light dry. Not here, so it's cold dark wet. Hope he comes soon. Hungry.
I hear you pretty one. Pretty Death. It's alright, I'm here. Come, eat.

Cool light wet opens in the cold dark wet. Move forward. See the cool light wet lined with columns of cold dark and dotted with hot light sharp flavour. By one of the columns of cold dark, he is small column of bright hot flavour with a sharp, acrid after taste. Another small column, bright hot sharp, but not as bright or sharp with a muddy aftertaste. Muddy column in the middle of the cold dark wet ground.
Do you know what this is, pretty one?
Wizard. Not food. Live here.
Not quite, pretty one. It's a wizard yes, but a bad wizard. A corrupt wizard. These are food. You are hungry, yes? Then eat, pretty one. Eat the corrupt wizard. I'll not punish you if you do.

Bright hot sharp tastes good. Even muddy doesn't taste bad. Open mouth, move forward, coil. Muddy flavour makes high, loud feel. Don't understand. Goats don't make feelings like that. Cows don't. Mice, rats, frogs don't. Muddy flavour is strange, but it tastes good.
Muddy flavour stops making feelings. Gets colder. Gets darker. Like goats and cows and mice and rats and frogs. So, bright hot sharp muddy is food. Coil, strike. Teeth bite bright hot sharp muddy. Taste's good, as good as goat cow mouse rat frog. Swallow. Not much bright hot sharp muddy.
Still hungry. Want more.
Don't worry, my sweet one. You'll have more. I have to leave, but one day I'll send someone to release you. Then you will eat every wizard corrupted with Muggle blood there is. I promise.

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