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Stop The Hate!

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Please just read this if you are against hatred.

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I know that this is not a story, but this is really important to em and I feel like sharing it with the MCRmy who normally understand this sort of thing. So I was watching Sky news a few hours ago like the sad fourteen, nearly fifteen year old I am and I was completely appalled by one particular story.
Three Muslim men were found guilty of handing out leaflets saying that Islam would “Punish” Homosexuals. Basically these leaflets were handed out saying all sorts of horrible, awful things about gay people and it even said that ways to get rid of them were to stone them, hang them or to burn them alive. This happened in the run up to a gay pride event in 2010 and many felt threatened and scared by these terrible leaflets.
I have nothing against religion, let me say that now, but how can people believe that love is wrong in the eyes of their God? Love is love and nobody should be hated because of who they love.
That is basically it; I wanted to get this story out here because it is something I feel very strongly about.
Here is a link to the story if anyone cared to see it
Thanks for reading
Oh and Homophobia is gay, as I`m sure you all know.
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