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Shuichi's personal trainer sure is doing a good job, much to Eiri's dismay. Sequel to "Tipping the Scales". Dialogue fic.

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[Title]: Bod
[Pairing]: Eiri/Shuichi
[Rated]: PG
[Disclaimer]: Characters are property of Maki Murakami and co. (i.e. not me)
[Warnings]: Shounen ai, fluffiness, profanity
[Author's Notes]: Sequel to "Tipping the Scales", but it can stand on its own. (Though don't let that stop you from reading the first one! ^^;;) Another dialogue fic.

"Is that you, Yuki?!"

"You don't need to shout. Yes, it's me."

"Awesome! I'm glad you're home! I was starting to worry that I would need to make dinner for the both of us tonight!"

"Yeah... Wouldn't want that happening now..."

"How was your day?!"

"Stop hollering across the apartment. Where are you?"

"I'm in the bathroom!"

"Alright... And what are you doing now?"

"Hey! I was just looking at my reflection."

"...Again? Why? I've never known you to be this conceited, moron."

"I'm not conceited! My personal trainer said I should look in the mirror often to see what muscles I think need toning."


"Yuki, look! You see that? Huh? You see them?"

"Your arms?"

"No, the /muscles/."


"Isn't it great? My personal trainer said he was impressed with my progress already! I feel so strong now!"


"Oh, and you have to see my abs! ...See? You like them? You can actually see lines in my stomach now!"


"Aren't I sexy? I can have a surfer body in no time!"



"Get out of the bathroom and put your clothes back on. I'll have something prepared for dinner soon."

"...Yuki? Wait! Why are you mad...?"

"I'm not mad."

"Yes, you are! What did I do...?"

"You're being foolish. Now let go of me. I don't have time to listen to drivel. I'm starved and have work to do tonight."

"Drivel? Yuki...!"

"Shut up. You're loud."

"But Yuki..."


"Don't walk away from me!"

"Just did..."

"...Bastard! What's your problem?! I didn't do anything to you! .../Today/, at least..."


"Talk to me, Yuki! You were just fine a minute ago! ...I think..."

"I said shut up."

"I heard you. Doesn't mean I'm gonna do it."

"Then you can leave."


"Get out."

"This is my home, too! You can't force me out!"

"I sure can."

"Yuki, please talk to me... What did I say?!"

"I told you to get out. Go to the gym, or something. I don't want to look at you right now."

"The gym...?"


"Yuki, wait! Why the gy-/OW!/ That was my head you bashed on the doorframe!"

"Maybe it'll correct what your mother did by dropping you at birth."

"Yuki...! Why did you tell me to go to the gym? Is..."

"Shut up, idiot. You're wasting my time. Out the door."

"Are you... /Wa~it/, I think I know what this is about..."

"Why aren't you gone ye-You're laughing."

"Y-Yuki... Hahahaha! Are you-?"


"Are you mad because I'm more buff than you now?"


"OW! Yuki! You bashed my head on purpose this time! I think I'm dizzy..."

"You're not more buff than me."

"Okay, okay... Sorry... But is that why you're mad?"

"If you don't get away from me right no-"

"Yuki, I need to get fit! I'm an entertainer! You shouldn't be upset because of this..."

"You're my uke. You're not supposed to have muscles."




"What is it?"

"Aww, Yuki, you're so cute!"

"The fuck...? Get off me."

"Yuki, I love you so much!"


"If you're nice, I'll let you work out with me sometime. We can go jogging together in the mornings~! It'd be so romantic~!"



"You're still naked, Shuichi."

"I know."



"Do you still want dinner?"

"Not exactly..."


"Heh heh! That tickles...!"

"I know."



^^;;; Whoa. Where does my body keep processing this sugar? shakes head Well, anyway, thank you for reading. Reviews would be highly appreciated. ^____^ And, of course, have a nice day. x3

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