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I'm 'So Gay'

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Apparently I am homosexual for liking Radiohead. Alrighty then.

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So I'm meant to be writing my Mafia Frerard at the moment, but fucking hell I just currently had the most fucking aggravating conversation with the biggest dipshit to ever walk the earth.

Greetings from my sixth period Irish class (our teacher is shit and/or pays no attention to me presently, I mean really, I have been listening to Radiohead with my best mate for ten minutes now and she's said nothing. Honestly woman, I'm now ranting on my MW on my iPod in full frontal view of you and nothing? If I was a teacher I'd be whupping my own ass by now. And fuck me, No Surprises is the best song ever, especially when I'm meant to be learning my Irish verbs) as I write this. I just came from my English class where I had to partner up with this idiot to write and essay about our favourite authors. We had to write out our three favourite each and then swap with our partners and see which ones we agreed on and discuss them and whatever.

My list:

1. Stephen King, otherwise known as My Fucking God

2. Edgar Allan Poe

3. Thom Yorke

Now, the first two are actual authors; (Stephen King, is, of course, the King of Horror, and EAP was the Father of Dark Poetry, The Raven is such an epic fucking win) but, in case you don't know, Thom Yorke is the lead singer and main songwriter for Radiohead. I enquired to my teacher if this was okay and she agreed, so all is cool there. My partner copied me.

In a way.

Her list:

1. Justin Beiber or however the feck you spell his name

2. Lady Gaga (that's the one with the penis, right? Sorry I'm not really with the times)

3. Some other person I have never heard of and would probably despise

Of course, being a very acceptable person, I was fine with this. I'm not an asshole. What do assholes do? They make a big deal out of someone liking some different music to them. For the love of God, I'm friends with people who like Rihanna and shit, it's fine.

But what else do assholes do?

Call things that are ugly/unappealing/dumb 'gay'.

gay: characterized by joyful exeburence; full of colour; of, or relating to, having a sexual orientation to one's own sex

WHERE in that does that refer to anything of that dictum i.e. 'your shirt is gay' 'your face is gay' 'your music taste is gay'.

Because she didn't know who Radiohead were, and when I told her, and she was too stupid to register just because she's never heard of them they HAVE to be crap and she was like 'they're so gay, omgz, they're just so gay and bad'

1. All of them are married to women, and therefore are not homosexual

2. Even if they are gay, what the fuck does it matter? Just because a guy likes a guy doesn't make his music shite

3. What the fuck. This term actually annoys me so much. What if I happened to be gay, and went around saying, 'oh my God, that's so straight'? Maybe I sound a bit whiney, but this comes across to me as homophobia. Gay does not equal stupid and if you want me to fucking shove a dicitonary down your throat to help the meaning stick, so help me I will.

Sorry, ranting. Long winded ranting. But I couldn't help it. I'm so fucking bored right now and it just irritated me. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

Someone get me a girl so I can make with her and show these homophobic pricks what's what-

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