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Blessed With A Curse

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Hai there To quote the infamous Mr Radke Immm baaaccckk *NEW STORY*

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Ola ^.^ to those who are old faithfuls im back and I am so sorry I've been gone for so long pesky exams and shit loads of homework might post a longer explanation later :Z , to any one whose new , Hey and welcome and feel free to read some of my older material ive been told its good :L ^.^ Anywhoo i was bored and rediscovered ficwad and i had a half written story so i finished it and decided to post it , its not quite up to scratch and cliched , im kinda rusty but i want to get back in the swing of writing cause I love it ^.^ Without any further ado here it is Please please please Rate && Review it would mean the world Vielen Danke ^.^

The heavy wrought iron gate creaked open slowly .A small figure clad in black slipped around them and made his way across the glaring white graveyard. He moved deeper along the deserted path leaving a trail of footsteps behind him. Finally he came to a stop beside a freshly dug grave with the lightest covering of snow . He dropped to his knees beside the little plot of dirt , wet seeping through his jeans , but he was too numb to care .Tentatively he reached forward and gently brushed the snow from the headstone unveiling the inscription . ' Gerard Way 9 April 1993- 16 February 2011 . Though your dead and gone , Your memory will live on . Rest In peace' A single tear rolled down his face as he read . He sat back against the hulking oak tree who's foliage casted a shadow over the grave . He squeezed his eyes shut in attempt to stop the stream of tears that threaten to break lose from the dam at any moment . He could see Gerard standing in front of him , his long black hair covering his face, his shield from the world . The tears began to fall fast , dripping to the ground , melting the snow were they landed . 'I'm so sorry Gerard . But I guess it's too late for sorry. ' His voice cracked . 'Sorry I didn't come sooner , I couldn't .. I just couldn't' He bit his lip ' I .. I love you ' His words hung in the frozen air , unheard and unrequited . 'I got a new tattoo , it's for you, the one you designed'he whispered , tracing the hopeless inked on one hand and romantic on the other . ' Words can't describe how I feel Gerard , I don't' He struggled to say what was on his mind. He shook his head , burying his face in his knees . He was monster he had done this . The guilty gnawed at his insides . 'It's all my fault' he choked out, his tear- stained face contorted with pain. 'I was so stupid.... so obsessed with conforming . With fitting in with the small town image..' . He grimaced ,the pain in his heart overwhelming every other sense.

Memories swallowed him whole dragging him down , deeper and deeper into the past.

Frank prowled through the halls smirking as kids scrambled out of his way , their eyes trained to the ground , muscles tensed as they waited for him to pick his victim of the day or VOD as he affectionately nicknamed it . They needn’t have worried . Frank was on the lookout for fresh meat , he had got wind of a new student and decided to waste no time in giving him a proper introduction to his new school . He turned the corner and saw him, fiddling with the lock of his locker. He grinned to himself , they made it so easy for him as he got closer the boy closed his locker and he saw him properly for the first time. He was taller then Frank , hypnotising hazel eyes stared out for under his longish untidy black hair , he was almost as skinny as Frank and battered black converse stuck out from under his school uniform. Franks jaw hit the floor. He tried to pull himself together but something was stopping him from just marching up to him and boxing him in the face . He backed around the corner and ran straight into his gang 'Hey short arse where you going , thought we had some new kid to take care of' Dave asked flexing his muscles , which bulged impressively under his football jacket. Dave was a bruiser , member of the football team and champion wrestler . Frank shook off the weird unfamiliar thoughts in his head 'Yeah , I was just waiting for ye guys , didnt wanna start with out you didnt feel right' He drawled smoothly ,while inwardly he was trembling. He grinned punching Dave in the arm and motioning the gang around the corner .

The new kid was staring at his timetable with a confused look on his face . He looked so cute the voice in Franks head gushed . George pushed to the front His mine he growled smirking as he punched Frank hard in the stomach. He strode over to the black haired boy and pushed him against the locker , flexing his fingers around his neck .The boys eyes grew in shock .He drew back his fist and drove it into his victims jaw. The boy crumpled to the ground against the locker . Frank nodded in satisfaction. He placed his foot on the fallen boys stomach and pressed down hard , causing his victim to cry out 'Whats your name , fagboy 'He spat Gerard He mumbled quietly, shaking his head so strands of hair fall over his face , hiding himself from Frank.' Well Geetard , Welcome to Belleview High . My Name is Frank and I’m your worst nightmare' . He smirked before high fiving his minions and slinging off , his heart secretly twisting in agonising pain . 'Hey guys I’ll catch up in a minute' he called , watching as they nodded and continued up the corridor , knocking a scruffy red headed boy to the ground as they went .Frank doubled back to where Gerard lay on the ground shaking. He pulled him up off the ground holding tightly on to his cool fingers . 'Im so sorry' he whispered looking deep into Gerards starled hazel eyes before turning and hurrying down the hall cursing his thundering heart .

He sat under a sycamore , enjoying the cool breeze on his face . He breathed deep trying to erase the sick feeling that was twisting his insides together

Fast Forward

Late one Friday evening .

Frank had him cornered in the steamy shower room of the swimming pool . It was just the two of them . Gerard had foolishly went swimming after hours all alone and Frank had been waiting for him , patiently hidden behind a row of red lockers. Gerard entered the changing room , shaking droplets from his long shaggy hair. He reached into a locker and pulled out a bottle of shower gel and shampoo and made his way into the shower room . Frank could hear the water raining down , pit pattering against the tiles . He sauntered over to the doorway and crept up behind Gerard . He turned startled and he froze with terror when he saw Frank standing in front of him smirking as Gerards towel crumpled around his feet , his whole body trembling as he backed away from Frank. Franks heart ached as he drank in the beautiful image in front of him . He couldnt hold it in any longer . He closed the distance between them in one long stride and mashed his lips against Gerards. At first he resisted, pulling away but soon he melted into Frank, leaning every inch of his lean damp body against Frank. He pressed harder licking at Gerards bottom lip, Gerard gasped opening his mouth to allow Frank in. They broke apart panting . Frank bit his lip . He couldnt do this . He turned and ran lockers blurring past as he tryed to put distance between him and the curse that was set to ruin his life.

It was the beginning.

Secret meetings in the locker room late in the evening long after the last swimmer lefted the shower.

Steamy intense making out session in the disused garden shed behind the empty yellow bunglaow beside franks.

Meaningful lusty glances from across the room.

He had given it all away , just to be "normal" To belong.

Frank closed his locker, leaning his forehead against the cool metal . He breathed deep , he couldn’t sleep , everytime he closed his eyes he saw Gerard standing in front of him his glistening white body causing Franks heart to speed up . He dragged himself down the corridor and pushed out into the cool afternoon breeze .His heart ceased beating as he looked across the green. They , his friends , surrounded Gerard. Frank cursed inwardly before making his way over to them . 'Hey Frankie boy' Darren boomed , a 6”4 bronzed bodybuilder wannabe. 'Its your turn' . Frank froze , his stomach conducting backflips , He couldnt do it ,Gerard looked at him ,his hazel eyes wide with pure terror ' Whats the matter , Has fag boy here infected you with his gayness, Do you love him' Max teased . Franks heart stopped, Max had no idea how close he was . He bit his lip. His reputation or Gerard. Time seemed to stop as he took in the scene in front of him Gerard crumpled on ground , crimson red seeping from his lip , contrasting oddly with the bruises that were already beginning to flower across his gaunt pale face. He made his decision . He stepped up to Gerard ,the hurt in his hazel orbs tearing Frank apart at the seams . This is it. He held back tears as he raised his fist and bore it down on his first and last.

Sobs racked his chest as he sat , knees drawn to his chest trying to hold himself together . He breathed deep pulling a knife from his jeans , pressing the cool blade against the unblemished skin that streched over the vessels in his neck. He pressed down a thin red line forming. Hard a red stream appeared , a gaping smile streching from ear to ear.. Frank arched his back , the pain coursing through his body . 'Its all over now Gerard , My time is up ' He whispered panting as he lay down beside the gravestone , deep red swirling and forming patterns in the velvety snow as the moon appeared high in the sky.

-Disenchanted Destroya
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