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Chapter Two.

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Kaelin is back home in Chicago and her friends have big plans and surprises for her.

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The next few days I spent most of the time just getting used to living back at home with my family in Chicago. It took some time to readjust to the time and temperature change. It was summer so it was hot, just not the hot and humid I was used to in Florida. I told my sister and friends that their plans had to wait to begin until the next week because I just wanted to take some time and spend it with family since I had been gone for so long.

The weekend finally rolled around and Brailey told me they had big plans for the weekend but wouldn’t tell me exactly what except that we were starting with a show at the Metro tonight. I was pretty excited; we spent most of out weekends at the Metro in high school watching all our favorite bands. I walked into Brailey’s room to pester her about who was playing and what other plans they had for me this weekend. In all honesty I was kind of scared for what they had planned.

“Brailey, please tell me whose playing.” I begged.

“Nope, can’t do. It’s a surprise!” She replied, just as she had been saying all morning.

“Come on, that’s not fair. Okay at least give me a hint.”

“Nope, can’t do. It’s a surprise!” she laughed.

“Fine if you’re gonna be like that maybe I’ll just refused to go.” I tried, knowing it wouldn’t work though.

“Like you would give up a night at the Metro with you’re amazing sister and friends.” She knew me too well.

I gave up and went back to my room to start getting ready. I went through my closet trying to find something to wear, finally settling on dark wash skinny jeans, a white flowing tank top, brown riding boots and a brown leather jacket, since it can get a bit chilly at night. I curled my hair and did my makeup just to pass the time. I looked in the mirror and felt good about the final product. I walked down the hall to Brailey’s room to see if she was ready yet.

“Brai, you ready yet?” I asked as I walked into her room.

“Yep, you ready to go? Everyone’s already there waiting for else.” We were always the last ones anywhere we went.

As we walked up to the front of the Metro we saw our friends standing off to the side of the long line that seemed to never end.

“Sorry it took us so long. Let’s head in” Brailey said as we approached our friends.

“It was expected with you two.” Allie laughed and everyone else joined in.

Brailey took us around to the back entrance and let us all in. It paid off having a sister who worked there. We walked straight to the bar and ordered drinks. Not long after we noticed all the kids filtering in and decided we better head backstage before it got to crowded. Thirty minutes later the band walked out onto the stage and I started cracking up when I saw who it was.

“Fall Out Boy, really?” I looked at Brailey and my friends.

Pete lived a few houses down from ours, and we had grown up with him. I remember going to his shows when he first formed the band, and being one of the ten people in the crowd. Now the place was packed. It was crazy how big they were getting; it wouldn’t be long until we start hearing them on the radio.

“Look at this place” I said looking out into the crowd. “Do you remember when it used to just be us out there. “ I said turning back to my friends.

“Yea and they basically just used it as a band practice, testing out all their new songs.” Allie laughed at the memory.

We all danced and sang along for the rest of the set. After the boys all walked off stage and headed back to the dressing room. We gave them time to shower, change and what not before we walked back to see them. They all looked shocked to see me as we walked in.

“What? Kaelin? I didn’t even see you with everyone else. When’d you get back? And why am I just seeing you now?” Pete asked as he got up to hug me.

“Um… earlier this week. And sorry, I just assumed you were off doing the rock star thing.” I replied after he released me from a huge hug.

I really didn’t expect to see the guys, I figured they would’ve been off touring or something, but it looks like they’ll be home for awhile before they go to record their new album. I have to admit it felt good to see them, especially Pete. Pete and I had a weird history, we had always been good friends and we both had feelings for one another but didn’t want to risk our friendship to explore those feelings.

“So what have you been up to the past few years Kae? We haven’t seen you in forever.” Patrick asked as I sat down on the couch next to him. Patrick was like a little brother to me.

“Well, let’s see. I graduated from school last year and decided to stay in Florida to find a job but obviously that didn’t work out very well or else I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

“Ouch!” Joe, who was sitting on the other side of me, replied.

“Aw, not like that Joey. You know I love you guys, you’re family.” I said realizing how my last comment sounded.

“So you coming home with me tonight or do you got a boyfriend we don’t know about?” Joe joked

“Watch it Joe, you know Kaelin’s heart only beats for Pete.” Allie laughed. Everyone knew how we felt about each other it was painfully obvious. I shyly looked over at Pete, who was staring back at me, and smiled.

“Okay well we better get out there and greet the fans before it gets too late but we’ll meet you guys back at Allie’s and we can celebrate Kae’s return.” Andy said as he stood up and put his shirt on.

“Yea you guys go do the rock star thing but hurry cause I’ve missed you boys and we need to make up for the last two years.” I said before hugging all of the boys.

“Maybe if you didn’t go AWHOL we wouldn’t have so much to make up for.” Joe joked. Although I knew he was joking it still hurt because it was true.

After my last visit, I got busy trying to finish school and graduate. My friends had tried to keep in contact with me at first but after months of me not responding they stopped trying. I though it would be better that way; I planned on staying in Florida and starting my life there. I wouldn’t be home much, other than for the holidays. I figured I might see my old friends every so often when I visited but it was never going to be like it was before because I lived so far away. I felt bad about it now; obviously I hurt them by drifting away.

I brushed Joe’s comment off and followed everyone out to head to Allie’s to start the real party. This was a ritual of ours; show at the metro and then party at Allie’s house. Her mom was a flight attendant so she was traveling a lot and her dad lived in New York, which made her house the perfect place for a bunch of teenagers to drink and act stupid. She has an apartment of her own now, but I’m glad to see the ritual is still intact.

We wasted no time as we walked into Allie’s apartment, heading straight to the kitchen to begin the night’s festivities. Allie opened the fridge and pulled out a tray of jello shots. We all grabbed one and cheers to the start of an amazing night and a more amazing summer. It was long before the boys finally arrived. Andy and Patrick were straightedge but that didn’t stop them from having fun with the rest of us. Patrick usually ended up taking care and watching out for me, which included a pact, we made many, many years ago. The pact was for Patrick to keep me from doing anything stupid I would regret with Pete.

Allie and Brailey set up the beer pong table and were looking for opponents.

“Pete? Partner?” I asked gesturing towards the table. He nodded and joined me at the table.

“You guys are so going down. Me and Kael are undefeated.” Laughed Pete as he handed me a ping-pong ball to start the game. “Ladies first.”

I lined up with the cups across the table and shot the ball, making the first cup.

“Nice. I thought you might be a little rusty.” Pete smiled high fiving me.

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been in Miami the last five years, total party school.” I laughed.

We won of course and played a few more games before everyone gave up trying to beat us.

“Still undefeated!” we laughed as we hugged in triumph. As we pulled away we looked into each other’s eyes, he looked down and then back up and I knew what was coming.

“Kaelin, can I talk to you for a minute?” Patrick asked keeping up with his part of the pact. I shooed him off, looking back at Pete.

“No Kael I really need to talk to you it’s important.” He said grabbing my arm and pulling me away from Pete into the other room.

“What are you doing? I can handle myself.” I shouted.

“Calm down, you’re drunk and I’m just looking out for you. You know you’ll regret it in the morning if you were to do anything with him.”

“Patrick the pact is off. I want it to happen. I’ve wanted this to happen since I was fifteen.” I breathed out regaining my cool.

“Okay if that’s what you want at least wait until the morning, when you’ve sobered up.” Why did he always have to be right?

“Fine. But only because I want to, not because you told me to.” I said stubbornly. Patrick just smirked and wrapped his arm around me as we walked back out to the living room.

Pete gave me a weird look as I walked past him and squished my way in between Brailey and Allie on the couch. I could feel his eyes on me, but didn’t dare look at him cause I feared I’d give into him too easily. The rest of the night I made sure I was not within five feet of Pete and always surrounded by either Patrick, Brailey or Allie. I soon decided it was time for me to go to bed, considering Joe and Kirsten were passed out on the floor, Andy was dozing off on the couch and everyone else looked like they were not far from crashing as well.

“Okay well I think I’m gonna go pass out now.” I said as I stood up.

“And where do you think you’re sleeping missy?” Allie asked jokingly, already knowing the answer.

“Your bed of course.” I replied.

Allie and Brailey both stood to follow me. We all crammed into Allie’s queen size bed and were out as soon as our heads it the pillows.
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