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Please, Don't carry on this way,

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You can keep calling but i'm not picking up the phone, i'm to busy running away to save myself.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero - Published: 2012-01-21 - Updated: 2012-01-22 - 376 words

Wasn't the first time i'd disappoint someone..
I climbed out my window and jumped hitting the ground with a thump. But it wasn't the time to respond to pain. 

It was cloudy and frost covered the trimmed grass on the early brisk morning. I quickly grabbed my backpack and took off running down the road, not looking back. I just couldn't look back because I knew if I did.. I would change my mind, the guilt would hit me. I'd want to stay... but i'm not gonna give in.

The sun was welcoming as it started to brush the clouds away making the sky dance in various colors. I slowed my pace as I started to pant, I let out a deep breath and stood as I starred at the sun, letting the warmth breathe and soak into my skin. Summer was ending, later on in the day I know I wouldn't feel so happy about the sun. Heat was a bitch, jusy like karma. 

After everything i've done to prevent the wrong, it didn't matter in the end. I wouldn't be on the edge of things, if it wasn't for him. Sadly, I cannot change things now. I can't except myself, I won't blame myself. I have a very big ego when it comes to myself.

I might be the typical misfit, the raging hormonal teenager. I'm Frank Iero the outcast, who has a secret, a secret that can ruin my social life..... pfft as it I actually had one? I'm 17 and I ran away from everything bad to keep myself safe. 
Everything, because i'm unsure of my feelings.

Vibrating is going off in my pants! No, you sickos not that way, my phone is going off like crazy, but I refuse to answer... I already know who is phoning. The person that I was so sure of being there for me always. 
Gerard Way
but he's not gonna be there... 

He's leaving in a few weeks after he said he would never leave me. He lied...I might sound selfish I know, but theres no way i'm going to stay and wait.. just to watch him leave me... carry on with his perfect set up life. 
I'm not waiting for him...
Not this time!
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