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Inspired by a quote in Slash’s book on the risk of share a girl without the necessary equipment.

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This is my first fic, I hope you’ll enjoy it.
All advices or reviews are welcome. English isn’t my native language so don’t hesitate to tell me my mistakes.
This story is fictional and written for the entertainment. It doesn’t mean any form of disrespect against the people mentioned.

He couldn't believe he agreed that. He was certainly fully drunk and high when he accepted this shit. Okay receive some semen on your leg from one of your friend, closest he could be, doesn’t be a great sensation, especially when it means the abruptly end of your rock hard. But it wasn’t his fault. No condom means to find an “alternative”.

So here he is, lying on the bed, a cigarette on the corner of his mouth, waiting for the payback. The plan is completely senseless but he has no choice, has he? At least he wouldn’t have to listen to the complaints again. Just a bad time to go. If the fucker could just hurry up, a girl for a laid is not the most complicated thing to find in LA. Especially for them.

A door is snapping somewhere, quickly followed by footsteps. Two voices, one too familiar and the other, high pitched of a girl. Great, the show can begin.

They enter in the room, giggling, the chick glued against Slash. She’s hot and really well looking. Bastard! He really wants to see him suffer. She notices his presence and grin with a small lick on her lips.

“Kinky little boy… you forget to tell me that you pick me for a threesome.”

“Because it’s not the plan. He’s just here for see how good I am. A kind of student you see…”

“Fuck off dude. You want your revenge? So come here and do your job, I’m tired of waiting for you.”

“Hey relax baby, you’ll have your little gift. But I won’t scamp the job right. She doesn’t deserve it.”

“Fuck you bastard, you don’t need to be so theatrical”.
Izzy begins to feel really mad now, the night will be harder than he expected. Fuck, fuck, if he survived to this he’ll castrate this fucker.


Slash see the anger grow up on the face of his friend. Good. This fucker will see what it’s to be sexually frustrated. Exactly how he felt the night of the “incident”. Plus an extra, for the interests.

“So he won’t do anything at all? Just look?” The girl looks like confuse. He couldn’t blame her about it. But it’s not really the time for a discussion. No, now he’s horny, really horny. And he has a public to satisfy.

“Don’t worry for him sweetheart, he agreed this anyway.”

He begins to strip her slowly, allowing the time to Izzy to see all the agonizing details. The quest of THE chick was long but it paid, she was really attractive. Licking his lips, he pushes her on the bed, straddling her hips. Then, few inches to the poor skinny boy, he kisses her deeply. He feels Izzy squirm, uncomfortable. Grinning to himself, Slash kisses, licks and bites the sweet flesh of the girl’s neck. He takes his time, looking his friend straight in the eyes, teasing him. Izzy’s are dark of a mix of lust, envy and anger. His breath becomes heavier as the other goes lower. When Slash’s tongue reaches her left nipple and takes it into his mouth, he couldn’t help but moan.

Slash enjoys the situation, more than he thinks he would. He feels powerful and he likes it. He has this fucking hot chick in his hands and more important, and in a way more sensual, his friend’s mind completely captivated by his actions.

Every caress on her body makes Izzy react. Lips biting or nervously linking, moans more or less hidden, hands clench on the bed, squirms, all the moves that Slash would obtain normally with a physical contact. But there it’s just a gaze, a man in a performance and his forced audience.

He stops his little show, letting the girl undresses him and plays with his torso. She seems to enjoy the game too. Perfect.


“Hey Izz don’t forget to strip too.”

“Fuck great. And he’s supposed to be my friend. Fucker!”

“Your heard me? Come on, you’ve to be naked.”

“Okay I understand. You’re really disturbed man…”

“Shut of, it’s the deal, remember? Next time you’ll think before fuck up.”

Izzy gives him a friendly finger but silently obeys. He feels like humiliated, the stare of the girl makes the situation more awkward. But he’s a man and a man had to face up the troubles with dignity. So he removes his last piece of clothes and lays on the bed, try to seem unconcerned by the porn act. If only they could be noiseless. And this bastard who teases him. He really knows how use his tongue. And this eyes contacts shit. Fuck.

How he supposed not to react to this? He really hates Slash now, for torture him this way. And he hates him for not manage to resist to Slash, to succumb to his tactics. And now the boner. Really huge. And painfull. Fuck.

Okay if Slash wants to play like that, he’ll see. After all, it’s him who’s not allowed to have pleasure. Nothing was said concerning the possibility of touching the chick. Great.

So he joins the party, kissing the girl languidly, probing her beautiful body softly with his hands. Her eyes open wide as she moans quietly and lets her finger caress his neck.

“What the...? Hey, get off your hands fucker!”


“No sex and no cum for you, it means something to you?”

“Yeah and I won’t come. Come on, let me please her.”

“No way dude.”

She looks at them, confused. She doesn’t understand this story of deal and seems to wants to override it.

“What’s the matter? It’s great this way…” she purred in Slash’s ear.

“Baby, no offense but it’s between us okay?”


“It’s okay, let me do. Listen Slash, you touched the other girl right? And she sucked you off. I don’t ask the same thing now. I just want a great time for her. Four hands are better than two you know.”


So the skinny fucker just wants her to have the laid of her life, the story she’ll tell to her grandchildren for Christmas?

“And he thinks I’m not good enough? I could kick his fucking ass for that.”

No he’s not so stupid. Izzy just want to do anything just for forget his boner. He needs action, something for cling to and not feeling completely powerless.

A movement near his groin makes him get off his thoughts. The girl was rubbing her little wet pussy as she grins at him. Holy shit she is horny. Really, really wet. They probably could both penetrate her in her condition. So bad that’s poor guy was deprived of dessert…

After all, if Izzy wants help for a worthy cause… And it could be an interesting experience.

“Okay do your worst. But she doesn’t touch you. And don’t disturb me.”

“You’re so generous.”

He didn’t waste his time for an answer and resume his lusty activity. Fuck he couldn’t stand long enough. Seeing Izzy’s hands crawling against her body was an incredibly turn on. Those fucking hands look so hot. He wonders how they could feels on his body, on his flesh.

“Wait a minute, no, no I didn’t think that! Shit! The chick. Concentrate on her. Breathe… One, two, one, two. Better. Now it’s time for the final.”

He put her on her hands and knees and starts to push quietly before speed the pace. The girl was very close, she pushes her back as far as possible against Slash and moans loudly in Izzy’s mouth. Izzy’s left hand was on her face, strokes it very gentle as his mouth travels to her ear and bites it softly. His other hand reaches her clit began to caress slowly first, then founding the rhythm that suits her.

“Go away… get away from there! I… Fuck… I don’t want a scratch…”

“You can just fucking come and shut your big fucking mouth! I won’t touch you!”

“I can feel your… Fuck! Remove your… Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

He pulls out just in time and comes on Izzy, directly on his thigh and on his balls. He falls on the chick and try to catch his breathe. The chick was smiling, eyes closed lazily, lost in the haze post orgasm. She looks at Izzy’s crotch now stained with Slash’s special gift and her grin widens.

“You want me to clean you up?”she purrs with a soft lick on his ear.

“No way. He wasn’t good enough for deserve it. You’d better go home now.”

“What? We could make a repeat, something…”

“No. We have to talk now. Alone. And you don’t even dare to move”.

Slash feels frustrated, again, and he hates this. Izzy would have disbanded when he comes on him and instead it he was completely hard. Fuck him. He just was sensed to be frustrated to be deprived of an orgasm but he lies on the bed quietly, his boner in front of Slash. Arrogant little piece of shit.

The girl doesn’t seems to understand that she have to go and fast. When Slash is in a bad mood, he’s not pleasant to be around. And now, he’s really pissed off. When he sees her mutter something to Izzy he takes her by the shoulder and shows her the door.

“Out. Now.”

“Slash be quiet, she-“

“Just shut the fuck off! I don’t finish with you so don’t move, don’t talk, don’t do anything okay?”

He nods. Good boy. Slash doesn’t understand why he feels so angry. After all the deal was respected. He didn’t come. But he has this fucking hard on. Why he can’t just act like Slash wants him to do? Why he didn’t feels this disgusting, having some semen on his body? What is it, a fucking fag? Or maybe it’s just him who overreacts...

“I don’t know what the problem with you guys but you really should think to consult…”

Shit the girl, he has forgotten her. She has finished collecting her clothes and starts to dress up. Slash grabs her arm and push her.

“Go the fuck away bitch.”

(to be continued…)
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