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*Frerard oneshot* Gerard has some frog headphones and tickling is envolved

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This is my first fanfiction, so if it sucks i'm sorry. My best friend (aka my editor) helped me with this. Gingers do have souls they help edit fanfiction. Enjoy! Comments and input is appreciatated. =^.^=

I waited impatiently, staring at the clock. I chewed nervously at my pierced lip. Where was he? He should have been here 20 minutes ago. Gerard was supposed to come over. This is what I had been waiting for all week. Just to see his cute, sexy-

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the ding of the door bell. Flustered I quickly ran upstairs from my basement bedroom. I smoothed my fringe down and spiked the back of my mohawk, while sprinting to the door. I swung open the door to reveal a pink cheeked Gerard, who must have been running to get here.

His dark black hair was plastered all over his face and sticking out. He had a charcoal colored pea coat over a really cool Iron Maiden shirt I couldn’t find anywhere and tight fitted black jeans that had various rips and safety pins. Which fitted him nicely if I do say so myself wink wink. Ugh Frank you fail. I seriously felt like smashing my head against the door due to my brain, but I can’t think properly whenever Gerard’s around. Its like I get taken over by a sex crazed perverted Frank, that enjoys making me want to die in a hole.

“Sorry I’m late” Gerard said rushed.
I giggled.
“Gerard, its fine. Come in, I’m tried of waiting!”
He smiled that cheeky adorable grin, which made up for him being late.
“I made coffee…you look like your freezing.”
“Thanks Frankie. Yah its effing cold outside. The wind is brutal!”
“No problemo…hey, let’s go downstairs I can put on some music and we can hang down there.”
“…and yes you can bring the coffee.” I added rolling my eyes.
Gerard’s face lit up. “Cool beans, let’s go then!”
He held his coffee tightly to his chest like it was the last cup one on Earth, as we made the descent down the stairs.

“Sorry for the mess…” I muttered making my way to the stereo, tip-toeing around scattered clothes and other misc. things all over my floor. It looked like a bomb had gone off.
“Don’t worry about it, you’ve seen mine right? Yours doesn’t even compare!” Gerard joked. Which was correct, Gerard’s bedroom floor wasn’t even visible. His room is an explosion of art supplies, comic books, Cds, clothes, and many, many coffee cups.
I looked over at him and laughed, “Yeah, true!” Then I noticed that he had a headphone bud in one of his ears. Is that what I think it is?

Gerard looked up from his coffee.
“Are those frog headphones?”
His cheeks insanely turned bright pink.
“Oh my god! Your wearing headphones with little green frogs on the buds!” I yelled pointing at him.
“NO! No, I’m not Frankie! They aren’t froggies…or what ever you said!”
“Then let me see them.” I smirked evilly.
“No way!” he said as he started to remove them and shove them in his pocket, out of sight.
“Oh no you don’t!” I yelled jumping up from where I was sitting on the floor and running towards where Gerard was lounging on my bed. I was going to get those headphones.
“Frank!” Gerard yelled nervously, jumping up and trying to run from me.
“I WANT TO SEE THOSE HEADPHONES!” I screamed and started to chase him.
“No!” he yelled, tripping on a heap of clothes, landing sprawled on the floor. He tried to get up and get away, but I was already on top of him.
“Gotcha!” I grinned, pinning his arms to the ground. But he somehow managing to wiggle free from my hold to push me off. Unlucky for him, as his friend I know his weak spots. I immediately started tickling him, under his arms and sides where it effected him the most. Gerard started screaming and laughing like a little girl and thrashed his legs everywhere like he was having a tantrum. I was enjoying this too much.

“Frank!” he screamed desperately “Stop!”
“You know what I want.” I yelled over his desperate screaming.
“For the love of god!” he shrieked. I continued to tickle him.
“Fine!” he managed to yelp in between screams. I stopped, satisfied.
Gerard was breathing hard trying to catch his breath.
“By the way, you scream like a whore.”
You couldn’t pay me to stop smirking right now, I don’t even think it would be possible to.

Gerard crammed his hand in his pocket retrieving the headphone. I snatched them out of his hand before he could change his mind and eat them to prevent me from seeing them. I could see him doing that. He looked away as I finally got to see the headphones up close. Sure enough, each bud had a little plastic frog smiling at me. I fell over giggling still clutching the headphones. Gerard was practically pouting. “Okay, okay, I lied they are froggies” he whined defeated, puffing out his bottom lip. He looked like a little kid. “Your adorable when you pout.” I said after I stopped laughing.

“So why do you have these anyway?” I asked, honestly curious as I laid down on the floor next to him. “I dunno…they’re cute, I like froggies.” He mumbled, not meeting my eyes, instead staring at the ceiling. I studied the little frogs again. “They’re kinda cute…” I admitted, still looking at the little green faces. I could feel his eyes on me and could sense his smile. I looked over at him and grinned. “You said froggies.” I teased poking him in the shoulder. “ Ya, and you almost made me pee my pants!” Gerard exclaimed. “How do you even know my tickle spots anyway?” “I have my ways.” I smirked deviously. “…And I scream like a whore?” Gerard questioned, his eyebrows raised. “You have no idea Gee!” I chuckled.

He was so consumed in thought I couldn’t help stare at his froggy loving face. His eyebrows slightly slanted in thought, his hazel eyes sparkled from the dim lighting. His skin was a perfect pale white and his thin pastel pink lips were inviting. Gerard’s voice broke me from my daze. “Can I have my headphones back now? Before you decapitate my froggies?” I leaned over him and shoved the headphones back in his pocket and realized I was level with his crotch and I couldn’t help but notice his pants were quite tight. “Hey, Frank! Be careful with my froggies!” he whined. I Couldn’t take it anymore, every time he said “froggies’ my stomach would flip-flop from how adorable it was.

I moved up towards his face, so we were inches apart. I could feel his breath on my lips and could smell his strawberry shampoo and the lingering scent of cigarettes and French vanilla coffee. “Do you realize how fucking cute you sound every time you say that?” I whispered. I was staring into Gerard’s beautiful hazel eyes, he was wearing eyeliner smudged at the edges with a hint of red eye shadow. I felt his breath hitch and his heart beat increase.

Suddenly Gerard’s lips were pressed furiously against mine. He tugged me closer, wrapping his hands around my neck and running a hand through my messy mohawk. I moaned into his mouth, I wanted more. I moved on top of Gerard and he instantly wrapped his legs around my waist pulling me even further. He opened his mouth just the slightest, giving me permission to slip my tongue into his mouth. It was pure bliss. I don’t even remember how long I’d secretly dreamed about this, tasting his pastel lips and running a hand through his messy raven hair. Now it was just our mouths moving as one, our tongues battling and tasting every inch we could.

I detached my face from Gee’s to take a deep breath making Gerard moan, annoyed that contact was broken. Then the most devilish grin I’ve ever seen on him appeared, almost mockingly. “Froggy,” he whispered, sexually. I swear I could have died right then and there. Lust took over, I smashed my face against his, forcing my tongue in his mouth, (he didn’t protest) as I pretty much ate Gerard’s face.

I ran a hand through his crazy hair, and down his chest. I removed my mouth from his, so I could lick across his collarbone and plant kisses along his pale skinned neck. Gerard threw his head back, moaning like a whore, as he grinded his hips against mine with his legs still wrapped around my waist. My whole body tingled from pleasure. I possibly just made the most unattractive moan ever but Gerard smiled against my lips, chewing on my pierced lip, the same thing I was doing nearly an hour ago waiting for him. He licked my lips and ran his hands down my chest to my belt slipping a hand in my jeans, making me shiver. I pulled Gerard closer, our bodies forcefully pressed together.

A sharp ring, made us both jump away from each other like we’d been caught. It was Gerard’s phone. I got off of him as he fished in his pocket to answer it. Now his lips were really puffing and he was breathing deeply. I sat off to the side wondering, what THE FLYING FUCK JUST HAPPENED?! I just ate…no devoured Gerard Way’s face- my best friend, who is incredibly sexy, and who I’ve been secretly wanting to do this with forever.

Oh, hey mom.
I’m just hanging out with Frank, at his place.
Um…I dunno…hold on lemme ask…

“Hey, Frank? Can I sleep over?” Gerard asked smirking.
I nodded almost hypnotically.
“Yeah, he said I could….yeah I will. Love you too. Bye.

I couldn’t function, or even comprehend what just happened all I was thinking was Gerard is going to be here all night. In my room. Just me and him. Shffffrkjgjsghfyrghtfgryh???!!!!!! ……oh my god.
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