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A word from the author

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I wanted to say was "thank you" for your constant support and all the love you've shown for this story. It's my first fanfiction I've been so emotionally and personally invested in, and "letting it go" is as hard for me as it is for Frank to let go of Gerard.

This story means a lot to me: thanks to it, I've gotten out some personal demons and issues and started to confront them and work on them. I've learned to live with myself better.

Writing has always been a great part of my life, and seeing it being so appreciated and "changing lives" (thank you to SF for this definition, I could never be more flattered) has made me feel proud of myself, and proud of my characters who, in the long run, ultimately became masters of their own lives. Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and all of the other characters are the creators of this story as much as I am.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of those who have been reading, rating and reviewing this humble little story, something I'd never think would become such an "epopee", a story that's stretched along countries, lives, decades, a story about death, loss and, obviously, love. Pure love, love that defies all odds.

It is my story, but it is also yours, the reader's.

So thank you.
Thank you.
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