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You know you're not alone.

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story set in the revenge era *helena fic*

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A/N: i've tried to update as many of my stroies as i can today, and have uploaded two new fics. this is the first chapter of my 'helena' fiction, its more of an intro to the characters and plot, so i will update soon! enjoy, rate, reveiw! -ash

I watched the rain drops trickle down the tall glass window, the sky was bleak and grey. I fumbled with the piece of paper in my hand, turning it over subconsciously. In a room so full of people, I’ve never felt more alone.

‘Perfect day for a funeral, huh?’

‘It’s raining.’ I replied, my eyes on the floor.

‘She liked the rain. She always used to run outside, in those tattered black pumps and dance In the street- not caring who was watching. I wish I had her confidence.’

‘she was a beautiful dancer, you’re not too bad yourself.’ Annabelle giggled softly at my statement, her shoulder nudging into mine playfully.

‘I am, and I quote “the worst dancer you have ever seen in your life.”’

‘Okay, I was a bit harsh. I’ve seen worse.’ I lifted my head to look Annabelle in the face, her chocolate brown eyes outlined in a deep red glow. Her coal black hair tumbled effortlessly past her shoulders. Annabelle was a mirror image of her big sister, the only thing separating them being the four year age gap and the fact that Annabelle had two left feet- the complete opposite to Helena.

‘You were the one with the voice, your mother once said you two had “been blessed by gods of the arts”’

‘She also said I was blessed with an attitude.’ Her laugh trilled in the church, people glowered disapprovingly at the girl’s smile, their silk handkerchiefs held firmly under their eyes in mock sadness.

No-one here really knew Helena as well as they thought, not even her own mother. Her younger sister was the only person in the room who could truthfully say she knew everything about Helena.

Annabelle was also probably the only person in the room that people would frown upon. The one with such a beautiful voice, but apparently wasted her classical vocals by belting out maiden songs with me.

That, making me the second most hated person in the room. Along with the rest of my band, it has been made very clear that we were not welcome. Frank sat in the far corner, his mobile pressed to his ear. Ray and bob were talking quietly by the exit, every so often one would look around cautiously, hoping this ordeal was nearly over. Mikey stood by the entrance, greeting people with a face like stone. Annabelle’s mother had told him to be the doorman to ‘stop him from making the rest of the people in the room so miserable.’

Annabelle’s mother was an evil cow. She informed Annabelle and Helena that they were useless on a daily basis. It was only the day that she got that dreaded call saying her favourite daughter had been involved in a fatal accident she decided to tell everyone how much she valued Helena and her talent. Even then, Annabelle was still treated like dirt.

The only upside of being constantly outshone by your sister, is that Helena was a humble girl. She would sing maiden songs with her little sister, and teach her dance routines for hours. Helena’s fondness for her sister gave Annabelle the rights to have a say in her big sisters final send off.

‘if I could have you all seated, please.’ Annabelle’s mother called through the fuzzy mic from infront of the alter. The crowd slowly filed into the pews, I walked silently towards the back to sit with the rest of the guys, but Annabelle’s tugged on my sleeve.

‘no way am I letting you sit back here while I have to sit right at the front, you all have to sit up there too!’ we were marched to the first pew, where Annabelle’s mother glared at the six of us, holding her tongue only for Helena’s benefit.

‘ Helena was a beautiful girl, considered something of a child prodigy for her dancing, we were all distraught to hear that my baby girl had been snatched out of my loving hands and-‘

‘bullshit.’ Annabelle coughed. I clamped my hand over my mouth just in time to hold in a splutter of laughter.

‘Helena was the best daughter I could ever ask for, she was a delight, and was always there to help out her troubled sister.’ Annabelle grinned and stood up, waving to her family and friends, trying to laugh off her mother’s snide remarks. Helena would hate it if her own mother reduced her sister to tears at her funeral; Annabelle was trying to prove that she wasn’t the weak one. ‘ I think Annabelle has something to say.’ Her mother spat.

Annabelle glided up to the stand, the crimson satin of her dress flicking delicately around her ankles. Her smile had faded but her eyes shone as she began to speak about her sister.

‘Helena was one of the only people I could really talk to, my mother’s alcohol problems made it hard for me to talk to her when I needed to, well, she wasn’t actually in the house all that much while we were growing up. What was his name? Edmund? Edward? Whatever. Helena was my motherly figure, which is good, because otherwise I would be passed out in a gutter right-‘

‘Annabelle! There is a time and a place!’ her mother screeched from the row behind us.

‘oh shut up! She would have wanted you exposed for what you really where! You hated her guts, all she did was try to please you, and you spat it back in her face, she just wanted to be a good daughter! Dad would understand!’ Annabelle fell silent, her pearly white hands clutching the stand as tears began to roll down her rosy cheeks. No one moved an inch.

‘My father was also cruelly taken from this world earlier this year. Though he moved out eight years ago, he still made an effort to make his girls happy. Helena loved her father dearly, and now she is there with him. I hope that she is safe in the heavens, and that she is still dancing away with our dad.’

There was a muffled applause, most of it from our row. We were only here because helena was a close friend of ours, as was Annabelle. Now, it was time for our contribution to this horrible day.

‘I would like to take this opportunity to introduce five special people made Helena’s life more enjoyable. she would have wanted them to play her final song, so here it is.’

We walked onto the stage, staring into a crowd of people who hated us. Helena’s mother walked out into the courtyard, too disgusted by us to even stay in the room, this didn’t phase us.

‘this is a song called Helena, I hope she is dancing away to it up there.’ I say, before the music starts. Suddenly I feel a chill run down my spine, looking over to Annabelle, I see two girls, both beautiful and completely identical, both wearing brave smiles. Helena was happy.

-thirteen years earlier-

'hi, my names helena, this is my sister annabelle. we are running away from home.'


'becuase if we stay there, we may never leave.'

'my names gerard, this is mikey. we'll come with you.'

gerard slipped one hand into helena's, the other into mikeys, and the four ran down the street, laughing at the idea of an escape. they were free, or so they thought.
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