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Hipster MCR Fans

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Those dudes in the MCRmy are cruising for a bruising.

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So I really hate doing all this shit, clogging the MCR section with shiz that isn't technically a story, but, my God, the MCRmy can be annoying sometimes.

Annoying and...goddamn harsh.

I was on some forum board with this buncha lads, and ya know, everything's cool, we're just bonding over mutual love for My Chem and whatever, and then this girl (who shall remain anonymous) starts ripping into me because I "only" became a fan in 2006.

Well, I'm sorry I don't fucking live up to your standards of being a "proper fan" since I haven't known them since Bullets. Mainly because if I did I woulda been eight at the time, and can you really imagine some little blond kid in a Barbie shirt headbanging along to Headfirst For Halos?

It's not even that, it's just so fucking elitist. The girl attacking me was twenty, and apparently had been at their earliest show and whatever, and even thought Black Parade was 'mainstream' (oh, look at me, I only like shit that no one's fuckin heard of, I'm so awesome). I'm turning eighteen in three months time and yeah, I've 'only' been a fan for five years, but ya know what? I don't give a meerkat's ass. If you're elitist enough to think you're a better fan than me because you're such a hipster, then fine, whatever.

People who have been fans just since Danger Days came out are just as big as fans since the early people. I don't remotely like Danger Days and this whole killjoy thingy but Jesus, get over your self. Way to be welcoming and acceptant, guys.

On top of that, I want to add that certain members of my the MCRmy can be so fucking hurtful and horrible. About a year ago this girl started ripping into me about the Catholic/Protestant situation about Ireland and Northern Ireland, saying I was a traitor cunt and I don't even have a proper country.

Lord, this fandom is so...mean sometimes. Can't we just all love My Chem and get on with each other?

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