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Make Me Cum

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Frerard High school Smut

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Hey people. Well I started writing this. Hours, it took fucking hours! Then my computer decides to fuck up so I had to turn it off and on again and it hadn't saved. ¬_¬ So now I'm going to write it again. But with more detail. -cracks knuckles- right lets do this. title is from Mindless Self Indulgence. Remember to rate and review

Rosie :)

Make Me Cum
One Shot
By Apollonia Corleone

Bellville High School

The class had been instructed to draw the first thing that came into our heads. Most of the jocks with the mental capacity of a brick had attempted to draw naked women. With enormous breasts but since said jocks also had the artistic skills of pre schoolers they looked more like skin coloured blobs. With bigger busts than heads.

I was sitting on my own as usual at the back of the class. Drawing neatly and carefully. This drawing consisted of a lone zombie ambling down a deserted and obliterated street. Dragging its putrefying leg behind it. The decaying flesh was torn away exposing muscles and bone. Bodies were strewn across the street along with body parts and blood. Windows were broken, fires were ablaze. Causing the cloudless sky to be filled with polluted smoke. The eyes were a deep abyss of sorrow.

Everyone in my class had decided to play the classic game of “Insult the emo” which consisted of multiple abusive words being hurled at me from across the room, which I ignored. Balls of screwed up paper were also thrown with similar insults scrawled across it in messy handwriting and appalling spelling.

I was waiting for his boyfriend to enter. Frank was late as usual the teachers didn’t even care anymore. Sighing, I resumed back to his depressing drawing. Adding delicate shading to the zombie’s eyes.

The door suddenly burst open. Shooting my head up. A beam spread itself across my pale face. As my boyfriend Frank Iero sauntered into the room. He looked beautiful as always. He had straightened his ebony locks so they fell onto his soft face. His hazel eyes were carefully outlined in red eye pencil. With huge black crosses over his closed lids. A silver lip ring was threaded through his pale lips. Which stretched into a smile at the sight of me. His eyes shining in excitement. He was wearing a short sleeved red t shirt with "Homophobia is gay" scrawled across it in his handwriting. He was wearing tight black jeans with hugged his skinny legs, with the words "Can't touch this" in big white letters across his pert ass. (sorry wrong time but I just have to say I really want those jeans!!! Sorry) A badge was attached to his shirt reading "Gay and proud" with a rainbow behind the lettering. His Misfits messenger bag was also covering in assorted pins and badges. His converse clad feet had been heavily graffitied.

Sauntering over to my desk he placed his bag onto the floor he pecked my softly on my cheek which then blushed then grabbed my hand.
“Eugh faggots get a room!”
“Fine” said Frank strongly, pulling me to my feet pulled me out of the classroom.

Pinning me to the wall opposite the class so they could still see what we were doing. Frank crushed his lips against mine. I wasn’t exactly surprised this happened every art lesson.

Pressing my hands into his back, I pulled him closer to him grinding our hips together. Causing Frank to moan loudly in my mouth. Using that weakness to my advantage I pushed his tongue into Frank’s mouth. My tongue dancing on the inside of Iero’s mouth. I then moved his hands slowly down Iero’s back until I grabbed his ass.

Moaning loudly. Frank reluctantly pulled away from this kiss. Grabbing my hand again and dragged me into a broom cupboard.

Barricading the door with all sorts of shit. Frank pulled his misfits shirt over his head and threw it onto a huge pile of clutter. I also removed my Iron Maiden t shirt before assaulting the boy again by crushing our lips together.

Pushing him onto the cold floor. I laid down on top of him. Trailing my pink, pointed tongue along his face. Whose lids were closed moaning softly. Lowering my head I started nibbling his neck. Nipping the soft skin just above his scorpion tattoo. Leaving love bites and hickeys as I lowered myself further and further. Trailing my delicate fingers along his tattooed torso. Placing my head onto his chest. I closed my eyes listening to his steady heartbeat. Without him realizing I lowered my hand slowly and grabbed his crotch through his trousers. Opening his eyes suddenly, Frank gasped at the contact
“Shhhhh” I shushed him, lifting my head up and placing a finger to his pale lips whilst my other hand was still massaging his cock. He closed his lids again moaning softly.

Leaning forwards I placed my lips onto his again and started to tug on his bottom lip. Biting down on it. A trail of blood fell from the bleeding lip, which I cleaned with a swift lick of my tongue.
“Your blood tastes funny” I giggled.
“Why are you tasting my blood child?”
“Hey I’m not a child I’m older than you!”
“Not 18, still a child”
“Bitch” I muttered irritably. Giggling, he rolled over so I was suddenly on the bottom “I didn’t know you were the dominant one?”
A high pitched giggle emanated from his tiny ribcage.

He undid my batman belt and removed my super tight jeans swiftly and silently so I didn’t notice until He started nipping at my zombie boxers with his teeth. Pulling them ever so slowly down.

“Ugh fuck Frank get on with it already!” I moaned softly tangling his soft black tufts into my artist’s fingers, pulling on them slightly.

“Patience child patience!” he chuckled his voice vibrating onto my already twitching cock. He removed his gaze from me to my penis and laughed at the very noticeable erection. “I never knew I was so irresistible”

“Shut up you bastard!” I retorted only to be greeted by another chuckle. He eventually pulled the boxers down then started to torture me more by walking his fingers down my erection and made it jump off the edge like a diving board. Laughing at my squirming and moaning in pleasure. “Fuck! Frank just fuck me!”

“Na-ah you’ll have to wait till after school for that mister.” He said slyly. He then stood up. Managed to find his shirt pulled it over his head and left me bewildered and naked on the floor.
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