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Pop songs even work on rock dudes.

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:::FRERARD ONE-SHOT::: Gerard breaks up with Frank but then when that stupid pop station plays that one song, things change.

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Hey, well, this was just kinda random but aw well, enjoy reading it and R&R please!!! Reviews make me happy :3 xo

I was in the passenger seat of my mother’s little blue car, Gerard had just broken up with me. He didn’t give me a reason he just said “Frankie, I’m sorry. I don’t love you anymore” Tears filled my eyes just thinking about it. Those words kept replaying in my head, ‘I don’t love you’. A silent tears rolled out my hazel eyes and down my pale cheeks.

“Frankie, hunny, Are you okay?” My mother questioned.

I bowed my head letting my hair cover my face, I muttered a quick “I’m fine” and looked out the window. I checked the street names, we were nearing the place of my first encounter with Gerard, the park.

“Mommy im going to play on the swings!” I cried running towards the rusty swing-set. I sat down next to this raven haired little boy, his face was pale and he had a little green t-shirt on with a little skull on it. “Hi I’m Frankie” I said, he didn’t reply. “What’s your name?” still no reply.
“Gerard sweetie we’re going!” a blonde lady shouted from across the almost empty park.
“Bye Gerard, I’ll see you later!” I yelled, he smiled.

He had the cutest smile when he was young, he still does.

“Frankie, is everything okay? You’ve been staring out the window for a while now?” my mother asked, worry in her voice.

“Mom, I’m fine, just drop it!” I screamed. She looked hurt, she was only trying to help after all.

“I’m sorry mom, it’s nothing, really..” I turned the radio on to avoid further questions although my mom’s car was kinda shit and didn’t get any good radio stations; I had to settle for some pop shit.

I remember the first time Gerard and I actually started going out..

it was in the summer about a year ago. We were in his room, he was on YouTube and I was sprawled on his bed with some of his comics, flicking away when out of the blue..
“I’ll stand by you, I’ll stand by you, Won’t let nobody hurt you, I’ll stand by you!” Gerard sang, spinning round in his chair to face me. I blushed and hid my face behind my light brown strands, he walked over and sat down next to me, as close as he possibly could. He tilted my head up and lightly pecked me on the lips. “I love you Frankie” he whispered. “I love you too Gee” I replied, hugging him tightly.

Those were the days, I had a new found love for that song after that day, it’s probably the only good pop song. I wasn’t paying attention to the radio until I heard the name, Gerard.

“Well, our next song is a special request by a guy called Gerard, Gerard says he wants to say sorry to Frankie, he didn’t know what he was thinking and he’s really sorry.” The radio announcer spoke.

My mother had a shocked look on her face. I perked up a little to see what song he had chosen.
“Okay folks, here’s Gerard’s choice, I'll Stand By You” I screamed causing my mom to jump. I listened to the full song, it made me remember everything. From our first meeting in the park, to all the sleepovers we had, to the first time we kissed, to the day we broke up..

“MOM STOP THE FUCKIN CAR!” I screamed, unbuckling my seatbelt, sure enough she pulled over and I climbed out.

“Frankie, where are you going?” she asked shouting through the open door.

“I gotta do something, I’ll be home soon!” I replied, running in the direction of Gerard’s house.

When I reached his house I could see him crying in the living room window. That was soon about to change. I banged on the door as loud as I could. He opened the door and gasped.

“Frankie?!” He said, rubbing his eyes to make sure it wasn’t a dream, I guess.

“I’ll stand by you Gee, always” I said entering the house.

And with that, Gerard shut the door.

A/N: i don't even know, I was listening to the song and i got an idea, its probably really crap but R&R and tell me what you think, thanks. LatherTheBlood xo
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