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When Lindsey and Gerard are in a tragic accident, Mikey must face a two year old challenge. Oneshot.

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A/N: Yes I know Reflection's sequel was supposed to be today, but I've had a crazy week, and not much time to think about any of the requests I have lined up. So heres something else for right now.


Lindsey Way smiled as her husband extended his pale hand to her. She reached out with her own, the cold wind whipping and nipping at it playfully. She looked up at the propellers that swung around loudly overhead and her heart leapt.

The private jet they were about to step into was a large monstrosity, intimidating and mysterious in the darkness where it stood, waiting to eat them and fly around with her in its belly.

Gerard assured her that everything would be fine. He had not really said much all night, but the warmth that enveloped her hand when it became cradled in his was enough to comfort her and more. She held onto it tightly.

They went into the plane together, grinning like teenagers on their first date.

It was cramped inside, and it reeked with the stench of gasoline. Lindsey tried to replace the word "cramped" with "cozy" and settled down next to Gerard on two small, black leather seats by the window.

A blonde, older woman dressed like a stewardess came by and asked if they would like any champagne. Gerard and Lindsey agreed in unison, and soon they were each sipping on glasses of the bubbly liquid. They grinned at each other and exchanged fizzy lipped kisses. A passerby, if there had been one, might have asked what the occasion was.

They were united once more after a long tour's separation had passed, and that was enough cause to celebrate for them.

The monster's belly rumbled, and it began its lift off into the wilderness. It flapped its wings and circled it's area of take off, warming up for the journey.

Lindsey caressed a side of Gerard's face with the back of one of her porcelain hands.

"Thank you so much for this. It's an amazing surprise."

Gerard smiled at her again, his lips pressing against her forehead tenderly. "It's the least I can do after missing your big day. Happy belated birthday, honey."

Lindsey leaned in further, while Gerard put an arm around her, holding her even closer. She rested her head on his shoulder, and pressed the top of her head against his chin.

"I don't feel like my birthday has even started until right now." she mumbled as she watched them escalate into the clouds through the window.

A midnight flight took them into the city lights of Paris, where the multitude of colors looked like a fireworks display frozen in midair around them. The stars were everywhere, and it was hard to tell which way was up and which way was down -- what was the sky, and where was the ground?

Everywhere looked like the heavens, including the head of red hair that was sitting beside her -- his smile brighter than the sun itself.

They zoomed past many places, pointing and staring in their awe. They had visited Paris a few times before, but neither had ever had a bird's eye view of the city. Land dwellers, they both decided, were definitely at a disadvantage.

Gerard and Lindsey had to wait for the initial shock to wear off before they went back to focusing on one another. They shared more lip locks, at times completely forgetting about what was right outside the window pane.

They intertwined fingers and they laughed at private jokes. They grinned and they contemplated, and they made plans for the coming months. They cuddled and they embraced, unable to imagine a more welcoming place than the arms that held them.

The night began to disappear and the lights fell away behind them. The monster turned around, attempting to retreat back to its nest before dawn, where it would expel its former meal and take on a new feast.

It must have been around 3 a.m. when they were almost home. Lindsey had begun to doze off slightly, her head dropping on Gerard's chest now and then.

She was awoken for a final time when the beast gave a very sudden, very angry roar.

She looked up at Gerard, whose eyes were as wide as the moon, his face as pale and ashen as it's surface.


He gripped her tightly, and gathered her so that he enveloped her. She could only spare a quick glance out the window pane before Gerard covered her completely.

Either the sky was falling, or they were.

There were barely any seconds to wrap her head around what was happening. A distant "I love you!" was the last Lindsey heard before everything burned.

The monster had fallen and died -- and no part of it would ever see home again.

1 week later.

"Well I know it isn't much compared to your old place -- but it'll have to do for now."

Mikey sighed when Bandit responded with a blank stare. He knew he could not expect anything from her -- she hadn't spoken much since they told her her parents had passed away.

He set down more of her things inside her new room in his and Alicia's not so luxurious apartment. It was nothing compared to Gerard and Lindsey's, and Mikey was not sure if moving to such a cramped space would be a good change for Bandit on top of everything else going on.

Mikey still did not understand why Frank or Ray couldn't have taken her.

Not that he didn't love Bandit -- but c'mon, Gerard should have known better than to assign her to him. He knew nothing about kids.

He and Alicia had talked about kids before, sure, but they certainly weren't ready yet. Not for any of this.

Not when Gerard had left him alone in the world.

He had always expected his older brother to be there to help when they did decide they were ready.

Mikey found some of Bandit's finger painting kits. Struck with a rather obvious idea, he grabbed some blank paper from his own room and then placed the paint and paper on the bed on which Bandit sat.

"Why don't you make something for me?" Mikey asked in the sweetest voice he could muster.

Bandit continued with her blank stare for a moment before she took some of the paint and opened the little plastic tops. Working with the skill of a seasoned finger painter, she covered three fingers in three different colors and began making random strokes on a blank sheet.

Mikey resumed unpacking her things, wishing Alicia would come back from work soon.

One hour later, Mikey felt a small pecking on his shoulder. He turned around and Bandit was standing behind him -- a triumphant grin pushing up her chubby cheeks. Mikey was confused for a moment before he noticed the piece of paper she was handing him.

He took it and observed. To the untrained eye, it would have looked like a bunch of random scribbles and lines in different colors. But Mikey knew instantly to look for a blotch of red that would represent a certain person's hair.

He found it within seconds, next to a blotch of black hair. The more random blotches around them made it look like they were floating in some sort of rainbow, or multicolored stars. Mikey smiled.

"Da-da!" Bandit yelled.

"I know kiddo, I miss them too."

Mikey grabbed Bandit by the waist and lifted her onto his knee.

"Da-da." she repeated again, this time with a certain seriousness in her voice.

"I'm your da-da now, B." Mikey grinned at her, trying not to show his doubts or his fear.

He was Bandit's future now, and he knew he had to learn how to be strong for her -- just as Gerard had always been for him.

"Da-da." she uttered for a third time, this one softer than the rest. She pointed a tiny, red paint covered finger at her own painting.

"You wanna go see da-da?" Mikey asked her, another idea creeping into his mind. Bandit nodded eagerly.

"Okay, come on."

Mikey grabbed the painting. He helped Bandit get dressed, and then got dressed himself. He stuffed them both in his car, and drove off.

In 20 minutes, they arrived at the Belleville gravesite. The graves they were looking for was not hard to spot --- it was almost impossible to see the actual stones themselves, when they were covered in so many gifts.

There were paintings and sketches left by many famed artists from all around the world. Lindsey and Gerard had had many art friends, so almost all their friends' contributions had been creative in some sense.

Mikey took Bandit's piece and laid it down between the two gravestones. He stared at them both, knowing they would have been proud of her work. They always were.

He looked beside him, and saw that Bandit was staring up at him. With their enormous size, her eyes reminded him of the moon.

"Come on. Lets go."

Mikey grabbed her small hand, and they walked away from the graves together -- a father taking his daughter home.

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