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It's not a ghost

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Frank gets the feeling he's being followed, but it's just Gerard

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It's been a month since Frank moved in and he would have to say that he is getting on to this new life style fairly well. They all have been tuning into the news every once in a while to see if Frank's picture flashed up there still; it did for a good week before he kind of became old news. The public was still informed to be on the look out for the 5'4 foot tall man with the long hair, brown eyes, and a million tattoos adorning his skin. Well, Frank shaved the sides of his head, kept a mohawk, and died the sides bleach blond—he always wanted to do this, but couldn't because of his stupid job that he was now free from. He couldn't do much about the tattoos except for wear jackets and long sleeved jackets, sunglasses, and bandanas—for the tattoos on his neck—whenever he wanted to go out in public.

The blood drinking still made Frank's skin crawl and for the first week he rejected the blood packets they tried to force on him. He knew he was a vampire now and he could drink the blood straight back without a problem, because that's what vampires do, but still... it was revolting. It got to the point where Frank wasn't even able to get out of bed, let alone lift a finger because he was so weak. So, Mikey cleverly mixed blood and a bottle of V8 juice together and gave it to Frank to drink.

Mikey had to bring the bottle up to Frank's lips and tip his head back because Frank was barely able to do it himself. “Come on, drink. It'll give you a little energy.” Frank smelled the V8 juice, and the slight tinge it had to it—he didn't know it had the blood in it, just thought it was a new blend the company was trying out. So, Frank drunk the juice.

When the juice went down his throat and into his stomach, his strength returned back suspiciously. He was strong enough to sit up and snatch the bottle from Mikey. He turned the bottle over in his hands several times, trying to figure out how some vegetable/fruit blend juice could do that to him. He read the ingredients three times, before narrowing his eyes suspiciously at the brunette.

“What did you to do the drink?”

Mikey had feigned hurt. He placed a hand over his chest, “What ever do you mean, Frankie?”

“What did you spike it with? Steroids?” Frank examined the ingredients again. Not like he knew anything beside sugar and corn syrup.


“Illegal drugs?”


“Energy drinks?”

“...blood?” Mikey nodded and Frank spluttered. “What... what the FUCK?”

“Look Frankie,” Mikey's face turned serious in just a blink of an eye, “You realize you are a vampire and vampires need blood, not because it's their thing and it's stereotypical for them to drink it, but they actually need it. You can't survive on food alone anymore. Blood is your nutrition now, and Frankie, if you don't drink it, you will die.” Mikey leaned back, “And frankly, you're too young to die. You're going to have to get over it and take it.”

Frank had grimaced.

“I can mix it with other things like I did with the juice. If you want to make it yourself I can give you a few websites that look like they have great recipes...” Frank raised his eyebrows in question, “You know those wannabe vampires like to blog their daily lives and shit.” Mikey waved his hand dismissively and Frank said 'oh'. “Anyway Frankie, you have to drink the blood, you don't have to drink it straight from the packet. Or if you're not comfortable with drinking human blood you could drink animal--”

Frank's eyes widened in horror, “No!”

Mikey was startled, “What?”

“No way. Not animals.” Frank had the look of disgust on his face as he shook his head.

Mikey's eyebrows furrowed, “What... why not? They're just animals.”

“I'm a vegetarian and those animals have lives just like we do.”

Mikey nodded slowly in understanding, but looked at him strangely, “I see... so drinking blood packets is the only other option then.”

Frank grimaced again.

“It's not like we're asking you to go hunt down innocent people, we have connections to get blood from the blood banks-Bob still talks to the scientist that saved him-whenever we ask for it; no questions asked. So come on Frankie.” Mikey whined the last part.

Frank rolled his eyes before he looked over to Mikey; the man stared at him with those brown hazel eyes behind those huge glasses. Frank sighed, “I guess, but I don't have to drink it straight?”

“Not unless you want too. I mean, you could get use to it in the future and drink it without mixing it with anything.” Mikey added.

Frank shuddered at the thought, “Yeah let's just think of now.”

“Alright.” Mikey had smiled. "Just as long as you're getting it in your system one way or another."

Since then Frank has been adjusting... rather well, he could say. He mixed the blood with his foods, and sometimes that in itself almost made him loose his appetite, but he forced it down and the food tasted so much better with the blood—something he would never admit. Also with consuming the blood Frank discovered that all of his senses heightened considerably. He could hear Bob, Mikey, and Ray's heartbeats and could smell their blood running through their veins—as much as it scared him, he thought it was kind of cool. He could also see things from miles away when ever he went outside and could run some long distances without so much as breaking a sweat. He guessed those were the only perks to be a vampire now. He liked them.

But that was one problem that he was conquering and well... the other one was he had this strange feeling of being followed. Maybe he ingested some bad blood, that was making him delusional, but he was sure there was someone watching him. All the time.

He recalled a couple of times walking down the hallways, minding his own business when he got the feeling. He would whip around fast and see no one. If he stayed still enough and quieted his breathing, he could hear a heart beating and smell blood. He thinks he caught sight of the watcher once or twice; he was pale faced, had black hair that framed his face, hazel green eyes, and had this certain glow to him. It unnerved Frank like nobody's business. He reasoned that it had to be a ghost if the watcher's face was that pale, but he had to rethink. Because... since when do ghost have heart beats? And blood running through ghostly, dead veins?

“Hey, uh, Ray.” Frank cautiously peered into the living room. No one was in the spacious room except for Ray on the game system hooked up to the large television. The characters and graphics were magnified and looked great. Bob and Mikey were either in another room or out in the garden.

Ray paused the game to look over to Frank. The short man seemed nervous and his eyes were darting everywhere. “What's up man?”

Frank took a cautious step into the living room, his eyes still darting around, before he darted over to the open seat beside Ray. The curly headed brunette gave him an odd look.

“Uh... you okay?”

Frank rubbed his hands together to offer some kind of comfort for himself. He hesitated, “I uh...” He might as well get on with it, “Do you guys have any... ghost floating around?”

“Ghost?” Ray titled his head to the side.

“Yeah. Is this house haunted? Because lately I've had this feeling that someone or something thing has been following me around...” Frank's brown eyes again darted around, unsure, before they rested back to Ray.

Ray ran a hand through the mass of curls, “Not that I know of. What does the “ghost” look like?”

“He's really pale, black hair, hazel green eyes maybe? I'm sure he's taller than me... well, everyone is.”

Ray couldn't help laugh at the last part then fell back in a thought-filled silence. Pale, black hair, hazel green eyes, taller than Frank... Ray's eyebrows furrowed for a moment, then in an instant nearly disappeared into his hair. Realization washing over his features, and he laughed.

This wasn't funny. Frank frowned, “What?”

“Oh man, that's not a ghost, dude. That's just Gerard.” Ray laughed and un-paused his game, going back to slaying zombies and hot wiring abandoned army vehicles. It looked like a really cool game that Frank would like to play, but there were more important things at hand.


Ray nodded, rapidly pressing buttons. “Yeah, he's harmless.”

“Uh-huh...” Frank sat back until his back hit against the couch. Gerard... The name sounded somewhat familiar, it was an unusual name, but he's heard it before. He knew he never heard it in his human life(he's heard Gerald and Jared, but never Gerard). Frank stared at the large television screen in thought.

Then he remembers. Was that the same Gerard who had wanted to help that night they brought him in? He recalls Mikey telling a Gerard to leave the kitchen. Was it that Gerard?

“Well... why is he following me around?”

“He doesn't know you, really. He's probably curious.”

“I've been here for a good month now. Why doesn't he just come out and talk to me instead of following me around. I don't bite... technically...”

Ray shrugged, and cursed when his character died. He pressed a few buttons, restarting the game and picked up where he left off. “He doesn't know that.”

“What do you mean?”

“He's shy—I mean really, really shy. He doesn't know you like he knows us.”

Frank frowned slightly. “He could still come out and talk to me.” He reminded, “Instead of tiptoeing around me.”

Ray sighed, paused his game, and ran his large hands down his face. Ray turned his brown eyes to Frank, they swirled with this mysterious sadness. “He kind of has these trust issues.”

Frank bit his lip. “Why?”

Ray shook his head, “Gerard's had this really bad past... it's not really my place to tell you, ask Gerard... you know, if you can catch him and ask politely. But I doubt he'd tell you right away...” He trailed off.

Frank wanted to know more. He respected Ray though, for not telling Gerard's business to a complete stranger, but now curiosity was getting the best of him. And like Ray said, he could try to catch Gerard. But since Gerard apparently has trust issues and what not, Frank knew right off the the bat getting anything out of him right now would be pointless. And he doubt the other guys would say anything either.

“Alright then.” Frank stood up from the couch, brushing off his pants—for no reason. “Thanks man; cleared some things up.”

Ray smiled, “Yeah, so next time you feel like your being watched, don't freak out. Just, I don't know, maybe call out to him? He'll come around. Gerard is a really sweet guy when you get to know him.”

Frank took the advice into consideration and nodded. He exited the room with a smile to Ray to wander down the hallways. To see if he could spot the mysterious Gerard.
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