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To the End

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I wrote this a year ago. It has NO My Chem characters, but it IS based off Three Cheers. I actually forgot what it was about...

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I think this i actually my first attempt at a songfic/fanfic... ever. Sorry it sucks but I wanted to upload it.
To the End.


After humanity created an effective bio-weapon to fight their wars with, and ended up killing themselves off, a small group of sub-humans survived, and slowly started to build themselves a colony.
These sub-humans are not unlike normal humans,
In intelligence, creativity and looks for the first 18 years of life. But at 18 years of age, these Sleria (as they are called) start to grow wings.
Uncorrupted Sleria grow soft, white wings that stayed with them forever, unless madness struck and changed the wings on their back.
Defective Sleria grow no wings, and never would, for they are unable to be judged as corrupted or not. Their backs stay wingless, never to have new limbs sprout.
Corrupted, devilish Sleria grow sharp, black wings that can never be cut. The dark wings rarely come off, and only in cases where madness is cured.
To change the manner of your wings is to change your personality, and practically everything about your person. It rarely happens.
The Sleria are one group, the corrupted, young, uncorrupted and defective all living under the same rule, the three elected presidents and multiple support teams.
Each group of Sleria live separately, close to each other but not touching. The young are raised and taught by the defective, then, at 18, when their wings appear (or not) they are shipped off to live in the respective city that housed their kin.
The uncorrupted live in two neighboring cities, Alma and Yu. Alma and Yu are peaceful cities with practically no crime at all. All police officers come from Alma or Yu, as the officers there believe firmly in goodness and law. Population is around 300, 000.
The city that houses the young is called Arloa. Arloa has much more crime than Alma and Yu combined, but there are never severe crimes, only petty things a child would do.
The corrupted Sleria live in three separate cities. Two cities for the normal, corrupted people who are just plain “evil.” Tyki and Akuma are their names. There is one city within the corrupted land space that houses the Sleria with diseased minds, named Komui. There is a rather large population throughout these cities (500,000), and very much horrible and disgusting crime.
But it is in Arloa that our story starts, a story much more interesting that this horribly boring prologue.

~Chapter 1, Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back~

When I hear the words, I know they’re true. Someone, namely my evil nemesis Aron, wants to hurt my boyfriend Alexander badly. Why? Such a wonderful Question. Because I publicly embarrassed him and his oh so popular (aka evil) girlfriend in public. Then I killed his pride, and stomped all over his heart. Let me just say, it was hilarious. But not anymore, now that he’s planning on doing some serious damage to my boyfriend.
Sadly I really can’t do anything to him at the moment. If I break the rules again, I’ll be stuck in jail until my 18th birthday (a week away!! Squee!!), which means less time with Alexander.8C.
I’ll just take extra notice of Aron, and keep him away from my boyfriend.
“Plotting more evil-ness?” My BF (forever is too long) Lucille asks me.
I blush. “No, you know I can’t get caught doing anything again. And I’m not evil!!! You know I only sent those stupid jocks to the hospital because they were making fun of Alexander. I’d never hurt someone without cause, even if they are bigger than me.”
Lucille hugs me tight from behind.”Aron’s bigger than you, and so is his abnormally tall girlfriend. And he’s threatened Alexa, so you need to defend him. We both know he can’t defend himself. He’s not strong like you.” She whispers, and then softly bites my ear.
I push her away from my ear.” Luce, I’m not going to cheat on Alexander. And don’t call him Alexa! You know he hates it.” I say.
“Awww… come on. I’m not asking for some deep personal crap, I just wanna have some fun!” She says, lifting up my shirt a bit.
“Lucy, you know I don’t cheat. And “having some fun” with you is cheating. Besides, I have to go and get Alexander’s and my tickets for the London Fire Freeze concert on Friday. I’ll see you later.” I say, laying down the law.
Luce pouts for about three seconds, then cheers up. “I’ll go with you. I’ll take Dalton to the concert. It’ll be fun. “
I laugh. “And what if Dante is there?” I ask.
To which she replies easily. ”Then I’ll break it off with him. He’s gotten boring.”
I frown. “What about Kara?” I ask.
“She probably won’t be there, but she knows we aren’t exclusive.” Lucille says. She is like, the master of emotionless dating. But it’s a good way to be until you turn.

“You got the tickets!” Alexander says, looking very excited (for him, so, like, a grin)
“Uh-huh. And I think you should be careful of Aron, he’s, um, upset about my little prank last week.” I say, placing a little kiss on Alexander’s lips.
He laughs. “Little prank?” He questions. I blush.
“I do my best.” I mumble. He laughs again, and pulls me closer to him.
“I love you.” He says in an even voice, that, if I were not gazing into his eyes to know the truth would sound like a lie.
“I love you too, so be careful around Aron.” I say.
“What’d he say to you?” Alexander asks, moving back to the subject that is Aron.
“He told Luce he would hurt you, just to get at me. I’m sorry about that. I’d write it off, but according to Luce he sounded dead serious about wanting to make me pay.” I say.
“I’ll be fine. Besides, I’ve got my little guardian to protect me.” He says, curling a wavy lock of my black hair around his pointer finger.
I laugh, a slight little laugh, and then tell him I’ll see him tomorrow. Tomorrow, another day at boring school.

It didn’t happen like I’d expected it to. My first meeting with Aron since I’d publicly embarrassed him. I’d expected him to spit his evil words at me, try to make me cry like I was some mere junior. I had expected swearing at me, so-called damnation from him, or even a jab at the fact my last boyfriend had been a girl. I’d expected him to be the racist homophobe you always hear about in books about teen girls during the time of humans, when the Sleria hadn’t even been a thought in a humans mind. And I was so wrong; I was almost scared at my inability to judge people.
Instead of a comment on my black clothes, me being emo (like they even know what emo stands for), my purple extensions, in the morning I was met in my homeroom class by silence. Aron and I share the same hr, and by the time I was sitting in my seat next to Luce, whispering began as Aron made his way across the room to me.
“Congratulations” He said, a steely look in his eye. He held out his hand and I shook it, confused. “But this doesn’t mean you win. I will destroy you; take everything you love away from you. That’s a promise. You will soon be enveloped in darkness so thickly you will never see the light of day again.”
“Work on that last night, while thinking of all the social disgrace you’re in?” I ask, trying to hide any shock at his firm resolve. I smile a thin, yet “fang-bearing” smile just to creep the little freak out. Of course, by the rest of the school’s definition, I am the freak in this situation.
And that was that. No substantial threats against Alexander, just a promise. A twisted promise that would lead To The End.

As I walk to the coffee shop Alexander and I had agreed to meet up with Luce and Dalton at before the London Fire Freeze show, I think of Aron and his promise. If he’s going to keep it, he’ll have to do it soon, as Alexander and I share a birthday that is tomorrow.
I wonder about what he said. I know he’ll try to hurt Alexander, but haw? Mentally or physically? Will he pull out a gun? A suicide bombing (I’ve read about them in old books.)?
The fact is, I don’t know what’s going to go down, and it scares me. I really don’t want anyone to get hurt. Not because I’m selfless. I’ve long since excused the notion from possibility. You never do something for nothing, even if it’s just for self-fulfillment.
Maybe Aron’s decided not to do any thing, but it’s not probable. Him and his devilish girlfriend are packrats of grudges, and remember them well.

Alexander and I mill around the stage, waiting for the show to begin. Luce and Dalton are making out behind the bleaches few people are sitting in (isn’t it a bit early for that???????).
“How about I grab us a locker to put our coats in? We don’t need them here right now.” I ask him, and he nods. I give him a little kiss, mutter, “be right back” and then turn to find a locker, his coat in my arms.
As I turn to the stage, the London Fire Freeze comes onstage and starts the show off with one of their many hits about bloody revenge and how the Sleria are not as real as we think we are. I see a small mosh pit start, a place where men can prove their manhood, but I don’t see Alexander.
As I move closer to where Alexander and I were before, I see him. Next to Aron, and they’re arguing. I sped up my step, and the world seems to slow as Aron takes something shiny from his jacket and plunges it into Alexander’s side.
My eyes widen, and I scream the simple word “NO” that no one hears over the band. I run to Alexander, he’s still alive. I don’t even look at Aron. I just mumble Alexander’s name and hope he’s all right.
I can’t lose him. He is one of the bright spots in a world of black. If he is lost, then I am also lost. I can’t let him die! I cannot let him die. I will not allow Alexander to die. He can’t die; I won’t let him be lost. Are my only thoughts, strong and concentrated. He’s all I can think about, all of everything in my small bubble of uninterrupted despair.
Suddenly I feel more lost, even more incomplete. I feel as if everything were twisting out of my body in a violent, corrupted way. I feel a binding pain, an inescapable pain that worsens so I can no longer feel at all. No longer seeing Alexander…No! I can’t let go of him, and I statr to see his heavy- breathing form again. I will not leave him, even if they have to pry his body away from my hands, I will stay by him. I will not abandon us, this love. If only it were me instead…the pain is renewed, and Alexander breathes normally.
“Lithia…” he says my name, looking worried. He’s somehow all right. I let out a long held breath that I didn’t know I was holding. Then I seem to lose consciousness, falling into a heavy sleep as the pain seems to settle in my skin. But I don’t scream. Screaming would mean I have hope the pain will go away. I have little hope of that. No, I feel this pain is not going away. It is too strong for that.

~Chapter 2, I’m Not Okay~

As I awake, the only pain I feel is coming from my back. I look around the white, gleaming room. I see Lucille an Alexander in chairs, watching me as I sit up.
“Hey.” I say, but my mouth feels disgusting so I stop mid-word.
“Happy birthday.” Lucille says, handing me a glass of water, which I promptly chug.
“Thanks. Where am I?” I ask them.
“ You’re, um, in the hospital. You, I guess, lost a lot of your person or something.” Lucille says, and I look down at myself. Perfectly healthy looking, I seem to be.
“No, not your body. They said you lost some of your, uh essence?” She looks at Alexander, who nods.
“Well, the point is, they don’t really know if you’re stable. Your personality might be screwed up, but you seem fine. You’re getting your wings today, you know. We have your birthday party organized, the doctors said you could go to that, but you’d have to be accompanied by some one here.” Luce explains.
“Oh…okay…”I say. But what’d happened last night?
As if answering my silent question, Alexander looked me square in the eyes and said: ”Thank you, Lithia. You replaced my blood with your spirit, and my wound is gone. You saved my life. Thank you. I know this isn’t much, but I’ll thank you properly later.” He says, with clear blue eyes filled with compassion.
“Wel…come. I did it for me just as much as you, though. You don’t really have to thank me.” I say, and it’s true. Without him, I feel as if I would amount up to nothing.
“But I want to thank you. You saved me. You could’ve, and probably should have died. But you, I guess, had enough spirit for the two of us.” He says, smiling a slight, little Alexander smile that spread across his face.
I grin at him, point to my chest and announce, “I’m fine.”

My birthday party if full of friendly faces, yet I don’t feel like I belong. Alexander and I have a joined birthday, and we were both born in the evening. He was born around 10pm, and I 13 seconds before midnight. We can stay here until midnight but then we’ll have to go through a bunch of government crap until our new homes are decided.
But we can party until then, along with the people I don’t know. I’m not exactly a socialite.
I walk through the crowd in my black party dress towards Alexander, my escort in coming too(a nice man named Frank, who had only recently started working the police force (they had no idea as to what I might do).
“Do you know all of these people?” I ask Alexander.
“Nope. I know some of ‘em, but I think they’re Luce’s partying buddies mostly. She does hang out with some nice people, it’d seem.” He answers.
I nod. Alexander leads me to the dance floor, and we dance for a while. At the slow dance, we kiss like all the other couples.
Then, in the thick of it, I see him. Aron. What’s that idiot doing at the birthday party of a couple whom he tried to kill/destroy? It’s such a wonderful question; I go up and ask him.
“I wasn’t really expecting either of you to be here” he replied curtly, his blond girlfriend sneering at me. ”You know, ‘cuz Alexander should be dead and you depressed and possibly suicidal.”
Let me just say this one little phrase that explains it all. I just fucking snapped. The rosary beads broke. My eyes changed color. Whatever you need to illustrate this in your mind, I am just done with this crap. Not anymore. I am sick of it. So I make a lunge for his neck and suddenly killing him seems like a wonderful idea.
But Frank stops me. “Don’t do that.” He says, grabbing my wrist. I don’t resist. I probably shouldn’t have done that. I don’t usually do things like that, but Aron was making me feel…Impure, unclean or something. Just icky.
I walk away from Aron. Besides, it’s almost ten. Alexander should be growing his wings soon. I walk over to him, leaving my anger behind.
“How do you feel?” I ask him over the blaring music.
“Fine, but my back hurts.” he says, smiling.
I smile as a look of pain crosses his face, but then turns to relief.
“Turn around!” I command, excited and anxious. He does, and the wings that have just sprouted beneath his clothes are outlined. I pull back his hoodie, and look inside. Snow-white wings, small, only a foot long like most newly winged.
“White.” I whisper.
“What are they like?” Alexander asks me, and I turn him around and smile.
“White, like you wanted.” I say, smiling though I’m worried. I don’t know if this ‘loosing my essence’ will affect my wings.
But I keep my face. I’m happy Alexander isn’t corrupted. If a small child were lost, he would surely take it to a shelter or police station, where its home could be traced.
Would I?
These questions swirl my mind as I dance with a happy Alexander. What will become of us?
Finally it’s almost midnight, and the police are here early to pick Alexander and I up.
My wings have not grown yet, but there are still a few seconds. Suddenly I feel a quick stab of pain, and then hear a rip that would be my clothes. A rip… that surely means they’re black.
“Alexander? They’re black, aren’t they?” I ask, tears beginning to sting my eyes. Black wings are sharp, sharp enough to rip my clothes. He looks at my back, then at me. He seems sad.
“Yeah.” He says. Then the police escorts are here, and it’s like Alexander is going to die. I did not lose my essence or whatever for this! I did it so we’d be together, but now we’re going to be separated. I will never see him again. I hold his hand as we walk towards the police.
“Is there any way we can stay together?” He asks them, explaining our wing’s difference.
“No.” They say solemnly. Suddenly my mind goes blank. I cannot see or feel. No smells or sounds, but when my vision returns there are strong arms pinning me to the floor and three unconscious police next to me.
“What just happened?” I ask quickly. Alexander looks at me funnily. A gruff voice in my ear says that I’d just taken down half the police force here to collect Alexander and I.
I must look confused, because I am.” What? No, everything just went away and now I’m here.” I try to explain, that somehow, I didn’t do this.
Then there is something over my mouth, and I breathe in a strange substance that must be chloroform, because I’m now unconscious.

I don’t pay attention to the government agents as they explain my living situation. I do know that they’ve decided I need to reside in Komiu, where sick Sleria live. I’m sick, or at least my brain is. Another (dead) person’s essence entered my body when I healed Alexander, and they are very violent and hateful. They will take over my mind when I’m extremely frantic, scared or angry.
I pay attention on how to leave, and all I can think of is finding Alexander. When I asked about him, they say he is living in the paradise that is Alma. Alma is a peaceful place, only 15 miles away. Alma has an ocean view, something the rest of us can only dream of.
I could walk there. And that’s what I’ll do.

It’s after breakfast, and I’ve stored enough food for the long journey.
I put the food and two bottles of water from the mini-fridge in my room in a backpack I’m allowed to go jogging with. Then I leave.

Chapter 3, This Is How I Disappear

The journey to Alma took a long while, so I’m tired when I reach the city. I don’t notice the guards I easily snuck past in Komui, and it’s nighttime, making it hard to see. I only know that I’m in the central square when I feel a pain in my chest and I slump to the ground, no doubt breathing my last breath. But then The Other One takes over, and I’m no longer in my now- dead body.
The guards can’t see me, and I can’t control my ghostly form. The Other one leads my body through buildings and across roads until I’m staring at Alexander’s sleeping form.
The Other One (let’s call it Amari) slaps Alexander; I hear and feel the connection though it’s not my will. Alexander opens his eyes, and stares at me.
“Li…Lithia?” He asks. My body nods.
“Come with me.” Amari says, using my voice.
“What’s wrong with you? You look… almost transparent.” He asks, looking confused.
“It’s nothing. Just come! It won’t be long before they’re here!” I say, but have no idea what Amari’s talking about. “They will kill you if you don’t hurry and come with me” Then I get it. It’s a lie. He follows me/Amari out his front door, though he opens it.
“What’s going on?” He asks as Amari and I lead him to the square.
“I’ll explain later, we just need to get to the square.” My voice tells him. When we get there, there are paramedics examining my body.
“Lithia? Isn’t that… you?” Alexander asks.
I laugh. Well, Amari laughs. “Yes, they killed us. Now we’re going to show you how we kill them. This’ll be our killing square, where we torture your mind with their deaths.” Then I massacre the police and paramedics.

After all of the people in the square are dead, I take a gun and walk over to Alexander. No, no, no! Don’t let Amari kill Alexander!
“Are you ready to join me, honey?” I/ Amari asks him.
He looks shocked and doesn’t respond.
“Good, because now you’re going to die” Amari says, then pulls the trigger. I scream internally, but Amari is stronger than me. But then Amari’s presence is gone. I’m whole again.
An essence/ghost slowly appears over Alexander’s body.
I start to cry, and once he appears, beg forgiveness. But he just picks up the gun, and shoots me. I dissipate, it seems, and feel an incredible pain as my point of view changes. It would seem I’m in my dying body, except I’m no longer dying. The bullet wound is gone, and I sit up just in time to watch Alexander blow his ghostly brains out. His ghost disappears, like mine, and I run over to his body, where he has returned.
I kneel over him, crying. “I’m so, so sorry!” I sob, putting my soul (not literally) into those few words. He sits up.
“It’s okay.” He says. But a grim look crosses his face.
“It wasn’t me!” I plead. “It was the person who took control of me when I lost my essence to you! I’m still… so sorry!” I manage to choke out, and I look down at Alexander to see him smiling.
“Your wings are white.” He says. “Just like mine.”


I remember how much I wanted to write this and how much I HATED writing it... hah. Tell me what you think of my writing...skills. Please?
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