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Auditions that really aren't auditions...

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I need Killjoys for a pic (not fic) that I'm doing. Please help?

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Hey friends!! I am in need of killjoys for a picture I'm drawing and I thought this would be the best way to do it!! On another note, this may turn into a fan fic later on but right now it's all still in planning. So I just mainly new them for the picture. I'll upload a link to it when I'm so stay tuned!!

What I need:
Name: both real and Killjoy:
Symbol: please, nothing to detailed, it might not actually make it onto the picture :3 :
- hair: very important!!:
- height: not as important but still greatly needed:
- tattoos and/or piercings:
- anything else you think might be handy:
Outfit: detailed description please!!:
Main colour: it's for the background, so I can pick a colour you won't clash with:

And for later, if I decide to do a fic:
Personality: anything you can think of so get creative!!:
Back story: very very important!!:
Pairing: please note, there will be girlxgirl and boyxboy pairings in this so please specify if you do or don't want that. First in get the Fabulous Killjoys though Kobra Kid/ Mikey is out cuz he'll be with my character. Sorry!! :3 if you want to be in a homosexual pairing, could you please provide their details too? If its not too much to ask. Thanks!!
Anything else you think I missed:

Thanks so much for this and I really hope the pic turns out okay!!
Peace out and Keep Running
Xo Jay
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