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suicide notes

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A brief note, and no, I'm not going to kill myself.

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So yeah, this is about the recent suicide notes on here.

I'm probably not going to be the first to say this, as I'm updating on my phone and that takes a while... But the recent suicide notes that are cropping up on here are vaguely distressing in the fact that the sudden influx makes them look like fake cries for attention, and maybe not done in all seriousness. If they are sincere, then I suppose it's good that you feel you have somewhere to come to where people can and will help, but I urge you to seek the psychiatric help you need. if reviews 'save your life', then you weren't going to commit anyway, and are probably in severe depression, and need help for that, or if you are just playing for attention... Grow up, and consider that what your posting may be triggers for people that have real problems, and come here to escape from the reality of what they are going through.

It is nice to see so much support from the online community for these people, but from my experience ( currently half way through a psychology degree), if the intent is seriius then they won't say anything to anyone for the fear that they will be stopped. That's what makes me think that these notes aren't sincere.
By all means, ask for help, and I'm happy to talk to anyone if they need someone there for them, I mean, I've been there with the abuse and the bullying, but please don't do it in such a dramatic, attention seeking way. It's just not necesary.

This is just my opinion, and I'm sorry if it offends, I'm not trying to belittle anyones feelings, I'm just asking you to think.


P.s, if you are seriously considering suicide, get help. It's never too late to talk to someone with the correct resources to help you, and opening up is the first step to recovery. It sure helped me, and remember that there's always something good for you, you just have to find it and hold onto it.
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