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From the Lights to the Pavement

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Here it is! This is a frerard just not a high scool one even if it starts out as one... and this goes to 'Auditions o.O' I can't really summarize this so just read please

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A/N: Hey so here it is. OwO enjoy...
DISCLAMER: I sadly do not own My Chem. only the plot!

Frank's POV
"Your fucking stupid" I stated to my blue haired friend who was pacing around looking for God knows what. "So you know where it is?" she asked."I never said that." I replied. She rolled her eyes and went back to looking. "Your an ass." she said while runningher hand under a step outside of the Ways' house. "I am not a donkey," I stated "You can be a jenny though"
"What are you talking about? My names not Jenny." she said. Oh her name is really Frankie, the same as me!
"I know." I said
"Then what are you trying to say?" she narrowed her eyes
"A jenny is a female donkey. And a donkey is an ass"
"Your the stupid one."she stated "DAMN" she yelled suddenly. "what?" I asked as my other friend, Aven walked out looking confused."I got cut by a fucking nail!" Frankie said pulling her hand out from under the step to reveal a long bloody scrape o her right hand. "Wash it off?" I suggested. She shrugged and wipped it off on her slytherin shirt,leaving a small bloodstain. She stared at it for a while then shrugged, apperently deciding her hand was just fine. "Lemme see." I whined. I don't know why I wanted to see her hand in the first place, I guess I was curious. She showed me her hand and all I saw was a slightly pink shallow cut. How the fuck did she bleed that much?
"Hey Frankie," Aven said. "Hmmm" Frankie asked while looking around the steps. "You cut your hand for nothing." Aven simply said smirking. Frankie froze. "What?" she said. "Your knife is inside," Aven said "I thought you would have looked inside by now." She was right though I thought she would have moved on to looking for what was apperantly her knife, inside by now, too. But she was thoroughly looking outside. "Bitch" She hissed as she walked inside. "Hey Frank," Aven said her voice going from playful to more careful sounding. Like she was afraid of someone hearing her. "Gee looks upset, he's looking at his old pictures and Mikey doesn't look exactly happy either. If you will comfort Gee, I'll comfort Mikey." Aven and Frankie were the only one's that knew my feelings about Gerard. The feelings he probably wouldn't return. ever. but still,I love him.
I pictured his deep hazel eyes with specks of yellow tearing up. "Okay come on, it's getting dark any way and I've been out here all day so let's go." We walked in and I saw Frankie walk into the kitchen. Mmmm his house smelt like coffee. "Look she still hasn't found her knife." Aven whispered into my ear pointing to a small black pocket knife laying on a white piece of paper. I bent down to read the paper. 'Frankie:took you long enough! Please don't stab me now that you have your knife.
Love Aven' I laughed a little then looked into the next room and saw Mikey looking Over Gerard's shoulder. Both looking at a small picture. Right about then Frankie walked in and saw the knife and picked up the small note. She sighlently chuckled a little just enough that you could see her shoulders shaking a bit, Aven was possibly safe from being stabed. "Wow Frankie your blind!" I teased. She simply flipped me off and walked away. Damn you Aven making her be in a bad mood! Oh yeah I'm here to comfort Gee!I walked over to him. "You okay?" I asked. I knew something had happened the first day he came here which was last month. But niether him nor Mikey would tell me. "N-...Yeah, I'm okay don't worry Frankie." He stuttered "Gee," I started "You can tell me anything. What's wrong?" He closed his eyes and sighed in defeat. "I-" he started but stopped when I had a pale, Blue haired, tatooed, maniac attached to me. "Frankiiieee," I whined. Damn I almost gotten him to tell me.

Gerard's POV
I sighed as I looked at my old pictures. I was currently looking at one of Mikey's birthday party last month while the misfits was quietly playing in my ears, so quite that only I could here it and I could hear everyone, incase they were calling my name.
"Do you still remember that day?" My younger brother whispered into my ear. How could I forget it? "Yeah" I said simply. Aven was sitting on the couch giggling quietly while she scratched some form of a note on a piece of paper. I didn't want to know what she was doing. It could be writing a suicide note or a murder note. I don't know and I don't care. "Gee, do you think he made it?" Mikey asked. He was asking about Ray, like he did every night. I felt sorry for the kid though, they loved each other and had barely gotten together when the assholes called BL/ind came to get us. All of us.

#Flash Back (morning after Mikey's party)#

Bob and Ray had spent the night at our house and I woke up to see my younger brother cuddled up next to Ray on the couch. They had gotten together last night and I have to say I was proud of Mikey. He was in the arms of the boy he loved most. suddenly I heard someone knocking harshly on the door. I got up to answer it. I looked through the little peephole on the door. I saw my friend Jimmy Euringer (A/N: Jimmy Urine) I slowly opened the door how did he know where I lived? I never told him and Mikey barely talked to the guy. "Hello?" I said it sounded more like a question though. "Gerard Way? We need for you and your friends to come with us." He said in a serious tone. Shit. I remember yesterday they said on TV that the new government was suposed to become active today, and they said bad things were to happen... No Gee he's probably messing with you. You can't believe all of hte conspiracies in the world. "Mr.Way," Jimmy said breaking me from my thoughts "Now." I nodded and walked inside to wake the guys up. Mikey was already awake and staring with huge eyes while still wrapped in Ray's arms "Mikey," I whispered so low that Jimmy couldn't hear me. "Run," At the moment I was so fucking scare all I could think about was saving my brother and my friends. "Tell Ray." He nodded and started waking up The giant brown fluff ball as I woke up Bob. "Bob, man look, Jimmy is here for the new government," I knew Bob would need an explanation before he would agree to the word run being a plan."Mmmm wus tha plan." He mumbled half asleep."Run" I said simply."m'kay whers Alix?" Alix, our friend had left last night since her parents were paranoid about her spending the night with a bunch of guys. "She left now c'mon" I explained then we walked over to jimmy and in one unspoken word we ran like hell itself was chasing us. I took off past all the slowly dying trees and panicing people that lined the streets. I looked next to me and saw Mikey. Wonder what my parents would think. Both thier sons leaving and possibly never coming home. I looked further back to see Ray clowsly behind. Bob fucking hauled ass I had no clue where he was. Then I say a man in a mask come up and tackle Ray. He went down.I started crying and grabbed Mikey so the men dressed in masks and white clothing wouldn't get him either. We ran until we got to a train stop then jumped on. Illegally but who cares. Besides I think we ran from the law so now we're fugitives, I guess. We ran to our deceast grandmother's old house.

#End of Flash Back#
I understood why Mikey kept talking about Ray though. If I lost someone that was as important to me as Ray is to Mikey I would get fucking revenge for them. If I lost Frank I would get revenge for him if it cost me my fucking life. "You Okay?" I jumped at first as I heard Frank's voice. I turned around, my eyes were burning and I was going to cry at any moment. I looked into his Beautiful dark brown eyes that had little specks of hazel here and there. I wanted to tell him everything. I knew he could tell something was wrong. "N-...Yeah, I'm okay don't worry Frankie." well I was going to tell him but I didn't wan't to worry or scare him. especially since it happened only one county away. "You can tell me anything. What's wrong?" I sighed he won. But would he understand? Damn this was making my chest ache with anxiety. "I-" damn how was I going to word this. then Frank's girlfriend jumped on his back. Fucking bitch. Well accually she's pretty cool. honestly I think I'm just jeleous because she has Frank. I let one tear fall down my face the warm salty liquid wetting my cheek and probably smearing my red eyeliner. Every one had hope. If I told Frank and he got scared he would have Frankie. Mikey had the hope that somewhere out there Ray was waiting for him. Then Aven would make the best out of any situation and make everyone laugh. I guess that kinda counts as hope. Kinda. Not really but still. I took a deep breath as I tried to remain positive. I was alive and no matter how ugly this world gets. I have to somehow keep hope. I don't care if he's married, Frank Iero would be my hope.

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