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Sobbing he told me to approach him and with a weak smile in his face he told me that he was happy to give his life for mine and that it was more precious that the last thing he saw in this world wa...

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Hi all of you!!! I`m new at this stuff so please don`t kill me!! D:
Enjoy :D

Endless lifeless leaves keep faling into the garden as the fresh air of Autumn blows into the trees, Spring has gone all the beauty of the colorful sweet smelling flowers the freshy greeny grass the kids giggles from the park all was my heart

I really can`t explain the emotions of my heart that day...It was all so perfect.Why he has to gone like that? I never ever understand it ...he was my world ...when you lost someone as important as the person that gives you the miracle of love of enjoy in this bittersweet world you notice how important was this person in your life and this pain is worst when that person die for you...

Ten years before today I was a seventeen year old happy guy who love his boyfriend , a true love so innocent and pure .
To be honest Autumn was my favorite season in the year beacuase I always think it represent the arrival of my Birhtday, when Spring was over I always love to go to the park to play with the endless mountain of leaves that fall from the trees, beacuase we always life in front of a very nice looking little park I took advantage to go every time possible but how wrong I was to go to the park that day..
Gee (as I used to call him) came to my house and bought a box of cookies from me on the pastry he always knew how much I love sweets! and I convinved him to go and eat them on the park.
Beacuse usually kids don`t go too much to the park in Autumn, the park was empty no onne was there , we sat on the swings and we began to talk about my list of presents for this birthday until he came in... A tall man wearing only black clothes came to me, the smell of alcohol scapping with mouth, he was drunk and with a gun in hand I don`t know why but he came to me, he was here to kill me but when he was about to shoot me he step in front of me and then it al beacome so fast, he fell to the floor, bullet on his heart there was a lot of blood , the man just run away, I was alone and I had no idea of what to do.
At that moment I began to cry and scream for help all the neighbors running immediately to the park with a gape in their mouth I just look once more to his delicate frame I can`t stop crying it should be me the one to be there so Why he has to do that?! Sobbing he told me to approach him and with a weak smile in his face he told me that he was happy to give his life for mine and that it was more precious that the last thing he saw in this world was me and with that he closed his eyes forever

I let a tear scape my eyes... How silly he was? His live was obviously more precious that mine he was the world for me he was like a light on the dark and I never have the opportunity to said that to him enough times , That he was my everything...That without him I would be nothing...that I loved him with all my heart...

Now on this afternoon when the sun colors the sky with the beauty of the yellow, orange, red and magenta giving it a unique perfect beauty ten years after my most important treasure was gone and my life became colorless and emotionless I took the little bottle with my hands sure of what I have to do and drink all the letal crimson liquid that will take me where I`m sure my guardian angel is to take his hands again and never let them go...all this on my favorite season Autumn

"To dye by your side is such a heavenly way to die"
There is a light that never goes out- The Smiths

A little tragic I know :( but I really really really hope you like it!! :D R&R to let me know what you think pweeease??? It will really make my day if you do :3

Cherry Bomb
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