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Creature of darkness

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A young woman is kidnapped by the Hessian. Can fear really turn to love? Mild Phantom of the opera references. Also story may contain violence, rape This is my first Hessian fic so it wil...

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She stared in horror, rooted to the spot fear like ice creeping through her as she looked up at the monster- Not really a monster, rather a large menacing horse black as the night, bigger than any horse she had before seen.
But the thing that scared her more was the creature’s rider...
A pale faced man, eyes almost glowing with such an unearthly hue, teeth like that of a terrible beast, yellowing, pointed and no doubt razor sharp.
His clothing, just like his horse were black, he wore a large black cloak which billowed menacingly behind him in stark contrast to the marrow pale full moon.
Her heart thudded against her chest as her terror widened eyes moved downwards from his face and locked on one of his gloved hands....The one which he already had clutching the hilt of his sword, her throat tightened and she felt a warm tear fall down her white face, although she wasn’t aware she were crying.
She knew this was it; he was going to murder her like so many others before.
She gasped as the horse took 2 slow steps forward and stopped....close enough to her that she could feel the heat from the animal’s body.
The rider reached down, gripped her chestnut brown hair and yanked her head to the side, exposing her neck while at the same time almost breaking it.
She felt the sharp, cold blade of his sword as it pressed against her neck.
Gulping and closing her eyes she waited for the fatal blow.
Instead, ‘’Look at me; the rider barked in his strong German accent.
Nervously she did as she was asked, He contemplated for a moment.
“You will come with me, don’t resist if you want to see the garish light of day again;
She nodded dumbly, the rider dismounted from his horse and hoisted her up onto it before climbing back on himself, and He started a canter before progressing Daredevill into full gallop.
The height, the speed, the movement and the fact she had just been kidnapped by a murderer were too much, so the world went black as she slumped back lifelessly into her captor unconscious.
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