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Meeting of the Sin

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Gerard goes o the Sin meeting...who's ther? GASP, it's Frank!!! 'Cause you soooo didn't expect that!

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Gerard’s P.O.V.

The meeting of Sin is going to start any minute. I’m waiting for God to collect me, as the invitation said he would. I try to ignore that I’ll be seeing Frankie-no, Frank soon. I could care less about the awful, cheating, lying disgusting bastard.

Then why does it hurt to call him a bastard?

It doesn't.

Stop fooling yourself. It hurts to think of him because you love him.

don"t love him!!!

Gerard. You do realize you're attempting to lie to yourself, right? That I know every time you think of him, which is annoyingly often, and that we share your dreams?

... I don't love him.

You do. You hate what he did, sure, but you don't hate him. You don't can't hate him. Maybe you don't love him. But you sure care a helluva lot. That's at least some kind of love, isn't it?

I don't love Frank! I hate that he had sex with Leon and I hate that he didn't fight!

But maybe he did fight. Maybe, just maybe, those clouded eyes meant something.

...No. Frank left me. That's all there is to it.

Then why, Gerard, why was he crying? Why was he pleading with you? If he wanted to hurt you, he wouldn't ask for you back.

It doesn't matter. My tattoos reach the bottom of my eye. I'm going to die soon anyway. Frank and I are through. Eng of story. Period.

GAH! The fuck is your problem? Geez, Gerard, you irritate me so fucking much sometimes!

I sigh as the extra voice in my head finally leaves with what sounds like an exasperated sigh.

I feel a light flowing through me, and I know that Go is pulling me to His meeting of Sin. I don't want to see Frank. I dont want to have to deal with him. With anything.

But God doesn't seem to care as I'm pulled into a full dining-room table, God seated at the head.

-0-0-0-0-0-0 (ha ha it's fuuuun to do thiiiis) Oh dear, guys, leave ALL of your religious beliefs right here. I have done some very strange things to God.

I sit at the table, only recognizing one face. Frank, right next to me in the clean, white dining room table. I look around the table, ignoring Frank. He looks like he wants to say something to me.

A girl, sitting at the head of the table, coughs, directing all our attention to her. She's a short thing, flat as a board and her face is imperfect and full of blotches. She's not beautiful in any way, yet demands attention from the room (filled by males as Gerard notices).

"I have called you all here to make a very important announcement, a new law if you will, but first we eat." The girl smiles, and food appears before all the sins. Gerard grabs whatever is closest to him (a glob of Jell-o) to distract myself from Frank. Frank.

The goddamn devil in disguise.

Soon everyone is eating, trying to make small talk with their neighbors. Everyone except Frank and I. We eat silently, slowly, focusing entirely on the food. It's not even good food, something you could find at a one star restaurant. Not what you would expect from God.

Not that I expected God to look like a twelve-year-old girl.

I sigh, realizing I need to use the bathroom. I see a white sign, upon looking around, labeled 'Toilet'. It looks very misplaced in the room, but I follow the arrow anyway. I've soon relieved myself of my bladder's contents, and I start to make my way back to the dining hall when i see Frank walking towards me.

I look around, desperate for an escape in the abandoned hallway, coming up with nothing. Shit.

"Gerard, we need to talk." Frank says, walking towards me. Shit shit shit shit shit. Shit.

"Erm... okay..." I say, still looking around desperately for an escape. Suddenly Frank's in front of me, his wide steps making me flinch back. Yeah, Ira, the sin of wrath is flinching away from a guy who is professionally horny. Shit.

"Gerard, I didn't want to have sex with Leon." Frank says, his soulful eyes piercing into mine. Shit. He's so cute when he's serious. "I couldn't help it. It's Lust's ability." He explains.

"What?" I gasp.

God, Gerard. It's what I (and the author's lovely reviewers) have been telling you. He didn't want to fuck the nympho. though, I guess he's the nympho now...

Don't talk about Frankie like that!

There' silence in my brain.

Your Frankie, huh?

I mentally curse myself. No! I mean, it just sorta slipped out...

I can practically see my second brain/conscious thing smirking. Suuuuure it did.

"Um, Gerard?" Frank asks and I'm instantly pulled from my mental argueing. Thank the Lord... who is actually in the room next door, hah...

"Gerard, are you okay?" Frank asks me, a look of concern splattered across his face. I don't even try to convince myself that he's not concerned. I just pull his lips to mine and kiss him. And boy, do i kiss him.

I don't so much as hesitate to push my tongue into his mouth, surprising him by wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him closer to me, pressing our bodies together. And I love that Frank kisses me back.

After a few minutes, either of us are satisfied but we agree we need to get back. Frank smiles at me, and I smile back. Surely I can trust him. I can trust him... but can he make me do things for him too?

"Hey, Frankie, how does this lust ability thing work?" I ask.

"Well, basically I can tell people to do whatever I want and they'll listen. It doesn't work on other sins, though." Frank explains.

"...And you have to fuck someone every..."

"Week." Frank grins. I gape at him. Why do I have to kill every other day when he gets a fucking week? "Looks like you got the short end of the stick, sugar." Frank jokes, following my though pattern.

I sigh, and smile at my boyfriend. "As long as you're there with me."

We walk back into the dining room, hand in hand. God eyes us warily, her brow furrowing as she sees our intertwined hands. The fuck?

Frank and I sit down, smiling softly at each other.

God clears her throat. "I'd like to say that as of this point in time contact between two Sins is forbidden, due to the untimely death of our last Lust."

Frank and I gape at her in horror. She can't be serious, can she?

Whadda ya think? tell me please, 'cause I've got to know. I'm a bashful child beginning to grow (YES, I just fucking quoted ABBA. I love them, get over it!)
So I'll explain God to you. I wanted it to be a person that isn't normally categorized as beautiful, that shows looks aren't important. So yeah. Sorry if I ruined your brain. And Gerard, in my opinion, forgave too easy... I was unhappy with that, but FTW I just wanted to finish.
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