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Get It Up

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Lindsey and Jamia pairing. One shot. Smut

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Hey people. I’m in the middle of PSE and we’re looking at contraception and it’s so awkward. My teacher keeps making sex jokes and it’s kinda weird especially since she taught me in year 3 and she moved to my secondary school when I left at the end of year 6 o_O So what do I do? Write lesbian smut! I know I published that Frerard smut the other day but what the hell what do I have to loose? I got inspired by Black Swan strangely and I stumbled on Lesbian porn after I watched it too. If you choose to ignore titles, genres, summaries and warnings then THIS CONTAINS SEX BETWEEN TWO GAY WOMEN well not gay, bi but you get my drift. I am actually gay so yeah. Anyway title is from Mindless Self Indulgence. This is a Jamia and Lyn-Z pairing so I have no clue what it’s called “Lyamia?” or “Jamn-Z?” I don’t know! Remember to rate and review.

Rosie :)

Get It Up
One Shot
By Apollonia Corleone

“Jamia?!” Frank called to me from our bedroom.
“Yeah?” I called back
“Come here a sec!” confused I got up from my seat on the sofa. Apologized to Lindsey who was sitting with me. I left the room and climbed up the stairs to our bedroom.

Frank was shirtless. His toned tattooed back on display and he clawed through the wardrobe. Clothes were scattered all over the floor, and even more were added as he threw unwanted garments over his shoulder.

“Do you mind telling me why our room looks like war torn Baghdad?”
“I’m trying to find my Misfits shirt!” his voice slightly muffled since he had his head buried inside the wardrobe.
“It’s in the wash” I stated simply
“WHY?!?!?!!” he shouted. Removing his head and turning towards me. Still shirtless.
“Because it stank!”
“But it’s my favourite!” he whined
“I can tell! Why do you want it anyway?”

“I’m going to Gerard’s”
“Hey! Do I always complain when Lindsey is always round?”
“Oh yeah.”

“I win again” I grinned triumphantly.
“Yeah. Yeah.” He waved his hand dismissively
“Anyway why don’t you wear one of your other 50 Misfits shirts you own?”
“I have more than that!”
“Exactly! Wear one of them”
“Fine. By the way where are the twins I don’t hear crying?”
“At my mum’s” He nodded
“And the dogs?”

“I’m not helping you find any of them” I stated simply and left him to find one of the many Misfits shirts, through the mountain of band t shirts.

10 minutes later he emerged. Hair straightened makeup flawless. He found a misfits shirt that wasn’t rotting. Tight black skinny jeans. Heavily graffitied converse. He looked 23 rather than 30! It reminded me what made me fall for him. Shrugging on his favourite leather jacket. He grabbed his car keys. Kissed me goodbye on the cheek and left.

Peering out of the curtains watching him until he turned the corner. I turned slowly around and winked seductively at Lindsey who laughed and stood from the sofa.

Walking over to me, she placed her hands on my hips and connected our lips. My lips melted into her. Knotting my hands into her long blonde soft hair. I pulled her down slightly to crush our lips together.

Her hands placed themselves on my back and drew down slowly. Stroking my vertebrae until she reached my ass. When she reached it. She squeezed my left buttock causing me to moan softly into her mouth. Using this moment of weakness she shoved her tongue into my mouth.

It danced around meeting my own and they fought in combat. She pulled my ass upwards so I was in the air. Wrapping my legs around her strong waist. I deepened the kiss. Managing to untangle my hands I lowered them onto her strong spine and pushed causing our chests and busts to be compressed.

I ripped off her Sniper jacket and tossed it aside. I then pulled her tight fitting vest top over her head and chucked it away from our close bodies. She then pulled my shirt above my head and unhooked my silky black bra, dropping it onto the floor. Slowly drawing my hands upwards to her satin bra, stroking the soft material then unhooking it.

Pulling our lips apart I rested my forehead onto hers which had soft beads of sweat scattered onto it. My soft hair stuck to it.

I lowered my legs slowly down her tight jeans which hugged her legs. When my bare feet landed onto the soft carpet I grabbed hold of her soft hand, smiling I pulled her up the carpeted stairs, our relatively large, naked boobs bounced up and down as we ran into mine and Frank’s room.

Blocking the door with a plastic chair, I turned to her and smiled seductively. She giggled and pulled me towards her. Crushing our lips together again.

She turned us around and pushed me onto the grand double bed. She straddled me and started to nip and kiss my jawline, whilst I closed my lids and moaned softly as my skin caught between her brilliant white teeth.

She lowered her head slowly down, nipping and kissing down my chest. Stopping at my breasts. They raised and lowered in time to my even breathing. I opened my eyes to see her stop. Cupping one in her hand she massaged it then placed her mouth onto my nipple, letting her tongue play with it. I closed my lids again and moaned repeatedly in pleasure.

I knew that she had stopped when I could not feel her salvia on my breast. Cracking my eyes open again She had raised her head, and started undoing her belt. She lowered her tight fitting jeans to reveal the black satin thong she was wearing. She giggled at my expression of lust and leaned forward so her crotch was in my face.

Smirking I leant forward and grabbed the satin material between my teeth and pulled it ever so slowly downwards. She brought her knees higher so they were either side of my head and moaned softly as I managed to rip the material away. She lowered down so she sat onto my jean covered legs. Her head slightly bent her hair fell to one side of her head as she undid my batman belt buckle which I stole from Frank.

Pulling them down, she then lent down and tore my silk thong to shreds with her teeth. She placed her pointed pink tongue into my vagina, causing a loud moan to escape from my lips; my knees drew up either side of Lindsey who giggled at my reaction.

Pulling her tongue out of there she leant forward and crushed our lips together once more. Gliding her tongue along my bottom lip she then bit it with her teeth. Tugging it down Opening my mouth wide she shoved her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues fought briefly before I let her win letting her kiss me in any way she wanted.

Suddenly a large bang hit the door. Causing us to shoot up. Covering our naked breasts with our hands and Lindsey still straddling me turned towards the door.

The bang sounded again and I not consciously let out a little yelp of terror. There was an eerie silence broken only by the ragged breathing escaping from our lungs.

Cautiously Lindsey moved one of her legs getting off me with as little noise as possible and moved towards the door.

I grabbed hold of her wrist and turned her around shaking my head. Sighing she moved towards me and lent her forehead onto mine and whispered.

“They will find out one day” I sighed, released her wrist and kissed her softly on the lips whispering
“I love you” she smiled
“I love you too”

Turning around she removed the plastic chair blocking the door and opened it. Gerard and Frank both fell through the door, naked and kissing.

Raising my knees so it covered my chest. Lindsey sat next to me on the bed and held my hand

Gerard and Frank both realized what was happening and stood up, awkwardly running their hands through their hair.

“Well…I think I’m going to go now Frank” Gerard said after a very long pause, meeting eyes with Lindsey.
“I’ll get my clothes” Lindsey said getting the hint. Finding her jeans she pulled them on after seeing the remains of what used to be her thong and went downstairs with Gerard to find her other clothes.

So me and Frank were alone. Looking at the tatters which used to be my thong I just pulled my jeans on and held them with the belt.

“Is that my belt?” Frank asked after a very long and awkward silence
“Yes, yes it is”

A nod

“I’ll pack my bags and be out soon” he said
“Why?” I asked surprised and confused
“Well because you’ve caught me cheating on you”
“You’ve caught me cheating on you”
“So how long have you and Lindsey been together?”
I shuffled my feet against the soft carpet “6 months” I mumbled after a while. He nodded again.

“Well I think we should move in with the people we love but still keep in contact since I do still love you but more in a friend way now” I said sympathetically. He agreed and called Lindsey and Gerard up to sort the complicated stuff like children and dogs. For the whole time I held Lindsey’s hand in mine and Frank’s in Gerard’s.

We were finally happy

No more hiding.
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