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The Way To Immortality

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The guys placed in another time: The Ancient Greek. Trying to make dreams come true.

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Note: Hi, First of all: This is my first fanfiction.. so I hope you guys enjoy it! I decided to write it in this time 'cause I learn ancient greek at school and wanted to use it for something awesome, a fanfiction. I didn't changed their names, because it would get very confusing. Frank's and Gerard's name in Greek are: Φραγκισκος & Γερασιμος, Fragkiskos and Gerasimos. Thanks to Sofia who told me this :). I hope that it fits.. Going to be a frerard, I think. It's a bit short, I had to introduce them a bit. Anyway, Enjoy! :) xoxo

While the paidagogos, our teacher, was telling us another story about wars the most of us were bored and not interested. We all wanted to become heroes ourselves, we wanted to be immortal by drinking of the godly nectar. We wanted to control the world, just like the gods we believe in. Bob was the only one who really was paying attention. He has always been the role model child with his blond hair, nice face and interest in arithmetic, literature and other grown-ups stuff. I glanced at Mikey, Gerard’s little brother. He smiled a little and shaked the dark hair out of his face. I felt happy, ‘cause the moments when Mikey smiles are very special. He mostly had his pokerface. I answered him with a smile back. As always Ray was daydreaming, probably about myths, gods and gorgeous women. We always consider Ray as the man with the plan and the man with the massive hairdo. The only girl in our class is called Yumi, black hair and eyes of the same color. She is mysterious, the black haired girl didn’t speak frequently. But when she sings one of her songs underneath the cherry blossom during spring, she changes into a goddess, a fallen angel. And last but not least there was Gerard. With his raven black hair, his beautiful hazel eyes, his pale face.. But almost nobody liked the way he looks, the Greeks always prefer blond hair. That’s way Bob is loved by everyone. I always thought that Gerard must be an halfgod, not accepted and fall out to live his life on earth.. “PAY ATTENTION! Or I’ll let you write the Odyssey!” yelled the old man with his little beard. I turned back to the stale, old room with the walls covered in maps of Attica, Laconia and other places. I payed attention again, ‘cause if you had to write the Odyssey you were doomed. There are 24 books of it. “Frank, would you like to sing the song we learned yesterday? I’ll play the Pandouris” the girly voice of Ray asked me. I nodded. Starting to sing and let me carry away to another world where I could taste and feel the immortal making nectar on my lips and on my tongue.

The paidagogos is a slave, who is used as teacher. The Pandouris is also called trichord because it had three strings. It's the first fretted instrument known. If there's something else not clear, tweet me ( @Xotiac) or just tell it in a review.
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