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Beaten and bruised

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Yet again, Ficwad, you DON'T have the anime I'm writing for. Hetalia fic. When Ivan starts to lose it, who will be there to help him get it back?

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I was tossed to the ground, his scarf catching my long hair on the way. He sighed, his breath fogging in the cold winter air.

“B-big brother.” I whimpered. He glanced down at me, his strange purple-blue eyes confused.

“Natalia, why are you on the ground?” he asked, tilting his head. I flinched slightly as he held his hand out to me. His jaw dropped. “Natalia, what's wrong?” he knelt next to me in the snow.

His hands closed over my shoulders. I haven't been this scared of Ivan since his last fight with Alfred. “Natalia, what is this?” he asked, brushing my hair away from my neck and face. “Who did this?” he asked, his voice going hard.

I shook my head. He stood, pulling me by my arm. How can he not remember strangling me not a second ago? I stared at him as he drug me to big sister Katyusha's room.

“Ukraine! Open up! This is an emergency!” he shouted, pounding the door.

“What is it now, Ivan? Did Toris dye your.....” she trailed off as she opened her door and her eyes fell on me. “What happened to you, Natalia?!” she grabbed me by my shoulders.

Ivan sighed and let go of my arm. “She won't tell me. So I'm going to go get answers.” he turned and stopped in the large hallway. “Don't let Natalia out of your sight, got it?”

“Y-yes, Ivan.” Katyusha stuttered, pulling me into her room.

“Big brother, how are you going to get answers?” I called after him. “Big brother!” he didn't turn. Katyusha shut her door.

“He did it, didn't he?” she whispered. I nodded, falling to my knees. Usually, Lili was the one to help me when this happened, but Vash had dragged her to some stupid lake.

Katyusha sighed. “I'm okay. Just worried for him. He's getting worse, sister.” tears stung in my eyes. She sat on her bed and looked down at me.

“I know. Now he's hurting everyone and not remembering it. He nearly killed poor Raivis last week with his pipe. And he's been beating us and Eduard....” she shook her head. “We were the only ones he was kind to. And now we get the worst of it.”

“He needs help, sister. You know I'm not very fond of you, but we are family.” I wiped my eyes and stood. She looked at me, her eyes huge and scared.

“What do we do?” she asked, falling back.

“We get Alfred and Arthur to help. They'll know what to do.” I sighed. “I just hope Alfred doesn't try to hit on me again. That won't help brother feel any better about him.”

She just stared at me. “God, sometimes I feel liked the younger sister!” she laughed. I glared at her.

Was her boobs filled with her brain or something?

For those of you who don't know me, I am an avid cosplayer and Belarus (Natalia) and Ivan (Russia) are two of my characters. This is all from Hetalia!! If you haven't seen it, then GO WATCH IT!!!!!! I will place you in Busby's chair if you don't!!!! Besides, you kinda gotta know a about the anime/manga to understand this story. But here's a list of the characters I used in this chapter. I'll do this for every chapter I put up.

Ivan – Russia
Natalia – Belarus
Katyusha – Ukraine
Toris – Lithuania
Raivis – Latvia
Lili – Liechtenstein
Vash – Switzerland
Alfred – America
Arthur- England

Hugs and Picks,
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