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Rough Night

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Self-insert/mary sue/whoever you want to pair Axl with spends the night with him. Drabble kind of fluffy.

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I'm sure it was an accident. We didn't mean to, it goes against our nature we couldnt have done it on purpose. That would be impossible. It was late, we were a little drunk it happens. At least that's what I'm telling myself. I got in the nearest empty bed and got comfortable. I was asleep before I knew it. 
It wasnt until later, when I felt your breath on my neck did I know I had company. I guess you didn't notice I was there, I just thought I could do this two ways; I could get up and find another place to sleep. Or I could just stay here with you. You were so far gone I didn't think you noticed at all. So I stayed where I was you are always so sweet to me anyway I didn't think you would mind. 
The bed was small so there wasn't a lot of room for the two of us, but we seemed to make it work. Good thing I'm practically an elf and you're so skinny or one of us would have been on the floor by now. There is a good amount of blankets here since you were in this same bed with some girl I think last night. 
I rolled on my side my nose grazed your shoulder. Feeling daring I put my hand over yours, I always feel the need to be cautious with you for that kind of thing. You get weirded out by the slightest things so I try to be careful. You kept sleeping going deeper and deeper into whatever world went on in there. Wherever it was I hope it was nice, you seemed to move a little but I think it's because I've got my head on your shoulder, so I roll over and try to give you a little room. You groan a little it sounds like your in pain. You take sharp breaths and start to mumble in your sleep. When I hear what you're saying I get a little scared. I roll over to face you to see whats going on.
"No, please, stop...I can't-...please..." you mutter. You don't sound furious but just the opposite; hurt and scared. Terrified actually, you grip the sheets, you twitch and start to sweat. 
I sit there for I don't know how long wondering if you could wake up on your own. You keep muttering 'no' and when my heart physically hurt to see you like that I shook you awake. Wanting to kill whatever monster was chasing you.
"Hey," I tried. "hey, wake up, c'mon wake up, it's okay." With a start you wake up in a cold sweat. You sit up, breathing in and out like you nearly drowned. You look at me for a few seconds before recognizing me. Your mouth kind of opens and closes as you think of how to face me. 
I want to tell you its ok, that I wasn't going to ask what you were dreaming about. That you don't have to justify your nightmares to anyone especially me. "Are you okay?" Before I could stop myself I stroked your face, making you look at me. "Just try to go back to sleep ok?" there was still a film of cold sweat all over you. Your copper hair sticking to your pale drawn face, I move your bangs out of the way to look into those bright green eyes I love so much. "Oh my God, baby you're sweating c'mere." I grabbed one of your bandanas and mopped your brow as gently as I could, your face, your neck, I gave you a kiss on the cheek, your jawline, your neck, and finally your lips. I could kiss you all night, I won't tell you this but you held that kiss a lot longer than I thought you would. 
Imagine my surprise when you put your arms around my waist. You pull away first taking your shirt off, embarassed by how much you sweat through it. What was so bad that it scared you that much? 
You got back in bed i joined you, I dont know what I was thinking but you seemed fine with it. I kissed your face few times stroked your hair. Trying to let you know it was just a bad dream. You put your arms around me again, and as if involuntarily I ran my fingertips up and down your spine. I look at you to make sure this is okay, you visibly calm down.
"Is this okay?" I whisper into your hair. "I can stop." 
"No," you whisper back. "It's nice." I kiss your mouth again. You fall asleep with me tickling your back, you make it until morning without so much as a snore. 
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