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Plug Hole

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Be warned; this is some deep shit.

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Ok - this is actually something I wrote for my dad (don't ask). It's weird - I'll tell you that now. It was an idea we came up with at about midnight when we were both out of it and stargazing! So yeah - it's really strange. I'll warn you now that thinking too hard about this gives you a major headache; and the theory's MINE, well, and my dad's. You steal - I kill you with fire.

Anyway, pleasepleaseplease review - I really wanna see who gets the idea behind this!! And if anyone think's it is (somewhat) feasible! Hope you enjoy!

By the way - I know that stars never really orbit planets, but hey-ho!


Oh, and my dad's gonna be seeing the reviews, so please don't say anything too rude, or - if you read them - mention any of my other stories!

Jim sat in the bath, watching the soap suds disappear down the overfill. The bath was only slightly too full, so the water was draining slowly but the foamy bubbles were travelling slowly but surely to the small drain at the foot of the bath.

Bath time wash always his favourite time; the young boy loved playing with the suds, as most children do. Today he was just staring intently at the small net of shimmering bubbles, linked between the white liquid. Each small orbed gleamed a different colour, ranging from brilliant blue to a shining red.

The Murdons were an advanced race. They had pinpointed their time of existence to exactly one hundred and sixty two thousand years, and since then had come along way. They would be strange looking creatures to the likes of Jim, with their set of two noses, leathery wings and dark gray skin. But they were a prosperous race, and far more developped both in terms of technology and evolution.

Infact, they had perfected space travel a long time ago and were searching for life on other planets. The mission the astronomical societ was embarking on was entitled - the Journey Into Mystery.

The boy had spent over half an hour in the the bath by now, and the water was getting cold. Shivers running all over his small body, Jim leaned forward and topped his bath up with hot water. After a few minutes, the bath was close to overflowing, and water was pouring down the drain at a rapid rate.

When the bath was warm again, he turned the tap off and settled back into the bath, sending small waves rippling across the surface, and pushing more water down the overfill.

The whole Murdon race had a problem. They were being pulled, slowly but surely, into the depths of a black hole. Actually, that wasn't entirely true - there were being drawn in extremely fast, by an unstoppable force - but that force was so far away, it was another few ten thousand years before it would have any major affect on them. The black hole wasn't particularly big though; tiny compared to some of the monsters out there and the Murdonic scientists were seaching for a way to divert the course of their planet away from the astronomical nightmare. It wouldn't have any effect on the present generation of course, but Murdons had a life span of a thousand years, so were already determined to save their unborn great-great-great grandchildren. This was the more pressing issue for the race - the Journey Into Mystery had currently been postponed.

Moving the entire species wasn't an option, even a race as advanced as this hadn't yet found a planet that it would be possible to migrate to, nor invented a ship large enough to hold the entire Murdonic population. It would be easier to just shift the planet that they currently resided on and its small sun, which orbited the planet.

Jim swirled his hands around in the bath, shifting the soap suds off their courses to the over fill. Water slopped over the edges of the tub, landing on the floor with a wet 'splat!' The small boy giggled at the noise, doing it again and disturbing yet more suds. The kid's fun was ruined when he heard his sister yell; "Mum, Jim's been in the bath for hours! It's my turn!"

"Rebecca!" The sibling's mother shouted back. "Have some patience - he's only been in there for forty five minutes! And you know how much he likes his baths!"

"It's not fair! What on Earth is he doing in there anyway?! He's three years old - it's not like he's doing his hair!"

Their mother gave an irritable sigh, and replied. "Ok, just give him ten more minutes! Then I'll get him out!"

"Fine!" Rebecca replied.

The weary mother sighed as her mobile rang and she picked it up, relieved to find that it was only her husband. "Hey sweetie." She crooned down the phone.

"Hi darling - look I'm really sorry, I just got a flat and won't be home for a bit." The man said apologetically. The woman sighed again. "I'll be as fast as possible, I promise."

"It's ok honey. I'll see you later then."

"Bye. Love you."

"Love you too," She sighed, then hung up.

The Murdons has solved the problem. Admittedly, not through any achievement of their own - their planet had suddenly altered course and was heading away from the black hole. None of the scientists understood why - there had just been a sudden shift in gravity - shock waves travelling across the universe. They directed both the planet and its sun back in the direction they had just come from.

Nearly the moment this had happened, the Journey Into Mystery had been relaunched, and the species had resumed doing what they did best - exploring the outskirts of their galaxy; searching for life, hospitable planets and other celetistial abnormalities.

However, barely two tousand years had passed with the Murdons being free of fear before there was a new problem: They were now heading towards a Nebula - a giant, chaotic cloud of space gas that new stars were born in. As poetic as this may seem, the clouds were a turbulent mass under immense pressure with deadly, voilent chemical reactions taking place within them every few seconds. Being drawn into one would be as deadly as the black hole. Luckily, the clouds were futher away then the black hole had been, and Murdonic scientists still had a chance to cheat fate and gravity.

Jim's mum went upstairs wearily, to get her son out of the bath so Rebecca could use the bathroom for her own purposes. Today was her day off - and so far it had gone well, but the news that her husband would not be home on time was a low blow for the woman.

"Come on sweetie." She now crooned at her young son, ignoring the fact that there was water all over the floor. That was what kids do - they'd grow out of it sooner or later. Jim smiled up at his mum, ceasing his splashing as she entered the room. The smile changed into a pout as he processed his words though.

"Nooo! I don't wanna get out!" The three year old protested, banging his fists against the surface of the water and sending ripples across the surface, making the few remaining bubble bob up and down violently.

"You've got to honey - you'll get all cold overwise." The woman reached forward and pulled the plug at the bottom of the bath. Water immediately poured down, disappearing into the drains and sewers and networks of pipes that was completely unknown to Jim.

Peace had been restored to the Murdons. The Nebula had collapsed and they were safe. However, this new found (glory!) calm was short lived. Barely a generation after the Nebula collaped, more celestial shockwaves shook the planet - a disaster that nearly made the race become extinct. The waves were much stronger and more violent that the last ones to have disturbed the Murdons, and it was a cataclysmic event like none before.

The unfortunate race had barely come to terms with this occurence when another, more pressing problem came into being. A super massive black hole had opened up, completely unexpectedly, less than a hundered light years away. Because of the crushing effects of gravity, the Murdons had little more than seventy five years left to live - a blink of an eye to these long lived creatures. The planet decended into chaos as the reality that the whole race was doomed set in. Armagedon had come early for the creatures, and it was obvious to the advanced race that none had a chance of survival. The force of gravity was too strong, and planets bigger than their own had fallen victim to a collosal void similar to this one. They didn't stand a chance.

Jim stood shivering on the cold floor as his mum used a fluffy white towel to dry him off. The water was evaporating off him even in the already steam filled air, and as a result he was frozen.

As the small boy's mother fussed over him, he stared at the water gushing down the plug hole, a seemingly delicate whirlpool formed. It was amazing to watch the glassy liquid get pulled down like that - taking bubbles and floating dirt with it. Jim's mother stood up, and left the room to get her son's pyjamas as he continued to stare. The last soap sud got sucked down the drain, as the billion year old planet of the Murdocs disappeared into the abyss of the black hole.

Review please - I wanna know who got it!
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