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Dear Gerard

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A collection of unsent letters Gerard Way finds after the suicide of his best friend, Frank Iero. (Frerard Two-Shot)

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May 25, 2007

Dear Gerard,

Yesterday was the best day of my life. It was the day that you finally broke up with your girlfriend. Why was I happy, you ask? Well, now we can finally be together. I kept my mouth shut the minute you told me, but I was bursting with happiness on the inside. We bought some DVD's and watched horror movies at my place together all night long. I couldn't fall asleep because of how happy I was. The next day, I would tell you my feelings. I would pour out my soul to you, and you would smile and kiss me back. We would have been together, and happy. So when I woke up, and you were there all smiley and shit, watching Spongebob while eating Frankenberry. You looked so goddamn adorable.

I took a deep breath and stuttered, at first. Remember? You were just standing there, looking all confused and waiting for my next word. So I did it. I poured everything out. And what did you do? You just stood there, with your mouth slightly ajar. You looked so stunned, but not in a good way. You mumbled some lame excuse about how you forgot to feed your cat and you just left....You don't ever fucking have a cat. You're fucking allergic to cats. The minute you slammed that door shut behind you, my heart fucking fell out of my chest and was shattered into a million pieces. I don't understand. I thought you wanted this. I thought you felt the same way. I knew you loved me. You'd kiss me and touch me on stage. We'd joke with Ray, Mikey, and Bob about having wild sex all night. I was there for you my whole life, and you were there for me. Your face always seems to light up when you see me. I just, I just don't get it.

You avoided me for four days, remember. It was only when I went to apologize for making things a awkward between us that you started talking to me again. You went back to laughing, and joking as I didn't fucking pour my heart out to you less than a week ago.

I thought, whatever. You needed time after your breakup with Eliza. And I was going to give you time, I would have given you all the time in the world. I just wanted what was best for you, and I knew we would have been happy together. So I waited.

I waited for Two fucking years.


Should I continue this? I only will if you guys want me to.
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