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Good Ideas? Yay Or Nay?

by XxxFallenAngelXxxx 6 reviews

Just some new story ideas I had. I was wondering if any of them sounded any good.

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So I know that I have a billion stories on the go. Well two are on hold at the moment but whatever. Anyways I was just wondering what people thought of these few story ideas that just came to me.
They will probably be frerard or possibly I may try to write my first frikey. Or maybe even Lyn-z and Gerard. Not too sure yet. Your thoughts?
Story one focuses on a talent competition As much as I hate stuff like the x factor I think it could make an interesting story. So basically person A and person B meet through the competition and hate each other at first as they are jealous but eventually fall for each other bla, bla, bla. It is more interesting than it sounds. I hope.
Story two would be set at some time in the past, not sure what era as as I`m going to do more research and shit. Anyway it will focus on a “Freak.” Which will be Gerard, Frank, or whoever. They will be ridiculed because of abnormalities and stuff, and be forced to be in a cruel circus/ freak show. With the help of the other main character they will hopefully get a better life.
Another idea is a bit like the old Disney film Pocahontas. Character one goes to new world and falls in love with a native. Expect drama, love, uncertainly and possibly fighting.
Or maybe one based on another Disney film. I personally love animated Disney films and think that a story based on one might be kinda cool. Any suggestions for one? I personally think beauty and the beast might work well or maybe Cinderella.
So yeah any new stories won’t be up very soon but I will write them when I can. Please let me know which one ( if any) sounds interesting and readable and please let me know your preferred pairings. Thanks for reading
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